It’s pannage season!

Oct 15 2018, 3 40 pm

Updated Mar 6 2019, 4 38 pm

It is that beautiful time of year again. Pannage season is here! 

A practice which dates back to the time of William the Conqueror, who actually founded the Forest back in 1079. Pannage season is completely unique, and something you won’t see anywhere else in the country! 

There are currently around 600 domestic pigs and piglets roaming wild on the Forest, munching on any acorns, chestnuts and Beechmast that they might find! Acorns can be poisonous to the ponies and cattle of the forest, so it’s the piggies job to clear them all up! 

Be extra careful of roaming pigs when you’re travelling through the forest over the next few weeks, they sometimes walk on the road!

We caught an amazing video of the pigs frolicking just outside New Forest Safari Campers. Check it out here >>>>

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