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Hi, My name is Natalia Temple. Natalia is a Software engineer by profession who develop apps for law firms and insurance companies. Clash Of Clans is her favorite mobile game.

This is a Blog dedicated to popular mobile game Clash of Clans by Supercell.The game was released on iOS(Apple App Store) in August 2012. It became available for Android Users in 2013. It became a top rated video game on Google Play Store.

I am an avid fan and player of Clash of Clans since 2015. I have maxed out town hall 14 from several accounts. Not only this but i also have completed all missions and achievements in COC (including the ‘Unbreakable’ defend 5000 attacks).

What You Will Learn?

Here I will be sharing all my clash of clans knowledge that will focus on –

Attack Strategies – Whether you are trophy pushing or want to loot large sum of gold, elixir and dark elixir you will find all army combinations here. Which Army you should use on each town hall to either loot or win 3 stars in war?

Base designs – All about anti-3 star bases. You can easily copy layouts featured on our blog to build your ant-3 star home/war village.

Achievements – How to Complete each achievement easily and in the lowest amount of time possible.

Builder Base designs – Builder base has several similar buildings but the gameplay is a lot different. We share best builder base designs that can help you to upgrade to next level quickly.

Builder Base Attack Strategies – Again Builder base has several similar troops but with different gameplay roles. You can learn best army combinations for builder base from our website.

Monthly and Special Challenges – COC gives new challenges each season. A Season lasts a month. Each challenge completion gives you points that helps you to unlock new rewards. We play using Gold Pass and shares our expertise on how you can easily complete challenges.

Clan Wars – Every one wants to win war. But to win a war you should commit minimum or no mistake at all. Here we share tips on how you can earn 3 star on almost any base and how you can protect your base from giving away free 3 stars. Also this game is a team work and you will learn all about how to make your clan a top ranking global clan.

If you have any queries then do contact us.

Please not that this site is strictly a fan made site and it is not affiliated to or endorsed by supercell in any way. You can read Supercell fan content policy which are strictly adhered by Newforestsafari.

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Clash ON,
Natalia Temple