Mega Tesla Max Levels, Upgrade Costs and Time in Clash of Clans

If you are rushing at builder base then you need to know about Mega Tesla Max Levels. This is because Mega Tesla helps you to upgrade OTTO hut to level 4 thereby unlocking the sixth builder.

But before we jump into the nitty-gritty of Mega Tesla operations we need to understand what role does this defense building play in defending your builder hall and what are the upgrade costs?

What is a Mega Tesla?

Clash of Clans players are already aware of hidden tesla which is available after town hall level 7. A Mega tesla in Builder Base is very much similar to the hidden tesla.

However, a Mega Tesla has the advantage that it can do chain lightning up to two units in the range of 7.5 tiles. Also, a Mega tesla has solid damage per second stat therefore it often turns out deadly against troops like giants, baby dragons, and hog gliders.

You can unlock and upgrade Mega Tesla after moving to Builder base 8. Here are the basic stats of a Mega Tesla after it is unlocked

RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type TargetedFavorite Target
7.5 tiles4sChain LightningGround & AirAny

Clash of Clans players used to rush Builder Base just because they wanted to upgrade Mega Tesla and unlock the sixth builder.

Maxing out the Mega Tesla to its highest level was one of the requirement to unlock the sixth builder.

But with the Introduction of Builder Base 2.0 in May 2023, this requirement was nulled.

Mega Tesla Max Levels

You can upgrade your Mega Tesla to a max level of 10. Here are the detailed upgrade costs and upgrade time of all levels of a Mega Tesla –

Upgrade Cost
Upgrade Time
Damage per Second
Damage per Shot
XP Gained
BH Level
builder hall
13,000,0002 days700953804158
23,100,0003 days8001044165098
33,200,0004 days9501154605878
43,300,0005 days1,1001265046578
53,400,0006 days1,3001395567208
63,600,0007 days1,5001536127778
73,800,0008 days1,7001686728318
84,000,00010 days1,9001857409298
94,800,00011 days2,1502048169749
105,800,00012 days2,400224896101810

Here is how Mega Tesla will look like with each upgrade

Mega Tesla Level 1
Level 1
Mega Tesla Level 2
Level 2
Mega Tesla Level 3
Level 3
Mega Tesla Level 4
Level 4
Mega Tesla Level 5
Level 5
Mega Tesla Level 6
Level 6
Mega Tesla Level 7
Level 7
Mega Tesla Level 8
Level 8
Mega Tesla Level 9
Level 9
Mega Tesla Level 10
Level 10

As you can see from the above upgrade chart –

Total Upgrade Cost of Mega Tesla

The total upgrade cost you will spend to max Mega Tesla will be 38 million gold. Among the Builder base defense buildings, this is still less than Lava Launcher Build Cost.

Total Upgrade Time of Mega Tesla

The total upgrade time for maxing out Mega Tesla to highest level will be 68 days.

The DPS stat of Mega Tesla are nerfed down a bit after the introduction of Builder hall 10 and Builder Base 2.0

Mega tesla vs all troops

As you progress at Builder Base it becomes extremely important to winning battles so that you have enough loot bonus to upgrade your buildings.

Understanding how a Mega Tesla defends against different troops will help you to design a powerful BH8 base as well as devise a strong attack strategy. Here is a detailed analysis of how a Mega Tesla would perform against all kinds of builder hall troops

Mega Tesla vs Raged Barbarians – Mega tesla can strike chain lightning but even then it has a limitation to attack up to two troops.  It is extremely easy to swarm a group of raged barbarians on mega tesla and destroy while losing only two or three of your units.

Mega Tesla vs Sneaky Archers – Similar to raged barbarians, Sneaky archers too can swarm a mega tesla and destroy it without any problem.

Mega Tesla Vs Boxer Giants – Boxer giants are slow and have low damage per second. Even though they have high hit points but they will take a lot of time in destroying mega tesla by then other defenses will easily wipe out all giants. Moreover, boxer giants will be useless if the mega tesla is well protected behind walls.

Mega Tesla vs Beta Minions – The good thing about beta minions is that they can strike from a distance.  This means that they can easily overtake a mega tesla if deployed properly.

Mega Tesla vs Bomber – Similar to giants, bombers are also slow and they prefer walls. A Mega tesla will easily wipe out all the bombers especially if they are not targeting it.

Mega Tesla vs Baby dragon – The negative point about the baby dragon is that they acquire a lot of space per camp. If you try to attack a mega tesla via baby dragon then you have to expend anywhere around 4-5 baby dragons which is not a wise decision.

Mega Tesla vs Cannon Cart – A Cannon cart can attack from a distance. This means that a mega tesla will be very much helpless against a cannon cart attack.

Mega Tesla vs Night Witch – The night Witch itself is very weak so if it comes in the range of mega tesla then it will be wiped out even before she raises bats. However, if deployed at a distance then night witch can overwhelm mega tesla with the swarm of bats. In a real case scenario, the night witch often loses because she comes in a range of other defenses and gets killed.

Mega Tesla vs drop ship – This battle can end up in a tie. While a drop-ship can overwhelm the mega tesla with a skeleton swarm but the DPS of these skeletons is so low that mega tesla pretty much stays unharmed and destroy the drop ship.

Mega Tesla vs Super PEKKA – This battle would be legendary. The mega tesla doesn’t stand a chance against Super Pekka but it does strike a great deal of damage to super Pekka thereby making it easy for other defenses to destroy it.

Mega Tesla vs Hog Glider – You will also enjoy a Hog glider vs mega tesla match. The hog glider will fly near it and deal damage upon destruction. After that, the hog rider will strike such powerful hammers that the mega tesla will ask for mercy.

How to defeat Mega tesla defense?

mega tesla max levels

If you are worried about beating mega tesla then include troops like Super Pekka, Hog glider, or cannon cart in your army. Yes, raged barbarians and sneaky archer swarm can destroy mega tesla too but then again in a real case scenario these low HP troops will get killed by splash damaging units like crusher, mortar, or roaster.

Best Placement for Mega Tesla

Since mega tesla is weak against a swarm of enemy units therefore always place it near a defense that can do splash damage. Idea choice would be to place it near the roaster or crusher or lava launcher.  While the mortar too can deal splash damage but it doesn’t attack troops in nearby range.

It is not necessary to place mega tesla at the heart of the village but do keep it atleast one compartment inside the base so that it can wipe out as many enemy units as possible.

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