50+ Funniest TH11 Troll Base Designs (2023) Clash of Clans Layouts

TH11 troll bases are more fun to design because 275 wall pieces are more than enough to make almost any pop culture icon.

If you are looking for funny town hall 11 base designs in clash of clans then you are right place. We have compiled here a list of 50+ most impressive and cool TH11 troll bases that you can copy via the link –

TH11 Troll Base Links

Best TH8 Troll Base

Town hall 11 Troll Bases Layouts

Town Hall 11 Layouts that are Funny

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Bases

Cool TH11 Bases that are Funny

TH11 Troll base designs

Which town hall 11 troll base from the list did you like the most? Have you tried any of these bases for clan war leagues?