50+ Best Builder Hall 5 Base Designs (2023) Links to Strongest BH5 Layouts Anti 2 Star

The universal law of designing a builder hall 5 bases is to keep splash damage defenses near the center of the base. This will ensure that inner defenses constantly attack the ground units of the attacker.

If you want to win back-to-back versus battles and push your trophy numbers beyond 3000 while staying at builder hall 5 then you need a strong base.

Anti 3 Star BH5 layouts

You do not want to give even one star to your opponent and for this, you need to design a strong powerful base that can withstand the attack of any army combination.

A good thing about builder hall versus battles is that one can not get troop or spell donations from their clanmates. Therefore versus battles are mostly fair and square.

Here we have picked the 50+ best builder hall 5 base designs that you can easily copy to your layout.

builder hall 5 base link

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builder hall 5 base best defense

builder hall 5 base max level

Which BH5 base layout from the above gallery have you tried?

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