Clash of Clans Goblin Stats: Max Levels, Upgrade Costs and Army Strategies

Many clashers would agree that Goblin in Clash of Clans is the most effective troop for resource gathering. If you are low on Gold, elixir or Dark elixir then just train an army of Goblins and see your storage getting gilled in an hour.

You can easily get anywhere between 300K to 1 million in resources in just 1 hour of Goblin gameplay.

I am a little partial towards goblins because these sneaky green thieves have helped me max out several of my bases. Whenever I have an extra hour to play, I will use the training potion to quickly train an army of sneaky goblins.

Rarely It has occurred that I failed to max out my storage in under one hour while using the mass sneaky goblin attack.

Goblin Stats in Clash of Clans

Goblins are weak.

If you want to earn trophies and your motive is not to loot resources then do not train a goblin army.

However, If you want to fill your storage with gold, elixir, and dark elixir while not giving a worry about trophies then the mass goblin attack strategy is the best.

Here are the basic stats of a Goblin

Preferred Target 
Attack Type 
Housing Space 
Movement Speed
Attack Speed 
Barracks Level Required 
Resources (Damage x2) Melee (Ground Only) 1 32 1s 4 0.4 tiles

Max Levels of Clash of Clans Goblin

Here are the maximum level to which clash of clans goblin can be upgraded –

DPS on Resources
Research Cost
Research Time
LAB Level
1 11 22 25 N/A N/A N/A
2 14 28 30 45,000 5 hours 1
3 19 38 36 175,000 9 hours 3
4 24 48 50 500,000 12 hours 5
5 32 64 65 1,200,000 1 day 6
6 42 84 80 2,000,000 1d 12h 7
7 52 104 105 3,000,000 3 days 8
8 62 124 126 5,600,000 6 days 10
9 72 144 146 16,000,000 13 days 6 hours 13

As you can see from the list above, a goblin maxes out on level 9. Interestingly, Goblin takes the shortest amount of time to reach max level as compared to other troops (such as Giants) in Clash of Clans.

Statistically speaking you can max out Goblin in just 26 days. We did not included the lab upgrade time in this calculation.

Here is how the Goblin Troop will look like at different levels in Clash of Clans

Goblin Level 1-2



Goblin Level 3-4



Goblin Level 5



Goblin Level 6



Goblin Level 7



Goblin Level 8



Goblin Level 9



Appearance of Goblins in COC

Which Spell Should I Use with Goblins?

Easy – JUMP Spell. Sneaky Goblin and Jump spell is made for each other. The jump spell will help the sneaky goblin to destroy storages that are well protected beyond walls.

There is no alternative to a mass goblin waves.

You will be wasting your goblin if you are using it in any other way. Your goal should be clear – i.e. to loot millions of gold, elixir, and dark elixir in one hour.

Therefore without any second thought, create a mass sneaky goblin army with jump spells and see your storage getting filled in no time.

You can pair your Goblins with Barbarian King or Archer queen as well. The goblins will clear out resources while enemy defensive units will focus on the Heroes only.

I have tried multiple siege machines with Goblin attacks and i found log launcher to be most effective. It will take down walls thus making Goblins entry at the center base easy.

Sneaky Goblin – The Super Troop Version

Supercell introduced the “super” version of many popular clash of clans troops. Sneaky Goblin is the super troop version of Goblin. If you have sneaky goblin unlocked then you should prefer a max sneaky goblin army instead of simple goblin army.

clash of clans goblin

You will earn more resources in lesser time while spending only a dozen of sneaky goblins.

You have to spend 25K dark elixir or 1 super potion to unlock them for 3 days.

Goblin as Defending Castle Troop

Goblins are among the worst defending troops in Clash of clans. The main purpose of these pesky creatures is to loot resources. They are neither made for defending your village nor for attacking enemy troops.

Do not donate Goblins in clan castles, especially during clan war leagues. A max-level clan castle can hold 45 units of troops. However, 45 goblins can be easily wiped out with one poison spell even before they reach enemy units.

Goblin as Attacking Castle Troop

If you want to take goblins on the attack as your clan castle unit then you have to follow certain rules. This can help you win atleast 1 star.

First of all, prefer sneaky goblins over goblins as sneaky goblins have higher DPS and they stay hidden for four seconds.

Secondly, take a sneaky goblin in a siege machine that can launch them at the center of the base. This way the sneaky goblins will directly attack the town hall and before any defense reacts they would have already done their job.

So if you are unsure of getting any star against a higher level town hall then follow the strategy above and you will be guaranteed to get one star.

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