Best Builder Hall 6 Upgrade Order (2023) Priority Guide, Easy to Follow

Builder Hall 6 upgrade order is important because you have to spend a significant amount of time at this level. Even if you are rushing at your builder base you will still need to upgrade a few buildings before moving on to the next builder hall.

What are those buildings? How you can max out your BH6 in the shortest amount of time? We got answers to all your questions. Read on how you can upgrade Builder hall 6 without compromising your trophy count.

What should I upgrade first in Builder Hall 6?

If you have read our earlier Upgrade order guides then you already know that we focus on offense rather than defenses. Also, we simultaneously upgrade both the Town hall and builder to their next levels.

However, this synchronization of town hall and builder hall upgrade breaks as soon as you reach BH5. Now, your town hall will get upgraded quickly but since there is only one builder at BH therefore your upgrade will slow down at your second base.

Due to this reason, you won’t be getting the four days 4x star bonus and max army plus max hero bonus that is often unlocked after moving on to the next town hall.

So keeping all this in mind we suggest you upgrade your Star Laboratory right away. If you have a power potion and hero potion then you can use them to get max levels of your current troops for one hour.

What is the max level of battle machine in Builder Hall 6?

The good thing is that your battle machine won’t ask for much time in upgrading. You have to push your Battle machine to five more levels so that it reaches its max level of 10.

If you plan it correctly then you can achieve this within 5 days. Do not use the book of heroes or hammer of heroes on the battle machine as you will be wasting it. Builder Hall 9 Max Levels List

You can use the clock tower potion to speed up the upgrade process.

What order should I upgrade in clash of clans?

Now we need to focus on other buildings. I have already stated that your star laboratory should be the first building that you need to upgrade to max level as soon as possible.

builder hall 6 upgrade order

After that, you will need to unlock new buildings – A new crusher, Roaster, a mega-mine, an archer tower, and 4 wall pieces. It will not take much time so no need to stress about it.

After unlocking new buildings, use them to design a bigger and stronger base. As you know that Versus battles are strictly one-on-one therefore the winner will take it all. To win you need a strong base.

Please note that you will need to upgrade your battle machine whenever you have the resources therefore I won’t be including it in the upgrade order.

The first defense we need to max out is the multi-mortar. This powerful splash damage defense can be extremely crucial in winning your builder hall 6 battles. After multi-mortar, you should focus on maxing out all three archer towers one by one.

Keep two archer towers at fast attack and the third at long range. The archer tower can attack both ground and air units therefore you need not worry about a mass minion or mass baby dragon attack.

After upgrading it you need to put effort into upgrading the only roaster. It is a powerful defense that can wipe out any army if placed correctly.

The defenses will further get stronger after you upgrade your air bombs. Then you need to move on to firecrackers. While crusher is an important defense but if you have maxed it out on BH5 then it is capable enough to handle attacks of level 12 troops.

Therefore you can upgrade both crushers after firecrackers. Your only hidden tesla can be upgraded after this. The two double cannons can be moved to their peak level after upgrading the hidden tesla.

Your guard post needs to be maxed out before you upgrade your last defense which is the cannon (x2).

BH6 upgrade priority 2023

If you maxed out previous builder halls then you already know that upgrading these buildings is not a said and done task. You will be often out of resources and sometimes you will fill your storage to the fullest but your defense will still ask for more gold/elixir.

Therefore you need to upgrade atleast one storage of gold and elixir among the four and your clock tower in between the defense upgrades.

This will give you an upper hand and you will quickly upgrade your buildings.

Builder hall 6 rush guide 2023

You don’t need to focus on upgrading your collectors, mines, or even your builder barrack. At BH6 you unlock the new troop – Night witch. In my opinion, this is the weakest troop at the builder base.

You can do better without it. So if you are rushing then don’t focus on these buildings. You can also leave your walls as it is because now upgrading walls would be a tough task. While I suggest upgrading traps but if you are rushing then you can avoid the bombs and traps too.

If you want to upgrade without rushing then follow the defense upgrades as told above. After that, you upgrade whatever building you have resources for. This is because all other buildings at BH6 are not so important.

What troops should I upgrade first in bh6?

Your star laboratory will be the first building you mac out at Builder Hall 6. Therefore it is obvious that you would want to upgrade your troops sooner than later. But which one you should focus on first?

My strong suggestion would be to upgrade boxer giants first, then the cannon cart. After that, you can max out the bomber. These three troops can win you any battle at BH6.

After that, you can upgrade baby dragon followed by beta minion, sneaky archer, and raged barbarian in the end.

Builder hall defense upgrade priority

Here is an easy to remember building upgrade order for BH6 –

  • Upgrade Star Laboratory
  • Unlock New Buildings
  • Upgrade clock tower
  • Upgrade multi mortar
  • Upgrade elixir storage (x2)
  • Upgrade Archer tower (x3)
  • Upgrade gold storage (x2)
  • Upgrade both crushers
  • Upgrade roaster
  • Upgrade air bomb
  • Upgrade firecrackers
  • Upgrade hidden tesla
  • Upgrade guard post
  • Upgrade cannons
  • Upgrade builder barracks
  • Upgrade all traps one by one
  • Upgrade gem mine
  • Upgrade both elixir collector and gold mines

Builder hall Six best troops to upgrade

Here is an easy to remember troop upgrade order

  • Boxer Giants
  • Cannon Cart
  • Bomber
  • Baby Dragon
  • Beta Minion
  • Sneaky Archer
  • Night Witch
  • Raged Barbarian

This was our Builder hall 6 upgrade order guide. Which building or troop you like to upgrade first?

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