40+ Best TH8 Farming Base Copy Links (2023) Hybrid, Trophy Layouts

When we talk about TH8 farming base designs we should remember that the most important resource to protect at this level is the dark elixir.

By now you have understood that dark elixir is rare to drill and even rarer to loot. Every base that you encounter in multiplayer battle will be protecting this extremely important resource.

Which is the best farming base for town hall 8?

The answer can be easily stated as – A town hall level 8 base that is powerful enough to protect its town hall against any army and also able to save its resources is the best farming base.

However, it is not easy to protect each resource type. You might be able to safeguard your town hall by placing it deep into the center of the village but then again it needs strong defenses to protect against mass raids.

Usually, a 50% damage is almost impossible to deflect. Your base will give atleast 1 star to the enemy no matter how you design it. This is true because many players come with high-level clan castle troops such as electro dragons. These mighty beasts find no difficulty in wreaking a Townhall 8 bases.

What you can do is to protect your dark elixir and make sure that your DE storage is not destroyed in the 50% damage.

How do you build a farming base at Town Hall 8?

The best piece of advice would be to place dark elixir storage along with the town hall at the center of the base. You can use your other storage like gold and elixir to protect your defensive buildings such as cannon, archer tower, wizard tower, mortar, and most important air defenses.

Hidden tesla and traps should be placed in such a way that they shock the enemy troops and ruin their strategy midway. Also, try to have your clan castle loaded with a powerful troop to protect your base.

You should fill your clan castle with a dragon as it can attack both ground and air. The clan castle should be placed inside the walls as it can annoy the attacker and change their strategy.

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Here we have handpicked 40+ best farming base designs for town hall level 8 in clash of clans.

Best TH8 Farming Base Designs

best town hall 8 farming base

Which Farming base for town hall level 8 did you liked the most? Have you tried each one of them?