Town Hall 11 Max Levels List (2024) Fastest Time, Highest Troop, Heroes & Defenses

TH11 is the lowest town hall in the upper tier of clash of clans therefore Town hall 11 max levels are sure you should be checking out.

Town hall 11 was added in the December 2015 update of clash of clans. There was a time when many clashers argued that this would be the final town hall and you will max out the game if you max out TH11.

This seemed true until Supercell introduced TH12 in June 2018 update. By 2021, TH11 was already seen as an easy to play town hall since higher-level troops can easily overkill it.

What are the max levels for TH11?

At Town hall 11 you only unlock 6 new buildings. However, the total number of buildings increases to 119. Also, the next upgrade of all the other buildings (almost 100) takes a considerable amount of time.

Again we will divide our upgrades into four categories of resource buildings, army buildings, defenses, and traps. We will also tell you about the max level of heroes, troops and spells.

UPDATE: The new Blacksmith building can be upgraded to level 4 at TH11.

On level 4, Grand Warden’s Rage Gem ability is unlocked which in my opinion is average but you can upgrade Barbarian King and Archer Queen’s abilities.

Town hall 11 max levels for resource buildings

town hall 11 max levels
Town Hall 11 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector147
Gold Mine147
Elixir Storage124
Gold Storage124
Dark Elixir Drill83
Dark Elixir Storage61
  • Your seven elixir collectors will be upgraded to the newly introduced max level of 14.
  • Your seven gold mine will also see a fancy upgrade to level 14 max.
  • The four elixir storage will them a max level of 12.
  • The four gold storage too will move to the next level of 12 and increase your overall storage capacity.
  • The three dark elixir drills will be pushed to the max level of 8.
  • Surprisingly your dark elixir storage will again stay at the same level.

Town hall 11 max upgrades list and levels of army buildings

Town Hall 11 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp94
Spell Factory61
Clan Castle71
Dark Barracks81
Dark Spell Factory51
  • One of the biggest reasons everyone wants to upgrade to TH11 is because they get to play with the most popular troop – electro dragon. Your four barracks will be upgraded to level 13 to unlock this insanely powerful troop.
  • Army Camp will upgrade one level up to 9.
  • Your two dark barracks will upgrade to max level 8 which unlocks the ice golem.
  • Your only laboratory will move to a higher level of 9.
  • Your spell factory will move to its maximum level of 6 and unlock the final spell – Invisibility spell.
  • Your dark spell factory is already maxed out so it won’t need any upgrade.
  • The clan castle will upgrade to the next level of 7 increasing your troop capacity to 40 units.

Town hall 11 max levels of defenses

Town Hall 11 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower158
Air Defense94
Wizard Tower104
Air Sweeper72
Hidden Tesla94
Bomb Tower62
Inferno Tower52
Eagle Artillery21
  • Your seven cannon will see an upgrade to max level 14.
  • Your eight archer tower needs to upgrade twice to reach its peak level of 15.
  • The four mortars need to be maxed out at level 10.
  • The wizard towers have a maximum level of 10.
  • Your four air defenses will become more powerful to level 9.
  • Your four hidden teslas will move to a higher level of 9.
  • The two air sweepers are pushed to a higher level of 7.
  • The four X-bow will max out on level 5.
  • The two inferno towers touch their max level of 5.
  • The two bomber tower gets to reach the peak level of 6.
  • Eagle artillery is the new defense added at TH11. It has a max level of 2.

What is the maximum level of walls on TH11?

You will have 300 wall pieces on Town hall 11. These walls will max out on level 12 giving it the famous white gold shade. Most players do not upgrade walls beyond level 12.

Town hall 11 max levels list of traps

Town Hall 11 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Spring Trap56
Air Bomb55
Giant Bomb55
Seeking Air Mine35
Skelton Trap43
Tornado Trap21
  • The six bombs become effective at level 8.
  • You have six spring traps at TH11 already at peak level of 5.
  • The five giant bombs you have at town hall 11 are on their highest level of 5.
  • There are five air bombs on TH11 that become trouble for air troops at level 5.
  • TH11 gives you 5 seeking air mines. These mines are already at highest level 3 and become deadly for troops like lava hound and electro dragon.
  • Skeleton trap stars at level 4.
  • Tornado trap is the new trap added on town hall 11 which upgrades to level 2.

Town hall 11 max levels elixir troops

Town Hall 11 TroopsTH11 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker7
Baby Dragon5
Electro Dragon2
  • Barbarian reaches level 8 and becomes the good companion of a level 50 king.
  • Archer reaches level 8 and plays a crucial role in the queen walk strategy.
  • Giants see a good upgrade to the max level of 8.
  • Goblins are loved as they become the best farming troop at level 7.
  • Your wall breaker needs to upgraded its max level of 7 so that you get more out of its super troop.
  • The balloon reaches level 7.
  • Wizards have a max level of 8.
  • The healer should be maxed on level 5 as you can use them in queen walk.
  • Dragon moves one level higher to 6.
  • Pekka also becomes powerful at its max level 7.
  • The baby dragon sees an upgrade to level 5.
  • Miner has the highest level of 5.
  • New troop electro dragon moves to next level 2.

TH11 max level of dark elixir troops

Town Hall 11 Dark TroopsTH11 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Hog Rider7
Lava Hound4
Ice Golem3
  • Minions are upgraded to level 7.
  • Hog rider ups the higher level of 7.
  • Valkyrie gets to max out at level 6.
  • Golem sees two upgrades to level 7.
  • The witch moves up to level 4.
  • Lava hound can be used for lava loon strategy at its peak level of 4.
  • Bowler also moves to level 3.
  • Ice golem needs to be upgraded twice to reach peak level 3.

TH11 maximum levels of elixir spells

Town Hall 11 SpellsTH11 Spell Levels
Light Spell8
Healing Spell7
Rage Spell5
Jump Spell3
Freeze Spell6
Clone Spell5
Invisibility Spell2
  • Level 8 is the maximum for a lightning spell.
  • Level 7 is highest for healing spells at TH11
  • Rage Spell sees no upgrade
  • A peak Level 3 Jump spell provides more time.
  • At level 6 Freeze spell can hold inferno tower for a longer amount of time
  • Level 5 is the maximum for a clone spell.
  • Invisibility spell unlocks and upgrades to peak level 2.

Dark Elixir Spells max level at town hall 11

Town Hall 11 Dark SpellsTH11 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell5
Earthquake Spell5
Haste Spell5
Skelton Spell4
Bat Spell4
  • Poison spell reaches level 5.
  • Earthquake spell touches its max out level of 5.
  • Haste spell also gives more boost at level 5.
  • Skeleton spell has a max level of 4.
  • Bat Spell is maximum at four levels.

Town hall 11 max level heroes

You will unlock a third hero – Grand warden at TH11. This hero is bashed by many as useless since it does little damage to the opponent. However, it is used by many players in the grand warden walk strategy where the warden is on foot mode is healed by healers. The grand warden has a long reach therefore this strategy is effective

Maximum level of Barbarian King at Town hall 11

AT TH11 Barbarian king reaches level 50. Most players find it sufficient enough and do not worry much about upgrading it.

Archer Queen Max Level at Town hall 11

The Archer queen reaches a peak at level 50. You can easily use a max-out queen in queen walk strategy. Most clashers focus on upgrading queen only among heroes.

Grand Warden Maximum level at Town hall 11

The new troop grand wardens demand to be upgraded to the maximum level of 20. However, you should not worry as you can upgrade it using elixir. This solves the problem of the extra elixir of lower town halls.

What is the longest TH11 upgrade?

The longest town hall 11 upgrades is that of heroes. The Grand warden takes the most time since it is upgraded to 20 levels. After that, it is archer queen and barbarian king combined.

How long does TH11 take to Max currently?

It would be a Joke to upgrade town hall 11 with just two builders. This is because you have to devote 1 year and 11 days of your life to it.

Most players use up their gems quickly and have only three builders due to improper strategy. Three builders would require 8 months and 11 days to max out TH11.

Four builders are common on TH11 so you will need 6 months, 8 days, and 6 hours to Upgrade your town hall 11 fully.

If you have followed our strategies of saving and generating free gems then you will have a fifth builder unlocked on your base. It will take 5 months and 14 hours to max out your TH11 which is long but comparatively still worth it.

Most clashers do not know that they can have a sixth builder unlocked as well in their clash of clans games. For this, you have to complete certain missions of Builder hall 9 and Town hall 10.

With 6 builders you can upgrade your town hall 11 to the maximum in 4 months, 5 days, and 12 hours.

Your laboratory will take 8 months and 18 days to max all troops. Of course with proper use of potions you can bring this number down.

How much does it cost to max out Town Hall 11?

You have to loot 463 million gold to upgrade your town hall 11 to maximum level. Around 458 million gold will be used for building upgrades.

Around 278 million needs to be looted to max out your army buildings, grand warden, and troop levels. Grand warden alone will ask for 84.5 million elixir. The laboratory will require 117 million elixir.

Walls would use around 320 million mixed resources of gold and elixir. This number is apart from the above numbers of gold and elixir requires.

Dark elixir would be tough to loot since you will have a super troop booster, a lot of good dark elixir troops available for loot. You will need 3.9 million dark elixir for maxing out town hall 11.

Barbarian King and archer queen will use 2.36 million dark elixir whereas laboratory will demand 1.54 million dark elixirs.

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