Super Bowler (2023) vs Bowler, Max Levels, Attack Strategies, Housing Space

Super Bowler troop was introduced in Clash of Clans in September 2021. This troop is available for Town hall 12 players or above. Supercell Introduced the PNG artwork in a tweet and later launched the Super bowler in Halloween Update.

What is a Super Bowler?

Super Bowler is a super troop version of a regular Bowler in clash of clans. A Super bowler has larger boulders to throw which will strike thrice instead of a Bowler’s two strikes.

Super Bowler Vs Bowler Max Levels

Here are the stats and max levels of a super Bowler

Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hitpoints Training Cost

Here are stats and max levels of a regular Bowler –

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per HitHitpointsTraining Cost
Research Cost
Research TimeLaboratory Level Required
596211.2430175280,00014d 12h11
6102224.4500200320,00017d 12h12

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How do I get the Super Bowler?

You can get a super Bowler after you have unlocked a Level 4 Bowler after reaching Town Hall 12. All you have to do is select the super bowler option from the Booster Drum.

super bowler

You must have a 25K dark elixir or a super potion to get the super version of Bowler.

How good are COC bowlers?

Many Clash of Clans players like JudoSloth and sumit007 extensively use bowlers in their strategies. Whether you are resource hunting or trophy pushing, Bowlers can be helpful in both scenarios.

Many popular attack strategies like Yeti BoBat, PEKKA BoBat, and Witch BoBat have bowler included as the most important troop.

When did COC add bowler?

Supercell added Bowler in March 2016 Update. It was the seventh Dark troop that unlocks at Town hall 10.

It is very much similar in appearance to a giant. However, its attack tactic is different as it uses large boulders to throw at enemy buildings. It has no preferred target and will attack any nearby building.

The boulder will jump twice thereby damaging the second target as well. This makes Bowler a really good troop that can hit targets beyond walls.

How do you use a Super bowler in clash of clans?

There are many ways you can use a Super bowler. You have to keep in mind that the best thing about Bowler is its ability to strike twice and that too at buildings hiding behind walls.

A great combination often used with Super bowlers is the healer. The super bowlers can easily destroy an air defense without getting near it. The healers healing the super bowler will usually stay out of reach of air defense while continuously healing the super bowlers.

Super bowler as a clan castle troop

A super bowler can only be donated to clan castle level 6 or higher. As a defending troop, the super bowler is not much preferred. This is because they cannot attack air units.

So even if any hero triggers them still a balloon or minion or dragon would easily take them out. The hitpoints of Super bowler are also not high enough to overcome a poison spell.

As an attacking troop, a super bowler can be extremely helpful as it will emerge from the siege machine near the middle of the base. It can wreak havoc if used with a clone spell or rage spell. A freeze spell too can give enough time to the super troop to destroy the middle of the base.

Super Bowler clash of clans army attack strategies

A Super Bowler gets an extra third bounce that deals splash damage. If the three buildings are adjacent and in the line of attack of super bowler then the second building will be the first that gets destroyed.

But don’t worry even if the buildings are two tiles apart still the third bounce is powerful enough to strike damage to the other building.

The most popular army combinations with Super bowlers are –

Mass Super Bowlers Attack

You can take a maximum of 10 Super bowlers in a maxed-out army camp. An 11th Super Bowler can be included as a clan castle troop.

Find the shortest distance to the town hall on the enemy base. Deploy the super bowlers in groups of two from 2 different angles. Use a rage spell in the beginning so that the super troop can deal maximum damage immediately. If it is not a spread-out base then the rage attack will result in around 50% damage to the base.

Use heal spell accordingly whenever it’s near scattershot. Deploy heroes after the Super troops have cleared atleast half of the base. The freeze spell can be used on single target inferno towers whenever super bowlers come in its range.

Yeti BoBat

Army Composition – 2 Super Bowler, 7 Yeti, 4 Healer, 4 Archer, 4 Goblin, 2 Balloon and 1 Baby Dragon + 5 Bat Spell, 4 Freeze Spell, 1 Rage Spell.

We Have discussed this strategy in detail on our blog. You can find it here. The technique is simple but you must have a High-level Grand warden set on foot. 

We will do Grand warden where the warden (being healed by healers) will clear one side of the base that is far away from air defense reach.

The barbarian king who will be assisted by archers and goblins to give the funnel an exact direction will clear the other side.

We will use a Log launcher to break the walls in the funnel’s path. Deploy Yeti first as they will tank the maximum damage. The super bowlers will be deployed right behind them. Use rage spell when the bowlers are inside the base. Use freeze spell on infernos and bat spell on the eagle artillery.

This strategy can also be changed to Witch BoBat and Pekka Bobat. In the other two strategies, we will take Witch or Pekka instead of Yeti.

Super bowler housing space

The biggest criticism that super Bowlers face, is the 30 housing spaces. A regular bowler takes 6 housing spaces whereas a super bowler takes five times more space.

If we compare it to other troops with similar housing space then Super bowler has the lower hit points. This has been tweeted to supercell many times but the clash of clans team is yet to give a balance update regarding this.

What is your favorite strategy using Super Bowler?

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