Best Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order (2023) Priority Guide Spreadsheet Easy to Follow

Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order can be challenging if you do not have your priority cleared out In a spreadsheet. At TH9 you will have 101 buildings of which 13 will be brand new.

Upgrading over 100 buildings can be a complicated task but if you follow our upgrade guide on this page then you can easily max out Town hall 9 upgrade order in no time without wasting any gold, elixir, or dark elixir.

What should I upgrade first at Town Hall 9 Reddit?

I will assume that you have maxed out your TH8 before upgrading to town hall 9. SO when you unlock TH9 all your five builders are assumed free.

If you are following our upgrade guides then you already know that we focus on upgrading offenses before any other building. We don’t even unlock a new building until our offenses are all set.

But things change at town hall 9 upgrade order. As soon as you move to TH9 you will be attracted to the Archer queen who is a very important hero. Therefore I will advise you to unlock it right away. I would rather suggest you fix a builder on Archer queen who will keep on upgrading her until she reaches her max level.

town hall 9 upgrade order

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Town hall 9 upgrade order priority 2022

Now our Builder 1 is busy on queen but we have four builders free and too many buildings to upgrade. What should you focus on first?

Appoint Builder 2 on laboratory. The laboratory will move to level 7 in 1 day while asking for an 800K elixir. If you have a builder potion then use it here because our target is to upgrade the laboratory in a minimum amount of time.

The reason is simple – We get a four-day booster where the troop level is equivalent to the maximum level of troop provided by the current laboratory. Therefore if we upgrade the laboratory we will get max level troops for that four days.

Builder 3 and Builder 4 should be used to unlock the two new x-bows. These are super powerful defenses that will keep your base protected in village attacks as well as in clan wars. Two X-bow will also improve your war weight and push you higher in rankings.

Town hall 9 upgrade order list

Builder 5 should be used to unlock all new buildings. First, we will unlock the traps as it won’t take much time. After this, we will unlock the new wall pieces that we get at TH9.

Then we will unlock each new defense (wizard tower, air sweeper, air defense, hidden tesla) one by one. You have to time this in such a way that when you are sleeping your builders are still working. This will save you time and your game will progress even when you are asleep.

Town hall 9 upgrade order base

When you reach TH9 a new thing that you will see is that you have to constantly go on village attacks to loot resources because your storage empties on upgrades quickly. Your main focus should be on looting dark elixir because Builder 1 is fixed on maxing out the queen.

In between, a time will come when you don’t have enough dark elixir but your builder is free. At this time you will appoint him to clan castle. This will be the only break that Builder will get otherwise the main task of Builder 1 is to upgrade both heroes to max level in succession.

Builders 2,3 and 4 will move to upgrade the army camps one by one. So appoint them on their respective army camps whenever they get free. Builder 5 should be appointed on upgrading either the spell factory or the dark spell factory.

I prefer upgrading the spell factory first because it needs only one upgrade and also it will increase my spell storage in attacks.

Dark spell factory will ask for two upgrades therefore you can use only one builder (i.e. builder 5) who will first upgrade the spell factory and then upgrade the dark spell factory back to back.

Town hall 9 upgrade order spreadsheet

Builder 1 will take more than 2 weeks in maxing out the queen but whenever it gets free you have to appoint it is maxing out the king. Again it will be a lengthy task but this is the right way to progress.

Builder 2 will upgrade the fourth and final army camp after upgrading the first army camp. Builder 3 and Builder 4 will now focus on upgrading X-bow.

Builder 5 will take several days in upgrading the spell factory and dark spell factory but as soon as it does you will appoint him to upgrade dark elixir storage.  

TH9 upgrade priority 2022

Builder 5 will focus on upgrading storage one by one and then he will upgrade drills, a new gold mine, new elixir collector. This will keep him busy for a few days.

Builder 2 will upgrade dark barrack one by one. We will focus on upgrading dark barracks first because it will unlock witch and lava hounds. Upgrading the barrack will unlock baby dragon which is not so exciting troop.

Builders 3 and 4 should move in sync while upgrading defenses one by one. You can also appoint them in upgrading barracks but then again I will suggest you to rather focus on defenses.

Th9 upgrade priority 2022 Reddit

After maxing out the two x-bow our builder 3 and builder 4 will upgrade air defenses. If you get too much elixir in hand then you can appoint one of them on barrack.

After the air defenses, the two builders will upgrade hidden tesla. The wizard tower should be followed after this. When the wizard tower maxes out you will use the builder on upgrade archer towers.

Builder 1 might get free in between Barbarian king upgrades so you can use him to upgrade the air sweepers

Looting dark elixir is not a joke therefore it is highly likely that your first builder will wait in between king upgrades.

After upgrading the archer tower you should upgrade the mortars. By the time you finish upgrading mortars most of your builders will get free from their fixtures.

Builder 1 would probably have maxed out barbarian king. Builder 2 has upgraded all barracks and dark barracks. Builder 5 has probably maxed out all storage.

Now you can appoint all 5 builders on cannons and traps. These are the last upgrades of town hall 9 upgrade order.

What troops should I upgrade to Town Hall 9?

TH9 will unlock three new troops – baby dragon, witch, and lava hound. Apart from this we already have previously unlocked troops.

The first troop that you should max out is Dragon followed by Pekka and then elixir spells. Upgrade light spell first and then healing spell. Rage spell won’t ask for any upgrade at TH9 whereas jump spell, freeze spell, and dark spells can wait.

We will be using dark elixir on upgrading heroes therefore our dark troops have to wait for a long time before getting any upgrade.

After upgrading the Healing spell we will upgrade healer then giant and then wizards. Balloons will be upgraded before wall breakers, barbarians, and archers. The baby dragon can be upgraded after upgrading dark elixir troops.

If you have enough dark elixir to upgrade troops as well as heroes then upgrade hog rider first followed by Valkyrie and minion. We will upgrade lava hound before golem and witch in the end.

Dark spells will be the last to see an upgrade in the laboratory. Here is an easy to remember the order

  • Dragon
  • Pekka
  • Light Spell
  • Healing Spell
  • Healer
  • Giants
  • Wizards
  • Balloon
  • Hog rider
  • Wall breaker
  • Valkyrie
  • Archers
  • Lava Hound
  • Barbarians
  • Minions
  • Freeze spell
  • Golem
  • Jump Spell
  • Witch
  • Poison Spell
  • Earthquake Spell
  • Skeleton Spell
  • Haste Spell

How long does it take to max TH9 2022?

With five builders your town hall 9 upgrade order will take 1 month 10 days and 14 hours to max out. Your laboratory will take 2 months to max out all troops. You can reduce this time by using various magic items.

What level should everything be at TH9?

We have already provided the town hall 9 max levels list on our blog. You can check it out.

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