How Much XP Do You Get in 50×50 Clan War in Clash of Clans?

If you want to move to the next clan level then you must know how much XP do you get in 50×50, 45×45, 40×40, 35×35, 30×30, 25×25, 20×20, 15×15, 10×10, and 5×5.  The Clan XP or experience points are the points that move your clan to the next level.

You can reach up to clan level  51 (max level) but for that, you have to make and follow strategies. Deploying good strategies can make your journey to level 20 quick and easy.

Since Clan XP is the major factor in moving to the next clan level therefore we will discuss here how you can earn maximum XP in one clan war. You will also learn how much XP do you get in 50×50 clan war.

Why Increasing Clan Levels Matters?

Improving your clan level can push your in-game progress too. How?

Well, you will unlock several clan perks that are beneficial to all the members of the clan. This is the reason why people always choose active clans.

Some of the most popular clan perks are – Reduced donation time (from 20 minutes to 10 minutes), Increased donation limit, upgraded donated troops, bigger donation refund, extra treasury storage, and extra war loot.

If you are at a smaller town hall level who wants to upgrade to the next TH then these perks can help you in getting more loot in lesser time.

How Much Clan XP Do you Get?

How Much XP DO you Get

It might come as a surprise to many that not all players get equal XP from a clan war. You might get a different XP as compared to your clan member even if you scored the same stars in the war.

The algorithm based on TH level distributes the Clan XP. The lower your Townhall level the lower XP you will get.

UPDATE: After the intoduction of Clan Capital, it becomes extremely important that you choose ana ctive clan to gain maximum loot.

A town hall 3 will get a maximum of 1 XP as compared to the 12 XP scored by Townhall 14.

Please note that to receive XP corresponding to your town hall level you must have upgraded the TH base. You can upgrade to next town hall quickly by using builder potions.

For example, if you are at TH 9 but it is not maxed out then you will get Clan XP corresponding to TH 8.

This is the reason why you should not rush in Clash of Clans. Always max out your base and then only move to the next town hall.

Another factor in calculating Clan XP is the war score. You have to score at least 1 star to earn clan XP.

If you scored a star against upper town hall then you will get more XP.

If you score a star against a town hall lower than you then you will get a smaller XP.

But this does not mean that you go and attack the first ranking town hall on the map. Remember that you will score maximum XP only if your clan wins the war.

That is why you have played as a team instead of as an individual.

How Much XP Do you Get If you Win War?

The formula to calculate the winning XP is simple. Multiply the total number of war players with 3 (stars). This is the maximum number of stars that you can earn in the war.

Now if you win 40% of these maximum stars then your clan will earn 10 XP.

If you get 60% of these maximum stars then your clan will get 25 XP (+10 XP of 40%). Therefore the total number will be 35 XP.

If you win the war then you get a bonus of 50 XP. In order to win the war you have to score more stars then opponents. But people only focus on this they forget that with a great base design they can stop opponent from getting 3 stars thereby limiting their chance of winning.

Based on this formula we can calculate the total points of clan XP for each war combination.

How Much XP Do you get in a 5×5 clan war

You can earn as much as 145 clan XP in a 5×5 war.

How Much XP Do you get in a 10×10 clan war?

War Winning Clans can win a maximum of 205 XP Points.

How Much XP Do you get in a 15×15 clan war

265 XP

How Much XP Do you get in 20×20 clan war

325 XP

How Much XP Do you get in 25×25 clan war

385 XP

How Much XP Do you get in a 30×30 clan war

445 XP

How Much XP Do you get in 40×40 clan war

565 XP

How Much XP Do you get in 50×50 clan war

685 XP

How to Level up Clan in Clash of Clans

To speed up your clan progress you need to play regular wars. Don’t forget to participate in Clan war leagues which give a chance to play 7 wars in 7 days. This way you can earn maximum XP in the shortest amount of time.

You can read the complete list of clan perks and check chart here.

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