Clash of Clans X bow On Ground or Air (2024) The Best Setting from TH9 to TH16

Should you Set X Bow on ground or air? This is one of the most common questions asked in Clash of Clans forums sneak peeks. X-Bow is one of the most popular defenses building in COC that unlocks at Town hall level 9.

X-Bow Levels at Each Town Hall in COC

You will unlock 2 X-bow at Townhall 9.

This number increases to 3 on next town hall. By Townhall 11 you can have as many as 4 X-bows which stays the same till town hall 16.

Now when we talk about the two modes of X-bow we have to consider which town hall we are talking about and what is the level of X-bow.

An X-bow can be upgraded to level 9 max. At Townhall 9 you can upgrade it to level 3, at Town hall 10 you can upgrade it to level 4. At Townhall 11 you can upgrade it to level 5.

X-bow can be upgraded to level 6 at TH 12, level 7 at TH 13, and up to level 9 at town hall 14.

UPDATE: After the introduction of Town Hall 16, X-bow can now be upgraded to level 11.

Can an XBOW attack air?

Many Clashers do not know that an X-bow can also attack air. All you have to do is enable this option in settings.

Should I Put X Bow On Ground Or Air?

X-Bow On Ground or Air

The attacking mode of the X-bow needs to be changed on each town hall level. This is because as you progress in the game, the attack strategies changed a lot.

Most Clashers loves air attack at TH10 and TH11.

By Town Hall 12, the attack strategy once again focuses on ground troops.

At town hall 13 and town hall 14 hybrid attacks are more popular and successful than just one type of army (air/ground).

This change in attack strategies is the major reason why people often get confused on whether they should set their X-bow at the ground-only mode or should they set it to Ground/air mode.

When you set the Xbow to the ground-only mode you are targeting only ground troops like Barbarian, Archer, Giants, Wall breaker, Wizard, PEKKA, Miner, Yeti, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Golem, Witch, Bowler, Ice Golem, and Head Hunter.

You are also targeting heroes – Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand warden (Ground Mode), and Royal Champion.

If you set X Bow to air/ground mode then you are not only targeting all the ground troops but you are also targeting air troops like Balloon, Healer, Dragon, Electro Dragon, Baby Dragon, Dragon Rider, Minion, and Lava Hound.

Another key difference between the two modes is the firing range. At Ground mode, an xbow can shoot as far as 14 tile range. In Air mode, this shooting range decreases to 11.5 tiles.

These two major differences play a vital role in the decision of setting of X bow on ground or air mode.

Experts like Judo Sloth Gaming and Sumit007 states that your decision should be based on your town hall upgrades. Here is what your setting should be at each town hall level.

Best Setting of X-Bow On Ground or Air at Each Town Hall

Here is what your setting should be

X Bow on Ground or Air Town Hall 9 – At 9th Townhall, you have 2 X-bows unlocked. Most of the attacks on your village would be from clashes of TH9, TH10, and in some cases TH11.

At Townhall 9 a dragon army is weak as it can be easily defeated by the air defenses. Moreover, if you properly placed the Archer queen altar and crossbow then your defense can surely take out any air attack combination.

Most of the attacks will be ground-based like GiBaArch, GoWiPe, GiWiPe, GoHoPe. Therefore, it would be a clever choice to set both X bow on ground mode at Town Hall 9.

You can set X bow to the ground mode in Clan Wars too because TH 11 will wipe you out regardless.

X Bow on Ground or Air Town Hall 10 – After upgrading to TH 10 you will not only unlock one more x-bow but you will also unlock inferno tower which is yet another powerful defensive building.

At this TH you will be attacked by the air army more often. The inferno tower can do a lot of damage but they will need another defensive building to puzzle the opponent.

You can Set two x bow to air mode and one x bow to ground mode at TH 10. Please be sure that the x bow is placed deep in the base protected by storage.

X Bow on Ground or Air Town Hall 11 – AT TH11, the air attack frequency increases. You will see all types of air army combinations attacking your base. Good Thing is that along with the inferno towers you will also have the mighty eagle Artillery.

At TH 11 you will have 4 X bows. Now your eagle artillery can shoot down enemies at far ranges therefore the 14 tiles benefit of x bow does not matter much.

You need to set all X-bows to air mode so that these can assist eagle artillery and inferno to wipe down enemy troops.

Make sure to place X bows in all 4 directions to get maximum benefit

X Bow on Ground or Air Town Hall 12 – The Town hall itself is now a mega tesla. Set your X bow to air mode and enjoy their powerful firing power.

X Bow on Ground or Air Town Hall 13 – Set to Air Mode

X Bow on Ground or Air Town Hall 14, TH15 and TH16 – Air mode is the way to go.

Always remember that your X bows are firing turrets similar to Archer tower and Canon. You need to protect them using other buildings and your town hall will rarely give 3 stars to the opponent.

I Hope this solves your query for X Bow on Ground or Air mode in COC.

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