Builder Hall 7 Max Levels List (2023) Highest Battle Machine, Fastest Troops Time, Defenses

Builder hall 7 max levels list can give you a minor headache. The reason is that the cost to upgrade buildings is now ridiculously high. Not only this but now your builder takes anywhere around 1 to 3 days to upgrade one building.

This means that your builder hall 7will take a whole lot of time to max out and move to the next builder hall levels.

What are the max levels for Builder Hall 7?

When we take a look at the resource buildings, the army buildings, the defenses, and the traps we see a common pattern that now everything is costly. It’s like living in a real world where you have to pay a hefty amount of money to either buy or upgrade anything.

The only relaxing thing that I find about builder hall 7 is that your army finally gets bigger as you get a fifth army camp. This makes your army stronger and increases your chances of winning the battle. Let’s see how much we need to upgrade to max out BH7.

builder hall 7 max levels list

Builder hall 7 max levels list for resource buildings

Builder Hall 7 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector72
Gold Mine72
Elixir Storage72
Gold Storage72
Gem Mine71
Clock Tower71
  • The two elixir collector moves to level 7.
  • The 2 gold mines level up to LVL 7.
  • Your two gold storages are leveled up to LVL 7.
  • The two elixir storages now max out on level 7.
  • Your gem mine churn more gems at level 7.
  • The clock tower now gives your 3 hours 54 minute time catch up in 26-minute boost duration at level 7.

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Builder hall level 7 max upgrades for army buildings

Builder Hall 7 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Builder Barracks81
Army Camp15
Star Laboratory71
  • The builder barracks unlocks the new troop Drop Ship at level 8. It is similar to a balloon but instead of dropping bombs, it drops skeletons.
  • You unlock a new army camp but the five army camps stay at level 1.
  • The star laboratory now gives new upgrades to troops after moving to level 7.

Builder hall 7 max levels for defenses

Builder Hall 7 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower73
Double Cannon72
Hidden Tesla72
Guard Post71
Air Bombs71
Multi Mortar71
  • It will take 2(x2) days to max out your two cannons to level 7.
  • The three archer towers will also take 6 days to get maxed out on level 7.
  • The two double cannon will take 4 days to max out on the next level 7.
  • You can upgrade your two hidden teslas to higher level 7 in four days. But since the second tesla is just unlocked therefore it will take more time.
  • You will unlock the third firecracker. The 3 firecrackers will level up to LVL 7.
  • The two crushers on your base will touch the highest level of 7.
  • Your only guard post will reach peak level 7.
  • The one air bomb will also reach max level 7.
  • Your multi-mortar gets powerful at max level 7.
  • The roaster gets stronger and deadlier after reaching new level 7.
  • A giant cannon is the new defense unlocked at builder hall 7. You need to upgrade it to the highest level of 7.
  • The 140 walls of BH7 will move to level 7 but these will cost you a fortune.

Builder hall 7 max levels for traps

Builder Hall 7 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Push Trap74
Spring Trap33
Mega Mine72
  • The four push traps on your base will ask for an upgrade to level 7.
  • Your three spring traps won’t bother you at BH7 and will stay at the same level.
  • The five mines will take around 40 hours to reach the next level of LVL 7.
  • The two mega mines will also reach level 7 in about 42 hours.

Builder hall 7 base troops max levels

Builder Hall 7 TroopsBH7 Troop Levels
Raged Barbarians14
Sneaky Archers14
Boxer Giants14
Beta Minion14
Baby Dragon14
Cannon Cart14
Night Witch14
  • When you move raged barbarians to level 14 the number of units per camp increases to 20.
  • You can now take 10 sneaky archers per camp at level 14.
  • Boxer Giants gets powerful punch ability at level 14.
  • Beta Minion’s long-shot increased to 5 after moving to level 14 in the star laboratory.
  • The bomber will move to level 14 and now can easily break walls of level 7.
  • Tantrum damage of baby dragons improves at level 14.
  • DPS of Cannon cart improves a lot at level 14 therefore it is a must-have troop for your Builder base army.
  • Night Witch can summon bat quickly (in 5.6 seconds to be precise) at level 14.
  • Dropship can summon more skeletons at level 14.

Builder hall 7 Max battle machine Level

Builder Hall 7 Battle MachineBH7 Hero Level
Battle Machine20

The battle machine reaches peak level 20 at builder hall 7. A level 20 battle machine has 180 DPS with 4635 hit points. The electric hammer ability reaches level 4.

This means the battle machine will deal 360 damage increase in the next three shots and 950 health recovery.

How to upgrade battle machines fast

The only way to upgrade the battle machine fast is by using either book of heroes or a hammer of heroes. You can buy the book of heroes from the daily deals section. It will cost you 2000+ gems.

However, you can also win the book of heroes by completing a seasonal challenge or from clan games. I would advise you to buy a gold pass every month so that you get atleast three books of heroes each month.

The hammer of heroes cost 165 league medals. You can win league medals by participating and winning clan war leagues each month. If you have a high-level clan then you can have around 350 league medals each month. This means you can buy around 2 hammers of heroes each month.

How long does it take to max out builder hall 7?

This is a big question asked by every cashier stuck on BH7. You have 38 buildings and 8 troops unlocked at builder hall 7.

Each building upgrades cost around 2 to 3 days whereas each troop upgrade cost 3 to 4 days. Remember that some buildings are freshly unlocked so these will take longer to move to the highest level. The battle machine will level up to 10 levels and it will take 30 days.

Similarly, every troop will ask for two-level upgrades whereas a new troop will ask for 12 upgrades. After doing simple math we calculated that it is 120 days for the master builder to upgrade all buildings whereas star laboratory takes 70 days to max out all troops.

Please note that this time is for the master builder and we have assumed that your base is constantly filled with resources (gold/elixir) required to upgrade any troop/building.

However, in reality, you will have to win the resources from loot bonuses. So the total period to max out builder hall 7 will go beyond 150 days.

Should you rush builder base 7?

You can answer this question yourself. Can you wait for 150+ days? If yes then do not rush BH7.

However many players want to unlock the sixth builder therefore they will upgrade only necessary buildings and will rush to the next base.

If your plan is the same then upgrade boxer giant, cannon cart, and bomber from star laboratory. Similarly upgrade your mortar, crushers, and roaster to max level. In the meantime, you can also push your battle machine to a higher level as possible.

After doing this you can rush to the next builder hall.

How do you build a builder base level 7?

We have many defense designs on our site. Do check them out.

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