Builder Hall 8 Max Levels List (2023) Highest Battle Machine and Defenses, Fastest Troops Time

Builder Hall 8 max levels list can get a little tricky. This is because you will have 8 more buildings unlocked at BH8 hence raising the total number to 46. Upgrading 46 buildings with just one master builder and that too to multiple levels is no easy task.

Most clashers often ask How long does builder base 8 take to Max?We did the math and found it would take months. How many months? There is no easy answer because you can follow certain tips to improve the time frame.

What does Builder Hall 8 unlock?

With each builder hall level you unlock new buildings. It can be a resource building or an army building or defenses or even traps.

At BH8 the most important building you unlock is the Mega Tesla. I highly recommend you to upgrade this building to max level as it will help you to unlock your sixth builder. So even if you are rushing then too upgrade mega tesla to max level.

Now lets see what are the max levels of the 46 buildings of builder hall 8.

builder hall 8 max levels list

Builder hall 8 max levels list for Resource Buildings

Builder Hall 8 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector83
Gold Mine83
Elixir Storage82
Gold Storage82
Gem Mine81
Clock Tower81
  • You will unlock your third and final elixir collector at BH8. The three collectors can be easily levelled in just hours to the max level 8.
  • A New gold mine is unlocked ar Builder hall 8. The three gold mines need to be maxed out at level 8.
  • Your two gold storages will take 1 day each to reach from level 7 to max level 8.
  • Players who are rushing must upgrade their two elixir storage to max level 8.
  • Even though rushed players don’t focus on upgrading gem mine but if you do upgrade it then it will take two days to reach level 8.
  • Your clock tower will take 1 day to reach level 8 but it will increase the boost duration to 28 minutes which can be really helpful.

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Builder hall 8 Army Buildings max levels list

Builder Hall 8 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Builder Barracks101
Army Camp16
Star Laboratory81
  • Builder Barrack needs to be maxed out to level 10. It will unlock the super important troop – Super PEKKA.
  • A sixth and final army camp is unlocked at BH8.
  • Your star lab moves to level 8 and unlock new levels for troops.

Builder hall 8 max levels of Defenses List

Builder Hall 8 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower83
Double Cannon83
Hidden Tesla83
Guard Post81
Air Bombs81
Multi Mortar81
  • A third and final cannon is unlocked at BH8. The three cannon will take 3 days each to move from level 7 to level 8. Rushed players can ignore upgrading cannons.
  • The three archer towers needs to be upgraded from level 7 to level 8 as it takes just 3 day each.
  • After unlocking the third double cannon you have to max out all three to level 8. It is optional but if you do then 3 days time is required for each upgrade.
  • A third and final hidden tesla is unlocked at BH8. Even if you are rushing then too unlock all defenses. These will max out to level 8.
  • A fourth firecracker is unlocked at builder hall 8. You can now understand that it would be foolish to do air attacks at these builder hall levels. The four firecrackes will move to level 8 taking 3 days each.
  • Your two crusher will max out on level 8 and take 4 days each.
  • Your only guard post will also upgrade to level 8.
  • The max level for your only air bomb is also level 8.
  • Your only multi mortar will reach the peak level 8 at BH8.
  • The single roaster on your base needs to be maxed out to level 8.
  • The giant cannon will peak out on level 8.
  • Mega tesla is the new defense which will reach peak level 8. It will take you around a week or so to max out this building but it is worth it since you will be nearing your mission to unlock sixth builder.
  • The 160 wall pieces will reach level 8. Upgrading them is optional for rushed players.

Builder hall 8 max levels list for traps

Builder Hall 8 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Push Trap85
Spring Trap45
Mega Mine83
  • Upgrading your five push traps to max level 8 won’t take much time or resources.
  • Two new spring traps are introduced at BH8. The five spring traps should be maxed out to level 4.
  • The five mines can be easily moved from level 7 to level 8 in just few hours.
  • The three mega mines will also peaks on level 8.

Builder hall level 8 max upgrades for troops

Builder Hall 8 TroopsBH8 Troop Levels
Raged Barbarians16
Sneaky Archers16
Boxer Giants16
Beta Minion16
Baby Dragon16
Cannon Cart16
Night Witch16
  • Raged barbarian won’t provide any good benefit after reaching max level 16.
  • Sneaky archers are useful on all builder hall levels so max them out to level 16.
  • The number of units per camp reach to 4 (which is max) for boxer giants at level 16.
  • Mass Beta Minion raid gets common at this builder hall level therefore you should also peak these out to level 16.
  • Bombers are must upgrade troops so peak them to level 16 and pair them with boxer giants.
  • Baby dragons touch level 16 but upgrading them is your choice.
  • Do upgrade cannon cart to level 16 as it can win you versus battles.
  • Night witch reaches max level 16.
  • Drop ship max out on level 16.
  • Super Pekka must be upgraded to level 16.

Builder hall 8 battle machine max level

Builder Hall 8 Battle MachineBH8 Hero Level
Battle Machine25

Battle machine will move from level 20 to level 25 at BH8. Its electric hammer ability will reach level 5. Upgrading Battle machine is must for unlocking sixth builder.

How long does it take to Max builder Hall 8?

Since you have 46 buildings at BH8 and each building will take 3-5 days each therefore you can do the math easily.  There are few buildings that will require multiple upgrades so the total number of days will come around 150 days which converts to 5 months.

Your lab will take 90 days but you will have limited elixir. If you use it to upgrade battle machine then your star laboratory will take even longer time.

You can reduce this time by buying gold pass and winning rewards.

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