Town Hall 4 Max Levels List (2023) TH4 Fastest Time, Highest Troop Levels, Defenses

Looking for TH4 aka Town hall 4 max levels list? We got you covered as on this page you will find a complete table of TH4 maximum levels of each building.

When you move to town hall 4 you will have around 34 buildings that can be easily spread out on base.

Town Hall 4 max upgrades list

As we have told earlier you have to upgrade four types of buildings to max out your town hall. The four-building types are – Army Buildings, Defensive Buildings, Resource buildings, and Traps.

Not only this, but you will also have to max out your troop’s levels so that you take a powerful army in clan war leagues.

Max Levels of Town Hall 4 Resource Buildings

Town Hall 4 Resource Buildings MAX Level No. of Buildings
Elixir Collector 8 4
Gold Mine 8 4
Elixir Storage 8 2
Gold Storage 8 2
  • At TH4 you will unlock 1 additional elixir collector. You can upgrade these 4 elixir collectors to level 8.
  • TH4 will also provide you with one more gold mine making it a total of four. These four gold mines will max out at level 8 on TH4.
  • The two elixir storage on TH4 will max out at level 8.
  • Similarly, the two gold storages on TH4 will also have a maximum level of 8.

TH4 Army Buildings Max Level Chart

Town Hall 4 Army Buildings Levels No. of Buildings
Barracks 6 3
Army Camp 4 2
Laboratory 2 1
Clan Castle 2 1
  • You will have one more barrack unlocked at TH4. You can max out the three barracks up to level 6. Balloons would be the new troop unlocked at TH4.
  • The Two Army camps will max out at level 4.
  • The laboratory will have a maximum level of 2 at TH4.
  • Clan castle can be upgraded to max level 2.

Town Hall 4 max Levels List for Defenses

Town Hall 4 Max Levels

Town Hall 4 Defenses Levels No. of Buildings
Cannon 5 2
Archer Tower 4 2
Mortar 2 1
Air Defense 2 1
Walls 4 75
  • You will max out the two cannons to level 5 on TH4.
  • You can add one more Archer tower on Town hall 4. Both Archers towers can be upgraded to the maximum level of 4.
  • The only mortar on TH4 can be maxed out to level 2.
  • The one air defense unlocked at TH4 will be maxed out on level 2. You can see two rockets in the air defense machine.
  • There is a total of 75 wall pieces on Town hall 4. These wall pieces can be maxed out to level 4.

Town Hall 4 Max Levels of Traps and upgrade cost

Town Hall 4 Traps Levels No. of Traps
Bomb 2 2
Spring Trap 2 2
  • The two bombs have a maximum level of 2 on TH4.
  • Spring traps are also available for upgrades on TH4. You can push them to the next level of 2 which is the maximum for town hall 4.

Elixir Troops Max Levels for TH4

Town Hall 4 Troops TH4 Troop Levels
Barbarian 2
Archer 2
Giant 2
Goblin 2
Wall Breaker 2
Balloon 2
  • Barbarians will stay at level 2 max for TH4.
  • Archers too will stay on Level 2 at Town hall 4.
  • Giants are available for upgrade and can be pushed to level 2.
  • Goblins can not be upgraded at this town hall.
  • Wall breakers are the second troop that is upgraded at this laboratory level. The green goblins will be upgraded to the max level of 2.
  • Balloons are the new troop unlocked at Town hall 4. The flying beasts can also be upgraded to level 2.

What league should a TH4 be in?

A common question asked by clashers is to know what league they should stay in at Town hall 4. The simple answer is that you should stay in the Bronze league. If you go higher than this then you will find tough bases in multiplayer battles which are impossible to crack at TH4. We have detailed it.

How long does it take to max out Town Hall 4?

Town hall 4 can be maxed out in 2 days and 23 hours. This is the time calculated for just one builder. You can divide this time by the total number of builders you have.

If you use two builders then you can max out in less than 55 hours. If you have 3 builders then you can easily upgrade in 39 hours. Four builders will take 31 hours and five builders do the job in just 22 hours.

The laboratory will max out troops in 18 hours.

How much gold do you need to max out Town hall 4?

You will need 1.62 million gold. 901K gold will be used to max out walls.

How Much Elixir do you need to max out TH4?

A total of 1.06 million elixirs will max out your town hall 4. 265K elixir will be used by the laboratory.

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