Are Builder Potions Worth It in Clash of Clans?

Supercell introduced the Builder Potion in Clash of Clans March 2018 Update. Ever since then there has been a debate on whether Builder potions are worth their cost of 285 gems or is there any better way to give a boost to builders.

Here we provide you the mathematical analysis and economical value of Builder Potion to understand whether you should stack them or not.

What Does Builder Potion do in Clash of Clans

You might be wondering How does the Builder Potion work? A Builder potion is one of the magical items introduced in the Clash of Clans universe. It gives a boost to home village builders as they complete 10 hours’ worth of work in one hour.

So in total, it saves 9 hours per builder and 45 hours (9 hours x 5 builders). If you have 6 builders unlocked then you can save 54 hours in total using just 1 Builder Potion.

Clashers often argue that Builder potions either need to be buffed up or they need to be cost friendly as 285 gems cost is way too high then the benefit they provide.

Supercell listened to this arguement and they introduced new ways on how you can acquire a Buidler Potion.

Are Builder Potions Worth It

How to get Builder Potion in Clash of Clans

You can get Builder Potion in 4 different ways

From Daily Deals – Builder Potions are readily available in the daily deals section every other day. One Builder Potion costs 285 gems gems.

From League Shop – If you compete in Clan war Leagues then you can earn league medals every season. You can use these league medals to buy various magic items. One of them is the builder potion. In the League shop, it is stated that one Builder Potion will cost 30 League medals leaguemedals.

If your clan wins the clan war league then each participating member will get around 175 to 300 clan war league medals. Additionally, you can get extra 50-75 league medal bonuses. Clan leader (and co-leader) gives these bonuses to best-performing players.

This means that your overall league medals can range from anywhere between 150 to 300 medals. Thus you can buy around 10 builder potions using 300 medals.

From Events – Clash of Clans is famous for introducing new qualifier challenges and missions every month. A magic item is rewarded for each Challenge completion. Several times it is Builder Potion.

From Monthly Seasons – The popularity of Clash of Clans touched new heights after it introduced monthly seasons like RPG games. Each week the season provides new challenges to players. Upon completion of every challenge, you get rewards points.

You need to achieve 2600 points to get all the rewards available in the related season. A Builder potion is one of the most common items that are among those rewards.

If you buy a gold pass then you also get a builder boost which goes up to 25% (reducing time and cost of upgrading buildings at the home village and builder base).

You also get additional Builder Potions in gold pass.

Please note that You do not get Builder Potion from Raid Medals.

What happens if I use two Builder Potions at once

Earlier it used to give one hour at a time. But Supercell confirmed on twitter that you can use all 5 builder potions at once giving you a 50 hour speed.

Are Builder Potions Worth 285 Gems?

Now that we have understood the math of Builder Potions lets a look at their economic value. To understand if builder potions are worth it, you have to understand how you are getting them.

Let’s assume that you have all 5 builders unlocked. Now after purchasing the builder potion for 285 gems you are in short buying 45 hours’ worth of bonus time. It is equal to 1 day and 21 hours.

You will need to spend 270 gems to free one builder for the same period (i.e. 45 hours). In my opinion, it is not worth it to buy Builder Potion from daily deals unless you have 6 builders or you need to speed up the upgrade.

However, You can also use hammer of building on town hall to get instant upgrade.

If you are earning builder potion by completing any limited-time event then it is surely worth it. If you are buying Builder Potions for clan war league medals then also these potions are worth it.

I have found builder potions from season rewards the best trade.

You can buy a gold pass that costs less than $8 and you can earn multiple builder potions from it. Also, your builder time and upgrade cost is reduced significantly.

Overall you are getting the best deal if you are getting builder potion from Season Rewards.

There are many benefits of buying gold pass in clash of clans. If you are avid COC player who also actively participate in clan games/wars then do buy gold pass to speed up your in-game progress.

So exactly how much time does a builder potion take off? We have stated above that a builder potion will take off around 10 hours. If you want to stack builder potions then do it freely as the new update allows you for it.

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