Best Town Hall 5 Upgrade Order (2024) Base Guide for TH5

You will find the Town Hall 5 Upgrade amusing. The strategy to upgrade the Town Hall 5 bases to the max is easy to follow and replicate.

As soon as you upgrade your Town Hall to Level 5 you will unlock many exciting buildings including the most important spell factory.

Which Building to unlock in Town Hall 5 Upgrade?

This is a common question that most clashers often ask. Newbies get confused on which building they should upgrade first in Town Hall 5.

The answer is simple – Spell Factory.

Unlock spell factory as soon as you upgrade to Town Hall 5.

But before we jump into the exact upgrade order at TH5 let’s take a look at the buildings unlocked on this Town Hall level.

town hall 5 upgrade

At Town Hall 5 you unlock the following buildings –

  • Gold Mine – +1
  • Elixir Collector – +1
  • Army Camp – +1
  • Spell Factory – 1
  • Cannon – +1
  • Archer Tower – +1
  • Wizard Tower – +1
  • Walls – +25
  • Bombs – +2
  • Air Bomb – +2

The most important building among these is the spell factory. It will improve your attack strategy as you can take the might lightning spell (and seasonal Santa spell) in your army.

Interestingly you can not upgrade your clan castle at this Town Hall. This was to give proper balance to the base.

What Should I upgrade in Clash of clans TH 5?

By now you should have at least 4 builders on your base. We are assuming that you have already unlocked the fourth builder.

The first building that you should focus on is the spell factory. You can easily unlock the spell factory with 150K elixir and it will take only 8 hours.

You will use the second builder to upgrade your laboratory to level three. It will cost you 50K elixir and 2 hours. The purpose of upgrading the laboratory is that you get max troop boost for your army.

Appoint the third builder to unlock the third army camp. Your third builder will be fixed to the new army camp only. Use the third builder to upgrade army camp 3 to max level (i.e. level 5 for the 5).

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Now your fourth builder can be used on multiple resources. You might focus on upgrading barrack and unlock wizards but do it only if you are not going to play the game for the next 12 hours.

Upgrading your barrack will cause a slowing down of army production.

I would rather suggest you time it in such a way that you appoint a fourth builder to barrack when you are going to sleep. This way when you wake up your fourth builder would be free. You can then use the new wizards as well as your army production will not halt.

Therefore use your third builder to unlock the cannon, archer tower, traps, walls, and wizard tower.

When your laboratory upgrades use the free builder to upgrade air defense. This is because you might face air attacks at this TH. It is better to have a good defense against air troops.

Use the elixir to upgrade troops in the laboratory.

When your spell factory is unlocked use that builder to upgrade your army camp to the max. You can simultaneously upgrade your army camps to level 5 by appointing all builders on it.

Upgrade barrack only one by one. After this upgrade your storage in such a way that one builder is on gold storage and one is on elixir storage.

What is the Max Level gold storage for TH5?

Both the gold storage and the elixir storage will be upgraded to level 9. This way your storage capacity will increase to 1 million Gold and 1 million elixirs.

After upgrading storage you will focus on defensive buildings. First, upgrade all the archer towers and the wizard towers. Then we will upgrade the mortar. Upgrade the cannon after that.

Traps will be upgraded in the end thereby concluding your defensive buildings upgrades. Now you should upgrade your resource buildings. These should always be upgraded in the end.

Here is the easy remember the order for Town Hall 5 Upgrades –

  • Spell Factory
  • Laboratory
  • Third Army Camp (unlock and upgrade to the max with the same builder)
  • All New Buildings that take less than 1 hour time
  • Barracks (One at a time)
  • Army Camp 1 and 2
  • Air Defense
  • Elixir Storage
  • Gold Storage
  • Archer towers (simultaneously)
  • Wizard tower
  • Mortar
  • Cannon
  • All Traps
  • Gold Mines
  • Elixir Collector

How long does it take to upgrade your Town Hall Level 5?: If you followed our upgrade order then you will max out your base in under three days.

Which troop to upgrade first in a laboratory at Town hall 5?: To be honest at Town Hall 5 your troops upgrade order can be random and it won’t affect much. This is because we can not upgrade Giants and Balloons at this level.

These are now our main troops so we should not worry about the upgrade order. You can upgrade archer first then barbarian then goblin and then wizard.

Upgrade your light spell in between. It all depends on how many resources you have.

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