27 Best Clash of Clans Tips For Beginners (2024)

You do not need to be expert in Clash of Clans to win it. Check our easy to follow clash of clans tips and be awesome at COC.

Always participate in weekend raid as it gives you raid medals. You can use those raid medals to buy elixir, gold or even magic items which will help you in upgrading your base quickly.

You can also buy Gold pass to speed up your upgrades but most of the tips listed here are free to use.

Clash of Clans Tip – Unlock the 6th Builder

Yes. There are six builders in the clash of clans. You can get five builders from the shop but to unlock the sixth builder you have to complete certain missions.

You will be able to unlock the sixth builder after town hall 10 and builder hall 9. You can follow our guide to do this quickly.

Tip 27 – Upgrade your Builder Base

Most clashers ignore builder base as it is time-consuming and you can only win three loot bonuses in 24 hours.

However, upgrading your builder base has its perks and gifts. You get to win gems upon completing certain missions. Also, you get to unlock the sixth builder OTTO at Builder Hall 9. So DO not just sit at builder hall 2 base instead upgrade it.

Tip 26 – Do Not Rush


Clash of Clans tips


A Lot of players rush to the next town hall without upgrading their defenses first. Due to this town hall rushing, they are matched with higher league players.

They can not defeat high league bases with their low-level troops. They do not find any bases to loot gold or elixir. This results in them abandoning the village as they cannot upgrade their base without resources.

In the early days of COC, upgrading the Townhall was extremely slow process but now you can reach to TH11 in under two months and that too without rushing the base.

Okay, you do not need to max out your walls but other than that all your buildings, troops, and heroes should be maxed out then only you should move to the next town hall.

Tip 25 – Don’t Worry about Walls

You can upgrade your walls in the end. In fact, after TH 11 I don’t even bother upgrading my walls. Walls consume a lot of resources and also waste a lot of resources.

You don’t have to stay at one town hall just because your walls are not maxed out. Do upgrade walls to a strong level but don’t focus on maxing them out.

Tip 24 – Upgrading Defensive buildings that can attack both Ground and Air

A Lot of players do not understand the upgrade order of their base. We have a separate section on our blog on how you can upgrade your base effectively. Check it out.

We always focus on upgrading buildings that can attack both air and ground units. This includes X-bow, Archer tower, wizard tower, and tesla.

After this, we upgrade ground attacking units that do splash damage. This includes mortar and bomb towers. We upgrade cannon in the end along with traps.

Tip 23 – Always Attack Closer to Town Hall

You get one star for destroying the town hall, one star for getting 50%, and the final third star for scoring 100% destruction. This rule applies to both builder hall and town hall. You should always deploy your troops closer to the town hall. This will increase your chances to destroy the opponent town hall. If you succeed in that then you will earn at least one star.

Tip 22 – Achieve Achievements

Do you know that you can win 10000+ gems upon completion of all achievements in COC?

Open your profile and see how many achievements have you completed. You will see that a lot of achievements are very easy to complete. Keep a track of your achievements.

Tip 21 – Use Clan Castle Troops

Most people do not use clan castle troops at all. Many people don’t even ask for troops in their clan castle. This is plain stupid.

If you have an active clan then you should always ask for troops (and donate troops).

You will receive high-level troops in your CC that can become a crucial factor in winning the battle.

Tip 20 – Use Dark elixir troops when necessary

A DE army can be really powerful but there are few cons in training a Dark elixir army. Firstly it will cost a huge amount of Dark elixir. You might not recover this much dark elixir from a loot.

Secondly, training a DE army can be frustratingly slow. Even with a training potion, you can attack only 4-5 times in one hour. You need to save DE to upgrade your heroes, pets, and dark troops. Therefore use it only in wars.

Tip 19 – Queen Upgrade is Important than King

It might not fit with many clashers but Archer queen is more important thanking. Every season you will win a book of heroes after completing all the challenges.

You can upgrade any hero using this book. I prefer to upgrade queen with it. This is because Queen walk is one of my favorite strategy and max out queen can take any base down.

Tip 18 – Use League Medals wisely

You can buy several magic items from your league medals in the League shop.  I would strongly advise you to not buy gold, elixir, and research potion with it. These are not worth the cost.

Do not use them on buying wall rings or any statue too. It would be wise to use them on training, research, or builder potion. You can even use them to buy hammers which are my favorite stuff from the league shop.

Tip 17 – Do Not Buy Worthless Items in Daily Deals

You will find three new deals every 24 hours. Most of them are just worthless. You don’t need to pay 1500 gems for wall rings or 2000 gems for a book of building.

I even consider 285 gems for builder potion to be costly. I only buy training potions and sometimes research potions from daily deals. Rest all other deals are not worth it.

Tip 16 – Learn Funneling

Funneling is the method to use wall breakers to destroy walls and clear the path of your heavy-duty units toward the town hall. Usually, these heavy-duty units are PEKKA, Giants, Golem, and Valkyrie.

Funneling plays a vital role in coc and you should learn it as early as possible. Queen walk depends a lot on funneling.

Tips 15 – Air Attack is Better Than Ground Attacks

I Might raise a controversy here but hear me out.

Not everyone can funnel. It is an art that takes time and practice to perfect. Air attack on the other hand is newbie-friendly and can destroy any same level base.

As you level up in COC you will see a lot of mass dragon and e-dragon attacks on your base. Almost all of those attacks will destroy your base.

Mass Dragons, Lavaloon, E Drag Rush, Queen walk are all types of air attacks. If you don’t like ground attacks then these are your way to go.

Tip 14 – Do Not Use DE on Super Troop

I love Super troops. I often use them in my war strategies. However, Super troops are not cost effective troop units when you want to farm.

Spending 25K Dark elixir on using a super version of a troop is not as cost-effective as you think. Earlier COC used to give the super version of the troop for 7 days in exchange for a 75K Dark elixir. But they changed it in a balance update.

I Still think that this is costly especially at TH lower than 12. I use only one super troop and that is given below.

Tip 13 – Understand the Goblin Power

I have maxed out six bases in COC. Do you know which troop helped me the most?


These tiny gold-loving hulks are your best friend when you want to farm. Simply use a training potion for one hour and play only with goblins (and jump spells). You will loot a record amount of gold and elixir and dark elixir.

When COC introduced the super goblin, my strategy became even more effective.  I use super troop potion only on Super Goblins.

Tip 12 – Know Your Trophy Range

If your goal is to upgrade your base in a minimum period then you have to loot a huge amount of gold, elixir, and dark elixir. But as you progress in leagues you will realize that it gets tougher to loot bases in higher leagues.

Usually, bases in higher leagues belong to active clashers who have such strong bases that you can not score a single star with a mediocre army. Moreover, they do have not much loot to offer. This is because they use their resources regularly.

Due to this reason you have to find bases that are either abandoned or their owners are not active players.  You will find such players in lower leagues (usually in gold leagues). My rule of thumb is to multiply your TH level with 19 to find the lower end of your trophy range and by 23 to find the higher end of your trophy range.

When you reach the higher end then make a goblin army and focus only on loot. When you reach the lower then make a strong army and focus on stars. This way you will never run out of juicy bases to loot.

Tip 11 – Focus on Cost-Effective Army

As you upgrade higher you will realize that training a powerful army can dent your elixir and dark elixir storage.  While you can loot a good amount of elixir without much trouble, it would be harder for you to loot a high amount of dark elixir.

A Simple solution is to follow the money saved is money made policy. Use an army that can score one star and does not demand lots of elixirs or dark elixirs. You can check out our attack strategies guide to find such army compositions.

Tip 10 – Clear Obstacles

Shrubs, trees, gem boxes, and special coc obstacles will ride your base from time to time. If you clear these obstacles then you will get free gems hidden in them. According to a Redditor you can easily earn 50-75 gems a month just by clearing out your base.

Tip 9 – Always complete events

From time to time, Supercell introduces new challenging events in Clash of Clans. These events often demand you to score stars by using a certain type of troop.

The reward of completing these events often ranges from gems to magic items along with XP points. If you complete these events then surely you can use the reward to increase your upgrade speed of town hall.

One important event that you will often see is the Champion Challenge where you will be given a max out TH14 base with a max out TH14 army. You have to use that army to score perfect 3 stars on that base. The reward can range from 100 gems to rare magic items.

Tip 8 – Always Participate in Season Challenges

Each Month Clash of Clans introduces new season challenges. You can win many rewards if you complete these season challenges.

Rewards can range from potions to bonus gold/elixir/dark elixir to magic books. The challenges are not very tough and you get good fun completing them.

Tip 7 – Join an Active Clan

The Game name is CLASH of CLANS. What good it would be if you play it alone? Find and join an active clan as soon as you unlock your clan castle at TH3.

By Active clan, I mean a clan that participates in Clan war leagues, clan games and donates troops actively. Your upgrade speed will improve tremendously if you become a part of an active clan.

Tip 6 – Always Participate in Clan Games

Clan Games unlocks on the 22nd of every month. You have to complete challenges to win clan game points that can be used to unlock rewards.

These rewards can range from gems to magic items to resources. A Clan needs to score 50K points to win all the rewards. A Clan member can score a maximum of 4000 points for his/her clan.

Tip 5 – Always Participate in Clan War Leagues

CWL is organized on the first of every month. The reward to risk ratio in CWL (clan war leagues) is high in COC. You will play seven back-to-back wars.

If your Clan wins the war then you get league medals that you can use in the league shop to buy magic items. Even if your clan sits in the last spot still you will earn a small number of league medals. Also, the amount of loot bonus you win in CWL is higher than in normal clan wars.

Tip 4 – Strat Upgrades from Elixir Buildings

As soon as you upgrade to the new town hall a whole new set of buildings unlocks as well as your old buildings unlock for the next level upgrade.

A New clasher often gets confused on what to upgrade first and what to hold for? I will give simple advice – always upgrades Elixir demanding buildings.

These are Barracks, Laboratory, Spell Factory, and Army camps. By upgrading these buildings first you are improving your army strength. A Strong army can get you more loot and trophies. More loot means you can easily upgrade buildings (especially walls) that require an enormous amount of gold, elixir, or dark elixir.

A Strong army will push your trophy range to the next league and you will win gems for entering into higher leagues.

Tip 3 – Complete Single Player mission

Most newbies focus on attacking in multiplayer battles that they forget about single-player missions. You should understand that at lower town halls the single-player missions and practice missions provide more value in resources than multiplayer battles.

First of all your shield stays up irrespective of your single-player or practice missions. Secondly, your achievement table specifically provides you with gems for completing single-player missions.

Moreover, you learn new techniques by completing single-player or practice missions.

Tip 2 – Use Shield Protection

When an opponent scores 1 star at your base it activates the defense shield to protect your home village from further attacks. This shield protection can range from 8 hours to 15 hours depending on the severity of the damage.

If you go on attack during this period then the shield protection time will decrease accordingly. If your Shield and guard go down then your town hall is again vulnerable to opponent attacks.

When you are at lower town halls you have few builders and a good amount of resources (gold, elixir). Your aim should be to protect your resources so that you can use them wisely for your TH upgrade.  For this, you should time your attacks wisely.

Do not go on the attack if your shield protection is on. If you need gold or elixir then do a single-player mission or practice match. This way you can earn resources without taking down your shield.

Tip 1 – Save Gems

The first thing that village helper tells you as soon as you start the game at town hall 1 is to spend gems to instantly finish the cannon upgrade.

Do Not Listen to Her.

Gems are the most precious resources in the game. After unlocking the second builder you are left with 250 gems. Now your third builder will unlock with 500 gems, the fourth builder will unlock with 1000 gems and the fifth builder will unlock with 2000 gems.

This means you need a total of 3500 gems to unlock all the builders. If you spend gems on updates or army training then you won’t be able to unlock builders.

There are various methods to earn gems. You can earn around 10K gems just by completing achievements in COC.

 You can clear obstacles to finding hidden gems. Your builder base has a gem mine to provide you with 1 gem per day.

If you save gems wisely then you will have all 5 builders unlocked by the time you reach town hall 7.

References: COC Play Store

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