45+ Best TH7 War Base Designs (2023) Anti 3 Star Town Hall 7

Clashers start taking their game seriously when they look up for TH7 war base. At Town hall 7 you unlock Barbarian king and dark elixir troops which gives you a little advantage in clan war leagues.

But then again, winning a clan war requires the best performance in the offense as well as defense. Your base should be powerful enough to not give 2,3 stars to your opponent.

How to Design TH7 War Base for Clan War Leagues?

As you are on town hall level 7 you often forget that it is not just an air attack you will face but you can also face a mass hog rider attack. Therefore you should focus on a hybrid war base that can stay undefeated from any kind of attack.

Since clan war leagues allow only one attack in one war therefore I strongly advise you to have an unbeatable th7 war base that atleast wastes two attacks of your opposing clan.

Keeping all these factors in mind we tried and tested 100+ good th7 war base designs. How many stood the undefeated challenge? Around 45.

These 45 bases stood attack from TH7 armies,  from electro dragon in the clan, and even from town hall 8 bases. Good thing is that you can easily copy these bases (via the link in the caption) to your war layout.

Take a look at 45 best Town hall level 7 war base designs in clash of clans –

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Best TH7 War base Copy Layout With Links

Which War base from the above list have you tried and tested? Do let us know in comments?