Town Hall 13 Max Levels List (2024) New Heroes, Highest Defenses, Troops, Fastest Time

Town Hall 13 max levels were introduced along with the December 2019 winter upgrade. It came as a surprise to many fans since Supercell kept the news regarding the new town hall in clash of clans under wraps. Every clasher welcomed the latest town hall level 13 as a Christmas present from supercell.

It was not just the town hall that saw an upgraded version but many defensive, army, and resource buildings too saw new upgrades. Along with this several new buildings too were added in Clash of clans TH13.

Is there a town hall level 13?

Yes, there is a town hall level 13 which was introduced by the Clash of Clans team in December 2019. You can upgrade to TH13 only after you have maxed out your Giga tesla of TH12.

New Buildings Introduced at Town Hall 13

The main reason why everyone wants to rush to town hall 13 is because of the introduction of a new hero – Royal Champion. This hero is far better than Grand warden as it target defenses only. Many have even called it better than archer queen due to its ability to destroy defenses beyond walls.

The second new building introduced at TH13 is scattershot. It is a new defense that wipes out enemy troops with splash damage.

What are the max levels for Town Hall 13?

Town Hall 13 Max Levels

Now back to our important question – Where is the Town hall 13 max levels list? We will again divide our buildings into four groups Resource, Defenses, Army, and traps.

Along with this, we will also share maximum levels of heroes, troops, and spells.

TH13 max levels of Resource Buildings

Town Hall 13 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector157
Gold Mine157
Elixir Storage144
Gold Storage144
Dark Elixir Drill93
Dark Elixir Storage81
  • The 7 elixir collector won’t ask for any upgrade after reaching a max level of 15.
  • The 7 gold mines too will max out on level 15.
  • The four elixir storage will finally see an upgrade and move to the next level 14.
  • Your four gold storage too will level up to 14.
  • The three dark elixir drills need no upgrade now.
  • Your dark elixir storage can store more dark elixir at its next level 8.

Town hall 13 max upgrades list and levels of army buildings

Town Hall 13 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp114
Spell Factory61
Clan Castle91
Dark Barracks91
Dark Spell Factory51
Siege Machine51
  • Your barracks will level up to 14 and unlock the new troop – Dragon Rider.
  • The two dark barracks stay at the same level.
  • The four army camps upgrade to level 15 and now your army will increase to 300 units which are currently the maximum in the game.
  • Your laboratory will level up to lvl 11
  • Spell factory sees no upgrade which in my opinion is frustrating.
  • Similarly, no dark spell is introduced on TH13 which is surprising.
  • Your workshop will upgrade to two levels to level 5 and unlock two new siege machines – siege barracks and log launcher.
  • Your clan castle moves to level 9 and now it can carry 45 units.

UPDATE: Your Blacksmith can be upgraded to level 6 at Town Hall 13.

Grand warden’s common ability Healing tome is unlocked at this level. Apart from this you can upgrade common abilities of Royal champion too.

TH13 max defense levels

Town Hall 13 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower198
Air Defense114
Wizard Tower134
Air Sweeper72
Hidden Tesla124
Bomb Tower82
Inferno Tower73
Eagle Artillery41
Town hall Inferno Tower51
  • The 7 cannon move two levels up to lvl 19.
  • Your 8 archer tower also maxes out on level 19.
  • For the four mortar, you need to employ a builder once as these level up to lvl 13.
  • The four air defenses move up a level to lvl 11.
  • Your five wizard tower needs two upgrades to reach peak lvl 13.
  • The two air sweepers are already maxed out.
  • Your five hidden tesla needs to be upgraded twice to reach a new peak level of lvl 12.
  • The two bomb towers move up a lvl to level 8.
  • The Four X-Bow becomes more powerful after reaching max level 8.
  • Your three inferno tower reaches a new level of 7.
  • The only Eagle Artillery maxes out on level 4.
  • You get two scattershot at TH13. Both need to be upgraded to level 2.
  • Your TH13 town hall is now a Giga inferno which will max out on level 5.

What is the max level of walls for Town hall 13?

We are not getting rid of the frustrating wall upgrades in TH13. The 300 wall pieces need to be upgraded to level 14. You need a calculator to calculate the amount of gold/elixir required for this upgrade.

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Town hall 13 max levels list for traps

Town Hall 13 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Spring Trap59
Air Bomb86
Giant Bomb76
Seeking Air Mine47
Skelton Trap43
Tornado Trap31
  • You get one new bomb at TH13. The 7 bombs will max out on level 9.
  • Your ninth spring trap unlocks at TH13. The 9 spring traps reach peak level 5.
  • The 6 air bomb sees two upgrades to level 8.
  • The 6 giant bomb also needs two upgrades to reach peak level 7.
  • One more seeking mine is introduced on Town hall 13. The seven seeking mines reach the maximum level of 4.
  • The three-skeleton trap stays on level 4.
  • The only tornado trap sees no upgrade.

Town hall 13 upgrade cost and max levels of elixir troops

Town Hall 13 TroopsTH13 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker9
Baby Dragon7
Electro Dragon4
Dragon rider2
  • Barbarian stays on level 9.
  • Archer sees no upgrade.
  • Giants move a level up to lvl 10.
  • Goblins are already maxed out on lvl 8.
  • The Wall breaker moves to level 9.
  • The balloon has a maximum level of 9.
  • Wizard maxes out on level 10.
  • The healer reaches a peak level of 6.
  • Dragon touches the max level of 8.
  • Pekka gets too powerful on level 9.
  • Baby Dragon unlocks the super version at level 7.
  • Miner gets more useful at level 7.
  • Electro Dragon again becomes clan war favorite at level 4.
  • Yeti gets stronger at level 3.
  • Dragon Rider gets better at level 2.

Town hall 12 max upgrades list and max levels of dark elixir troops

Town Hall 13 Dark TroopsTH13 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Hog Rider10
Lava Hound6
Ice Golem5
  • Minion gets powerful on level 9. You should try its super troop at this level.
  • Hog rider again becomes favorite after reaching level 10.
  • Valkyrie also sees an upgrade to level 8.
  • Golem reaches the maximum level of 10.
  • The witch is already maxed out.
  • Lava Hound touches next level 6.
  • Bowler moves up a level to level 5.
  • Ice Golem sees no upgrade.
  • Head Hunter maxes out on level 3.

Town hall 13 upgrade time and maximum level of elixir spells

Town Hall 13 SpellsTH13 Spell Levels
Light Spell9
Healing Spell8
Rage Spell6
Jump Spell4
Freeze Spell7
Clone Spell6
Invisibility Spell4
  • The light spell is maxed out.
  • Healing Spell reaches level 8.
  • Rage spell is maxed out.
  • Jump spell maxes out on level 4.
  • Freeze spell has no upgrade.
  • Clone spell touch level 6.
  • Invisibility spell maxes out on level 4.

Town hall 13 Max Levels list of Dark Elixir Spells

Town Hall 13 Dark SpellsTH13 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell7
Earthquake Spell5
Haste Spell5
Skelton Spell7
Bat Spell5
  • Poison spell moves up a level to LVL 7.
  • The earthquake spell is already maxed out.
  • The haste spell is also maxed out.
  • Skeleton spell reaches maximum capacity on level 7.
  • Bat spell is already on the maximum level.

Town Hall 13 Max Levels for Siege Machines

Town Hall 13 WorkshopTH13 Siege Machine Levels
Wall Wrecker4
Battle Blimp4
Stone Slammer4
Siege Barracks4
Log Launcher4
  • Your wall wrecker will max out on level 4.
  • Battle blimp also moves to level 4.
  • Stone slammer also reaches level 4.
  • Siege barracks gets better at level 4.
  • Log launcher must be upgraded to max level 4.

Town hall 13 Max Levels List of Heroes

With the introduction of Royal champion at town hall 13, whole new strategies are now available to try. This is the only hero that attacks defenses first therefore use it wisely. I strongly suggest maxing out royal champion before any other hero.

Maximum Level of Barbarian King on Town Hall 13

Barbarian king needs to be pushed to level 75 to max out. However, it is already very powerful at level 65 therefore you can upgrade it slowly.

Archer Queen Max Level at Town Hall 13

Similar to the barbarian king, your archer queen also maxes out on level 75. You can give her second priority after the royal champion maxes out. The queen walker strategy gets better at higher levels.

Grand Warden Max Levels at Town hall 13

GW maxes out at level 50 but I honestly don’t worry about it. The grand warden is the least prioritized hero. So upgrade it in the end.

Royal Champion Max Levels at TH13

The new hero – Royal Champion will max out at level 25. I advise you to keep a builder free for this hero only. Reach level 25 as soon as possible as Royal champion alone can help you win clan wars.

How long does it take to max TH13 2022?

Let’s say you have only two builders for town hall 13. You will need to give 2 years 5 months and 12 days of your life to max out town hall 13.

If you have three builders then this task will be completed in 1 year 7 months and 20 days. The four builders will need 1 year 2 months and 21 days for maxing out town hall level 13 in clash of clans.

With five builders you can max out your town hall 13 in 11 months, 27 days, and 2 hours.

If you have unlocked your sixth builder then maxing out TH13 will take 9 months 27 days 13 hours.

Your laboratory will take 1 year 4 months and 26 days to max out all troops and spells.

How Much gold do I need to max out TH13?

You will need 1.34 billion gold to max out town hall 13. If you think this is too much then imagine how much money Elon musk has.

How Much Elixir do I need to max out Town hall level 13?

A 629 million elixir will be required to max out everything on town hall 13. Your lab alone will ask for 332 million elixirs.

How Much Dark Elixir do I need for town hall 13 max out?

A total of 13.36 million dark elixirs is required of which around 11 million will be used in upgrading heroes only. Your lab only need 2.36 million dark elixir

Is there a town hall level 14?

Yes, there is a town hall level 14 which was introduced in April 2021 update.

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