50+ Best TH7 Defense Base Links (2023) New Town Hall 7 Anti 2 Star

It is not tough to design the best TH7 defense base in clash of clans but what most clashes don’t get about town hall 7 is that you need to have such a hybrid base that protects you against mass dragons as well hog rider spam attacks.

Most people only focus on mass dragon attacks and just look for the air defense placement on their town hall 7 defense base. But let me clear to you that a mass hog rider attack can be as fatal as a dragon attack.

How to design a Town hall 7 defense base?

A good TH7 base must have proper protection from any kind of opponent troop. The air defense will protect you from the mass dragon which everybody already knows about. However, if you want to protect your base from hog spam then focus on the placement of wizard towers.

The giant bomb can also prove deadly to mass hog spam. You have to make different compartments for each defense type. Every compartment should have one ground attacking defense, one air attacking defense, and one trap.

This will ensure that your base is perfect in balance. Since there are so many defenses available on town hall 7 it does get confusing to create an unbeatable town hall 7 bases.

Don’t worry we are here to help you as we have hand-picked the best TH7 defense base designs for you.

You can easily copy these base designs on your home village layout.

We have tested these base designs in clan wars as well as multiplayer battles and you can bet that these bases are well equipped to protect themselves from attacks by players at the same level town hall.

Here are the 50+ best TH7 defense base designs for you –

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Undefeated Base of Town Hall Level 7

Which town hall 7 base from the above list have you tried? Do share your favorite TH7 base.