How to Get Gold Fast in Clash of Clans (2023) Best Method to Max Out Walls and Town Hall

Is there a way to farm gold fast in clash of clans? Veteran players of this popular mobile game already know that it is not easy to max out storage.

However, with proper techniques and proper strategy, one can max out all their storage while devoting the as little amount of time as possible.

Here we will share with you the easiest ways or tricks that you can follow to mine/farm gold fastest in Clash of Clans

How do you get rich in a clash of clans? By Investing in Strong Army

The most beautiful aspect of the clash of clans that I love is that it teaches you the value of money and financing. In the real world, you can get rich by investing the right amount of money in the right stocks/funds at right time.

Similarly, in Clash of Clans, you can get rich by using your resources wisely. Everyone will answer you that you should make a farming army a loot gold elixir or dark elixir but for that, you need to have a strong army.

Builder Hall 3 Max Levels

This is where proper usage of resources comes in. I have come across far too many bases that use their gold or elixir in maxing out wrong buildings or even walls.

Always make your offense strong first and then focus on defense. Your resource buildings, traps, and walls can be upgraded in the end.

No matter what town hall you are on make sure you upgrade your laboratory quickly and unlock new troops as soon as possible. Also, your army camps need to be maxed out immediately while your clan castle should also be on its highest level.

If you follow these steps then you will have a strong army to take into multiplayer battles which means that you can ensure yourself an easy victory or atleast easy loot. Talking about Loot here is another popular question asked by clashers.

How do you get loot gold fast in clash of clans? By Insuring You have Farming Army

This question has almost a similar answer as told above.

Again you need to understand that your resources are valuable while it may sound tempting to take a mass hog rider army or a mass Valkyrie attack but do not forget that they will use up a huge amount of dark elixir.

That dark elixir can be used to upgrade your heroes (which is super important) or to unlock super troops (SUPER GOBLINS to be precise).

A bunch of balloons in clan castle can easily destroy your mass hog or mass Valkyrie attack. You have to think smart. You need to create an army that uses the minimum amount of resources and loots the maximum amount of resources.

There are many options like Barch, Goblin attack, mass minion attack but allow me to share my favorite strategy.

How to get gold fast in clash of clans – MASS SUPER GOBLINS

Oh! Clash Lords I Thank you for providing us with these mean green gold snitching machines that make maxing out town hall look like a walk in the park.

I have maxed out multiple town halls just by using a super goblin army. I have looted more than a million gold and elixir in a single battle just by using SUPER GOBLINS.

earn gold fast in clash of clans

Remember your goal is not to win trophies but to loot resources therefore do not worry if you don’t bring even a single star to the battle.

Gold Rush Trick in COC – Know Your Trophy Range

Clash of clans has a simple formula for ranking players in different trophy leagues. The more stars you earn the higher you move in your trophy league.

But when you move higher say beyond 3000 Trophies you will face strong bases with little to no loot available. It will get harder for you to loot resources.

The reason is that town hall in higher leagues belong to active players who regularly empties their gold mine, elixir drills and they dry up their storage by using the gold and elixir in upgrading their buildings.

Moreover, most bases would have their base almost maxed out with a clan castle troop, therefore, making it difficult for you to loot.

When you move lower in the league you will encounter (say below 2000) you will encounter engineered bases that do have not enough gold/elixir to offer.

Even though you can loot them easily but the loot to army cost ratio will be lower. You don’t want that either.

This is the reason why I will strongly advise you to keep your trophies in the 2000-3000 range.

When you are at 2000 trophies then make a strong army like mass electro dragon or mass dragon and keep on earning 3 stars until you reach 3000 trophies.

When you reach 3000 trophies then make a super goblin army and attack on abandoned bases where the gold mine and elixir drill are full.

Don’t spend all your goblins. An abandoned base can be looted by less than 10 super goblins. You won’t even need to use your hero. After looting resources just surrender and exit. Keep on going down till you reach 2000 trophies.

Rinse and repeat this process until your town hall is maxed out. This is the best way to earn free gold fast in clash of clans.

You can use any experimental army when you are moving from 2000 trophies to 3000 trophies but always use super goblins when you are moving down. Also always keep a builder free to upgrade walls when you are losing trophies.

This is because your super goblins will bring so much loot that you will max out your storage in just 1-2 hours.

How to get free gold fast in a clash of clans

There is no way to earn free gold in a clash of clans. However, many people call the tactic of buying 2.5 Million gold using 25 league medals a free method.

Your league medals are worth more than 2.5 million gold. Use them to buy potions or books or hammers.

How to get gold fast in clash of clans cheat

There is no cheat to get clash of clans gold. If you are looking for a legit method then I have already shared it. Do not use your gems or league medals to buy gold or any resource.

How to get unlimited gold fast in clash of clans

There is a modded clash of clans app that you can find online. These mod versions are on private VPS servers. This means you are not connected to the real clash of clans cloud server but instead to a mod server.

You will get unlimited gold, unlimited elixir, unlimited gems in such mod versions. I will strongly recommend against it. But many people still use private dedicated servers because they want to reach the highest level quickly. I will leave the final decision up to you.

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