Clash of Clans Accounts for Sale (2023) How To Buy COC Bases Safely?

When you think about the clash of clans accounts for sale the biggest question that comes to your mind is whether you will get an account worth the amount you pay or you will get scammed?

In this era of digital marketing, scamming is a common method to make fools of people and loot their money. You mustn’t use your credit card for paying any account that you will never get access to.

Read our guide on how to safely purchase clash of clans accounts and how much you should pay for one.

Is it safe to buy Clash of Clans accounts?

First of all, let me clear to you that supercell does not endorse the sale purchase of clash of clans accounts. Therefore it becomes difficult for potential buyers and sellers to find a marketplace in an online world where they can do this without worrying about the scam.

There are few online websites where you can sell or purchase COC accounts but then again these sites do not guarantee a successful transaction.

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You can use services like escrow to ensure that the sale and purchase go without any issue.

Can you get banned for buying Clash of Clans accounts?

As told above, Supercell is against the sale purchase of COC accounts. You can read their terms of services where at point 2 they mention that they restrict sale, purchase, or renting of Clash of clans accounts.

If they caught anyone using a purchased account then they have the right to disable or ban it. While this is a very strict policy but still many players buy and sell clash of clans accounts without any trouble.

How can I buy a COC account?

The easiest way to buy clash of clans accounts is from

clash of clans accounts for sale

This is the safest website to purchase COC accounts. These guys act as a middle man so it reduces your chances of getting scammed to almost zero.

The system works similarly to escrow. Players who want to sell their accounts sign up and verify their identity on g2g. The process of verifying a person is strict. This is to ensure that only real people have access to the service.

After the identity of the seller is verified they are asked about their town hall details. The details provided by clashes such as Townhall level, level of heroes, level of defenses, level of troops are cross-checked by the G2g team.

If they find any fraud in the details provided then they will immediately ban the player. If the information provided is correct then the clasher is allowed to put their town hall in auction at their marketplace.

The buyer can browse through hundreds of town halls available for purchase and then can make a purchase that best suits their demands.

Can I sell a Clash of Clans account?

If you have a town hall that is maxed out to at least TH10 then you can surely think about selling it. Please note that now clash of clans has made it quicker and easier for players to rush and upgrade to town hall level 10.

Therefore many maxed out town hall 10 can be found for sale on the g2g website. However, town hall levels higher than this gets rare to find. A maxed-out town hall 13 or TH14 is hard to find.

Yes, people do sell fully maxed Town halls but they also ask a hefty amount for it. Usually, you can take a cumulative cost calculator of COC to get the best price of the town hall that you want to purchase.

You can also find many Facebook groups that are dedicated to the sale and purchase of clash of clans accounts but then again no one can vouch for the authenticity of the seller and buyer in such groups. It is always best to involve third parties in the sale and purchase of clash of clans accounts because scams happen a lot in such events.

Many people also try to use sites like OLX, Reddit, and Craigslist to buy clash of clans accounts. But I strongly suggest using escrow service so that your money is safe. If you are a seller then do not directly deal with the buyer.

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