Builder Hall 3 Max Levels List (2023) Fastest Time, Troop Upgrade, Highest Defenses

Builder hall 3 max levels list is here to help you understand how long you have to stay on BH3 and how much time does it take to max the level 3 of builder hall.

As soon as you upgrade to level 3 you will unlock several new defenses type as well as new traps. These defenses are not available in the home village therefore you have to understand their usage in the builder base.

What is the max level for Builder Hall 3?

Again we will divide our building types into four categories namely Resources, Defenses, Army buildings, and traps. Among the resource buildings, you will unlock the famous Gem Mine.

Many clashers get excited that they can now gem mine just like other resources but, to be honest, a gem mine won’t fill your gem storage overnight. The gem production is slow, dull, and extremely boring.

Let’s take a look at the maximum levels of all buildings that are available at builder hall 3.

Builder Hall 3 Max Levels list

What are the max levels for BH3 Resource Buildings?

Builder Hall 3 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector31
Gold Mine31
Elixir Storage21
Gold Storage21
Gem Mine31
  • At BH3 you will still have just one elixir collector but now it can be upgraded to max level 3.
  • Similarly the only Gold mine at builder base level 3 can be maxed out to level 3.
  • You will unlock your First gold storage at BH3 and It can be moved to the next level i.e. LVL 2.
  • You get your first elixir storage at builder hall 3 and it will max out on level 2.
  • Gem Mine is the new resource building at builder hall 3 and it will max out on level 3.

Builder hall 3 max levels list for army buildings

Builder Hall 3 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Builder Barracks41
Army Camp13
Star Laboratory31
  • Your only builder barrack will move to level 4 and unlock two new troops – Boxer Giants and beta Minion.
  • Interestingly you will have one more army camp unlocked at Builder Hall level 3 but the three camps will stay on level 1.
  • Your star laboratory will reach the next level i.e. level 3.

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Builder base 3 max upgrades for defenses

Builder Hall 3 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower31
Double Cannon31
Hidden Tesla31
  • You will now have two cannons at builder hall 3 and both can be upgraded to level 3.
  • The only archer tower at BH3 can be moved to the highest level of 3.
  • Your only double cannon will reach a peak level of 3.
  • Hidden Tesla is the new defense unlocked at BH3 and it will touch max level 3.
  • Firecrackers is another new defense available at builder hall level 3. It is similar to air defense from the town hall. It will touch a peak at level 3.
  • Crusher is a new defense introduced in the game. It is a powerful defense for ground units like Raged barbarians and boxer giants. It will reach level 2.
  • A total of 50 walls will be available at BH3 and these can be upgraded to the highest level of LVL 3.

Builder hall level 3 max upgrades for traps

Builder Hall 3 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Push Trap32
Spring Trap12
  • You will have two push traps available at BH3 and both will reach max level 3.
  • Two spring traps will be unlocked at BH3 which will stay on level 1.
  • Two mines are available at builder hall 3. Both will max out on level 3.

Builder hall 3 max troop levels

Builder Hall 3 TroopsTH9 Troop Levels
Raged Barbarians6
Sneaky Archers6
Boxer Giants4
Beta Minion4
  • Raged Barbarians will touch peak level 6.
  • Sneaky Archer will also reach level 6.
  • Boxer giants will reach level 4. AT level 2 they will unlock the super punch ability.
  • Beta Minion will also peak at level 4. These will also unlock special ability at level 2.

How long does builder base 3 take to Max?

Since you have only one builder at the builder base therefore it will take you more than 1 day to max out your BH3.

What should I upgrade first in Builder Hall 3?

We have a detailed guide on upgrade order of builder hall levels. You can follow our max guide out your base quickly and efficiently.

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