Town Hall 5 Max Levels List (2024) TH5 Highest Troops, Defense, Walls, Fastest Time

Here you will find town hall 5 max levels of all the 45 buildings. As soon as you move to TH5 you will be able to unlock 11 new buildings along with 25 additional walls.

This will increase your base size. Also, you will now need to learn basic attack strategies so that you become a better player after you move out of starter challenges.

What are the max levels for th 5?

TH 5 will unlock the mighty wizard for you. This troop is one of the most important. Therefore you need to learn attack tactics with wizards in the army.

There are forty-five buildings at town hall 5. You will need to upgrade around 38 of them. The most important building you will unlock at Town hall 5 is the spell factory. It will have a maximum level of 1 which will unlock a light spell for you.

If you are playing the game during the Christmas season then you will also see an extra Santa’s surprise spell in it.

There are four building types that we need to upgrade to the maximum level at town hall 5. This includes the army buildings, the defenses, the resource buildings, and the traps.

Town hall 5 max level list For Resource Buildings

Town Hall 5 max levels

Town Hall 5 Resource Buildings MAX Level No. of Buildings
Elixir Collector 10 5
Gold Mine 10 5
Elixir Storage 9 2
Gold Storage 9 2

This table can be understood as –

  • Elixir Collector will be upgraded to the max level of 10. Also, you will unlock one extra elixir collector.
  • Gold Mine will also move up to 10th level on Town hall 5. You will have a new gold mine unlocked increasing the total number to five.
  • Elixir storage will be upgraded only once and it will reach the max level of 9.
  • Gold storage will also be pushed to max level 9.

Town hall 5 max gold storage

You have two gold storage at town hall 5 which will be maxed out at level 9. You will be able to store 225K gold in each. Therefore, your storage capacity will be 450K. Your town hall can also hold 100K gold. Therefore your max storage for gold (as well as elixir) would be 550K.

Town hall 5 Max upgrades list for army buildings

Town Hall 5 Army Buildings Levels No. of Buildings
Barracks 7 3
Army Camp 5 3
Spell Factory 1 1
Laboratory 3 1
Clan Castle 2 1

As evident from the table –

  • You won’t unlock any new barrack at Town hall 5. The three barracks you have will be upgraded to the max level of 7 thus unlocking wizards.
  • You will get one additional army camp at TH5. The total number of army camps will increase to three and the maximum level these can be upgraded to will be 5. Your total army capacity would be 135.
  • You can upgrade your laboratory to the next highest level which is level 3.
  • Your new building the spell factory would stay at level 1 on TH5.
  • Your clan castle will also stay at level 2.
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Town Hall 5 max defense levels list

Town Hall 5 Defenses Levels No. of Buildings
Cannon 6 3
Archer Tower 6 3
Mortar 3 1
Air Defense 3 1
Wizard Tower 2 1
Walls 5 100
  • Finally, you will unlock the third cannon at TH5. The three canons will be upgraded to a max level of 6.
  • You will also unlock an additional archer tower. The three archer towers can be maxed out at level 6.
  • Mortar will have a max level of 3.
  • The max level of Air defense would be 3.
  • Wizard tower will be the new defensive building unlocked at TH5. It will have a max level of 2.

Town Hall 5 Max Levels Walls

The 100 walls of town hall 5 can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5.

Town hall 5 max levels traps

Town Hall 5 Traps Levels No. of Traps
Bomb 3 4
Spring Trap 2 2
Air Bomb 2 2
  • You will have two new bombs at tH5. The four bombs can be upgraded to level 3.
  • Spring trap won’t be upgraded and these will stay at level 2.
  • The new traps – Air bombs will go to level 2.

Elixir Troops Max Level at Town Hall 5

Town Hall 5 Troops TH5 Troop Levels
Barbarian 3
Archer 3
Giant 2
Goblin 3
Wall Breaker 2
Balloon 2
Wizard 2
  • Barbarians will get their due at TH5 and they will be upgraded to level 3.
  • Archers will follow barbarians’ path and they too will be moved to the max level of 3.
  • Giants won’t get any upgrade but they are still powerful at level 2.
  • Goblins will touch the max level of 3 on TH5.
  • Wall breaker will stay in the giant’s team and they too won’t get any upgrade.
  • Balloons will stay at level 2 max but I feel they should get an upgrade.
  • Wizards should be moved to max level 2 as soon as you unlock them.

Town hall 5 max levels of Elixir Spells

Town Hall 5 Spells TH5 Spell Levels
Light Spell 4
  • The only elixir spell – the light spell will see four upgrades at TH5. You will have a max level of 4 light spells at TH5.

What League Should I be in at Town hall 5?

You should stay in bronze league at town hall 5.

How do I upgrade my town hall 5 to 6?

You can upgrade your town hall from 5 to 6 after you have maxed out your entire base including the walls.

How much time does it take to Max Th 5?

You can max out town hall 5 easily with a starter challenges bonus. If you have two builders then it would take around 9 days 23 hours to max out town hall 5.

If you have three builders then you can max out in 6 days 15 hours 26 minutes.

If you have four builders then you can reach town hall 5 max levels in 4 days 23 hours and 35 minutes.

With five builders your time will reduce to 3 days 23 hours and 40 minutes.

The laboratory will take 2 days 4 hours in any scenario.

How much gold do I need to max out town hall 5?

You will need 5.29 million gold for this. The 100 wall pieces will ask for 2.4 million gold to reach the max level of 5.

How much elixir do I need to max out TH5?

You can max out TH5 with 3.36 million elixir. The laboratory will ask for a 785K elixir whereas the rest would be required to upgrade army buildings and gold mines.

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