45+ Best Builder Hall 4 Base Links (2023) Anti 1 Star BH4 Designs Unbeatable

You can create an undefeatable builder hall 4 base design by copying links from our list of best BH4 bases layouts.

At builder hall 4 your builder base games get competitive as you are matched with opponents of either higher builder hall levels or those who have a better army than you.

In such scenarios, a perfect builder base design with proper defenses in place can save you 1,2, or 3 stars.

Most of the builder hall bases listed here are anti-1-star bases but since you might get matched with higher level players therefore it is safe to call these bases anti-2-star designs.

Builder Hall 4 Base links Anti 3 Star

At BH4 you have the following list of defenses available

Defense BuildingDamage Per SecondHitpointsRangeNumbersLevel
Cannon837609 tiles24
Double Cannon1139137 tiles14
Archer Tower (Long Range)4876011 Tiles14
Archer Tower (Short Range)967607 Tiles14
Hidden Tesla564577 tiles14
Firecrackers6760810 tiles14
Crusher19015212.3 tiles14
Air Bombs11115218 Tiles14
Guard Post3 troops45714
Push Traps3.5 tiles34
Spring Traps0.7 tiles22
Mines (Ground or Air)674 tiles24
Mega mine2683 Tiles14

As you can see you have 15 wall pieces that you can connect to properly save your defenses therefore make sure you use them perfectly.

At Builder Hall 4 most of the attacks will be carried out by boxer giants along with sneaky archers and raged barbarians. In some cases, you will also see a combo of bombers with BARCH.

Usually, you will not see an air raid of beta minion and/or baby dragon but if that happens then you should not worry as your air bombs and firecrackers are powerful enough to protect your base from such attacks.

Again at BH4, your crusher placement will play a vital role. The deeper the crusher is the better chances you have of winning the one on one challenge. Sneaky archer and bomber can destroy a crusher without any problem therefore you must keep it out of their reach.

You can use hidden bombs and mines to kill off any archer or bomber that comes in range. Your push trap should be pointed in such a way that your opponent’s army lands on bombs or spring traps.

BH4 Defenses Unbeatable

By now you already know that your resource buildings are not important so you should place them outside the compartments but not so far away that these get out of defense’s reach. If you place them too far away then your opponent will easily get 50% damage by destroying them.

Do not clear too many obstacles as it confuses the opponent and plays a minor role in hindering the troop movements.

Your one archer tower should be on fast attack mode and one should be on long-range mode. Your walls need to be maxed as you need a well-protected base at higher builder hall levels.

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Which builder hall 4 base design you found perfect? How many of the above have you tried? Do let us know in comments.