Town Hall 12 Max Levels List (2024) Highest Defenses, Troops, Heroes, Fastest Time

When Supercell announced TH12 everybody was excited to check the new town hall 12 max levels of their current buildings. After all the twelfth town hall was introduced so late.

The best thing that supercell did in Clash of clans th12 is that they made town hall a defensive building. Now all town halls after th12 can defend themselves from opponent attacks. At TH12 the town hall has a Giga tesla that can kill opponent troops in no time.

How many TH 12 levels are there?

The biggest question on everyone’s mind was how many upgrades will supercell gave to each building on town hall 12. Interestingly the clash of clans team tried to keep the stuff easy as most buildings saw only one level upgrade.

Only 3-4 buildings will see two-level upgrades. We will discuss all the max levels of all the buildings here. As usual, we will divide them into four categories of resource buildings, defenses, traps, and army buildings.

Town hall 12 max upgrades list for resource buildings

Town Hall 12 Max Levels List
Town Hall 12 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector157
Gold Mine157
Elixir Storage134
Gold Storage134
Dark Elixir Drill93
Dark Elixir Storage71
  • Your seven elixir collectors will move one level up to its peak level of 15.
  • Your seven gold mines will follow the same path and reach the max level of 15.
  • The three dark elixir drills will drill even more D.E. at its max level 9.
  • The four elixir storage will up to one level to LVL 13
  • The four gold storage will also max out on level 13
  • Your only dark elixir storage will touch its peak level of 7.

Town hall 12 max levels and upgrades list for army buildings

Town Hall 12 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp104
Spell Factory61
Clan Castle81
Dark Barracks91
Dark Spell Factory51
Siege Machine31
  • The four barracks will move to the next level and unlock the new troop – Yeti.
  • Your army camps will move to level 10 and increase your army capacity to 280 units.
  • Your two dark barracks max out at TH12. The final dark elixir troop headhunter is unlocked here.
  • Your spell factory needs no upgrade.
  • Your dark spell factory will also see no upgrade
  • Your laboratory will reach level 10 giving new upgrades to troops, spells, and siege machines.
  • Your clan castle will move to level 8 and increase troop capacity to 40 units.
  • The Siege machine is the new weapon you unlock at TH12. It will peak out at level 3. You will unlock three new siege machines – wall wrecker, battle blimp, and stone slammer.

Town hall 12 max levels defenses

Town Hall 12 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower178
Air Defense104
Wizard Tower114
Air Sweeper72
Hidden Tesla104
Bomb Tower72
Inferno Tower63
Eagle Artillery31
Town hall Giga Tesla51
  • Your seven cannon will see three upgrades at TH12 and peak out on level 17.
  • The eight archer towers on your town hall 12 village base will also max out on level 17.
  • The four mortars will max out on level 12.
  • Your four air defense will peak out on level 10
  • The five wizard towers on your base will have a max level of 11.
  • Five hidden teslas on your home village will touch a max level of 10
  • Your four X-bow will have a max level of 6.
  • The three inferno towers on your town hall 12 will have a max level of 6
  • The two air sweepers see no upgrade.
  • Your eagle artillery will move one level up to lvl 3.
  • The two bomb towers will also level up to lvl 7
  • Since Town hall 12 is a defense building now therefore its Giga tesla will also see an upgrade to level 5.

What are the max levels of walls on Town hall level 12?

Your 300 wall pieces will see a massive upgrade to level 14. You have to loot a hell of a lot of gold/elixir to max out all wall pieces.

Town hall 12 max levels of traps and upgrade order

Town Hall 12 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Spring Trap58
Air Bomb66
Giant Bomb56
Seeking Air Mine36
Skelton Trap43
Tornado Trap31
  • The six bombs will be on max level 8.
  • The eight spring traps will have max level 5.
  • The six giant bombs will touch a peak level of 5.
  • The six air bombs will also have a maximum level of 6
  • Your six seeking air mines have max level 3.
  • The three skeleton traps max out on level 4.
  • The only tornado trap has a maximum level of 3.

Town hall 12 max troop levels of elixir units

Town Hall 12 TroopsTH12 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker8
Baby Dragon6
Electro Dragon3
  • Barbarian maxes out on lvl 9
  • Archers will also see an upgrade to level 9.
  • Giants move up a level to lvl 8
  • Goblins are the first elixir troop to reach their maximum level in-game lvl 8.
  • The Wall breaker will move to lvl 8.
  • Balloons get more powerful on lvl 8.
  • Wizards become invincible on peak level 9.
  • The healer heals even better at level 5.
  • Dragon touches level 7 and unlocks their super troop version.
  • PEKKA maxes out on level 8.
  • Baby dragon gets useable at level 6.
  • Miner gets better at max level 6.
  • Electro dragons are not so powerful on max level 3.
  • Yeti moves to level 2.

clash of clans max levels chart for dark elixir troops

Town Hall 12 Dark TroopsTH12 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Hog Rider9
Lava Hound5
Ice Golem5
  • Minion maxes out on level 8.
  • Hog rider sees two upgrades to max level 9. Unfortunately, it does not have any super troop version as of now.
  • Valkyrie touches level 7.
  • Golem sees two upgrades and moves to max level 9.
  • The witch has a max level of 5.
  • Lava Hound has a maximum level of 5.
  • Bowler becomes powerful on level 4.
  • Ice golem sees two upgrades to level 5.
  • Headhunter is upgraded to max level 2.

Town hall 12 max levels of elixir spells

Town Hall 12 SpellsTH12 Spell Levels
Light Spell9
Healing Spell7
Rage Spell6
Jump Spell3
Freeze Spell7
Clone Spell5
Invisibility Spell3
  • Lightning spell maxes out on level 9.
  • The healing spell reaches level 7.
  • Rage spell sees an upgrade to max level 6.
  • Jump spell gets powerful on level 3.
  • Freeze spell touches a higher level of 7.
  • Clone spell gets better on max level 5.
  • Invisibility spell moves a level up to lvl 3.

Town hall 12 max levels of dark elixir spells and upgrade cost

Town Hall 12 Dark SpellsTH12 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell6
Earthquake Spell5
Haste Spell5
Skelton Spell6
Bat Spell5
  • Poison spell max out on level 6.
  • Earthquake spell has a max level of 5.
  • The haste spell stays on level 5.
  • Skelton spell sees two upgrades and moves to level 6.
  • Bat spell reaches a maximum level of 5.

Town Hall 12 Max Level Heroes

You are with three heroes on TH12 – Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden. If you have maxed out these heroes on previous town halls then upgrading them on Town hall level 12 won’t be much challenging for you.

Barbarian King Max Level on Town hall 12

At TH12 Barbarian King maxes out on level 65. You will have to upgrade the king 15 times from level 50 to level 65. It becomes insanely powerful at this town hall level.

Archer Queen Max Level on Town hall 12

Similar to Barbarian King, the archer queen will also see 15 upgrades and move to the peak level of 65. You will now love the queen walk strategy even more. The maxed-out queen can overthrow even TH13 players if used properly.

Grand Warden Max Level on Town Hall 12

Most players ignore grand warden upgrades as this hero seems useless. However, upgrading Grand warden to its max level of 40 on TH12 can make it worthy for clan war leagues. It uses an elixir for upgrades therefore you don’t have to worry much about it.

UPDATE: At TH12, you can upgrade your Blacksmith building to level 5 unlocking one of my favorite ability “Healer Puppet”.

The Healer Puppet ability will allow the queen to summon multiple healers during the attack. If Queen walk is your favorite attack strategy then you will love this special ability.

How long does TH12 take to Max?

Town hall 12 will take a good amount of time to max. This is mainly because of the three upgrades given to cannon and siege machines.

With two builders you can max out town hall 12 in 1 year 7 months and 21 days. If you use three builders then this number is reduced to 1 year 1 month and 2 days. However, with four builders you can go even lower and max out TH12 in just 9 months 28 days, and 5 hours.

Most players have five builders so it will take them 7 months 28 days and 3 hours to max out TH 12. If you are following our guide then you have surely unlocked builder six by now.

If you use your 6 builders then you can upgrade town hall 12 to the maximum level in 6 months 18 days and 19 hours.

Your laboratory will take 1 year 2 months and 28 days irrespective of your builder numbers. You can use a research potion, builder potion and gold passes to reduce the number of days.

How Much Gold do I need to max out TH12?

You will need to loot 699 million of gold to max out your Town hall 12 buildings. Since there are no new walls unlocked at TH12 therefore you need this amount for defense upgrades only.

How much elixir do I need to max out TH12?

You need 572 million elixirs to max out your town hall 12. Your laboratory will use 213.4 million elixir whereas the rest will be used in army building and grand warden upgrades.

How much dark Elixir do I need to max out Town hall 12?

You need to loot 8.71 million dark elixir to max out TH12. Around 2.81 million will be used by the laboratory and 5.9 will be used in upgrading barbarian king and archer queen.

How much loot do I need for maxing out a wall to level 14 at TH12?

You will have to loot around 900 million of gold/elixir to max out your walls to level 14. This number is separate from the above number of gold and elixir required. Most clashers do not upgrade their walls as it takes a staggering amount to loot.

Is there a town hall level 13?

Yes, there is a town hall 13 and it also unlocks a new hero – Royal champion for you.

What is the max level for town hall?

Currently, the maximum level of the town hall is TH 15.

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