50+ Best TH7 Farming Bases Links (2023) Town Hall 7 Anti Everything Layouts

You can get creative with TH7 farming bases designs in Clash of Clans. It is the first town hall where you unlock your first hero the barbarian king.

Not only this but you are also introduced to a new resource type – Dark Elixir. It is the most important, highly valuable, and rare resource that you need to upgrade your town hall.

This is why it becomes important for you to design a farming base that will protect your dark elixir from enemies.

What is a farming base in COC?

Many clashers do not know the proper definition of a farming base. It is a base that is solely designed to protect the resources in the innermost compartments whereas using other buildings including defenses as disposable units.

Which league is best for th 7?

This question is important before designing a farming base. Since the higher, you move in a league the more competitive your opponent gets.

I usually prefer staying in the 1250-1399 trophy league. This is the silver 1 league. The next league is a gold league which starts after 1400+ trophies. But I do not enter it at Town hall 7. This is because the gold league has many town hall 8 and town hall 9 players who will loot all your base without any problem.

How do I arrange my town hall 7?

Your main purpose is to make a base that protects your dark elixir as well as your gold and elixir. Since you will need a dark elixir to upgrade your barbarian king, minions, and hog riders, therefore, keep a farming base in place until your king maxes out to level 5.

Your town hall should also be in the innermost compartment.

How do you build a base at Town Hall 7?

We hunt every corner of the internet and select the best of the best farming base designs for town hall 7 so you don’t have to. Our process is time-consuming but our results save a lot of time for you. We are not confusing you with too many bases.

The farming bases listed here have been tested against higher-level town halls as well as in clan war leagues. So choose any design that you like freely –

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TH7 Farming Bases Links

Which base did you liked the most? Do you have any favorite base of your own? Do share this post and let us know in comments.

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