Builder Hall 4 Max Levels List (2023) Highest Defenses, Fastest Time, Troops Upgrades

Builder hall 4 max levels is surely something to get excited for. This is because at BH4 you unlock a whole new array of troops as well as the popular clock tower that will speed up your progress at the builder base.

The only irritating thing about Builder hall 4 is that now your upgrade order will be slow. However, if you follow our priority guide for BH4 then you can save a lot of your precious time on builder base 4.

What is Max builder Hall 4?

The four-building types are builder hall 4 are resource buildings, army buildings, defenses, and traps. We will take a look at the maximum level of all these building types.

The issue that you will face now is that many buildings will demand two/three upgrades plus the walls will now get costlier. Even though you will be able to loot the required resources (gold/elixir) yet from here onwards your builder base progress will be slower.

Let’s have a look on what are the maximum levels of each building on BH4.

Builder Hall 4 Max Levels list

Builder hall 4 max levels list for resource buildings

Builder Hall 4 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector41
Gold Mine41
Elixir Storage41
Gold Storage41
Gem Mine41
Clock Tower41
  • You will still be stuck with just one elixir collector. It will level up to LVL 4.
  • There will be just one gold mine that will level up to LVL 4.
  • The only gem mine will also peak at level 4.
  • Your only elixir storage will reach level 4.
  • There is one gold storage that will peak at level 4.
  • The clock tower is also cited as a Resource building. It is available for repair at BH4. Repairing is optional but we suggest you do this as soon as possible. The clock tower will reach the max level of 4.

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Builder hall 4 max levels list for army buildings

Builder Hall 4 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Builder Barracks61
Army Camp14
Star Laboratory41
  • The only builder barrack at BH4 will now reach level 6 and unlock two new troops – Baby dragon and Bomber. These are similar to a baby dragon and wall breaker from the home village.
  • You will unlock a fourth army camp at BH4 but none of them will ask for an upgrade.
  • Your star laboratory will now touch level 4.

Builder hall 4 base defenses maximum levels

Builder Hall 4 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower42
Double Cannon41
Hidden Tesla41
Fire Crackers41
Guard Post41
Air Bombs41
  • Your two cannons will touch the highest level of 4.
  • You will unlock a new archer tower at BH4. Both archer towers peak at level 4.
  • The only double cannon maxes out on level 4.
  • The hidden tesla levels up to LVL 4.
  • Your firecracker also moves up a level to LVL 4.
  • The crusher will ask for two upgrades to touch max level 4.
  • Guard post is a new defense type unlocked at BH4. You can max it out to level 4.
  • Air bombs are another defensive building unlocked at builder hall 4. These will also max out on LVL 4.
  • At Builder hall 4 you will have 75 wall pieces which will max out on level 4.

Builder hall 4 max levels list for traps

Builder Hall 4 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Push Trap43
Spring Trap22
Mega Mine41
  • Your three push traps will level up to LVL 4.
  • The two spring traps on your builder base will ask for one upgrade to move level 2.
  • The three mines will peak on level 4.
  • You will unlock one mega-mine on Builder hall 4. This can be maxed out on level 4.

Builder hall 4 max troop levels

Builder Hall 4 TroopsBH4 Troop Levels
Raged Barbarians8
Sneaky Archers8
Boxer Giants8
Beta Minion8
Baby Dragon8
  • Raged barbarians will get more powerful at level 8.
  • Sneaky archer gets better on level 8.
  • Boxer giants get useful on level 8.
  • Beta minions are available for the max attack on level 8.
  • Bomber peaks at level 8 and makes a great combo with boxer giants.
  • Baby dragon reaches level 8 and many players love to do a mass baby drag attack.

How long does it take to Max builder Hall 4?

Now the game gets competitive therefore we also have to include the loot bonus time frame in our calculations.

If you have a constant supply of resources for builder and star laboratory then you can easily max out your builder hall 4 in four days. However, since you have to wait for 21 hours to participate in versus battles therefore this number increases to 7 days.

What should I upgrade first in Builder Hall 4?

You can check our section of upgrade order in our blog where we have shared lots of tips and tricks to fasten your game progress. Do check out our detailed priority guide to learn how you can hours/days in progressing builder base.

How do you max out builder hall fast?

We have shared it before and we will say it again, buy a gold pass to quickly upgrade your builder hall.

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