Builder Hall 2 Max Levels List (2023) Highest Defense, Fastest Time, Troops

Your home village journey has given you the experience that you need not worry about Builder hall 2 max levels. 

At this point in the game, you can easily handle the available buildings.

However, as you progress to higher town hall levels you should surely focus on max levels of buildings as it gives you a sense of what to upgrade and what can wait.

It’s good to develop habits early on so checking out builder hall 2 max levels will improve your mindset on how the game progresses at builder base.

What are the max levels for BH2?

You are pushed to builder hall level 2 as soon as you clock the builder hall after visiting the builder base. Your broken cannon and other buildings will automatically get repaired.

We broadly divide builder hall buildings into four categories –

  • Army Buildings – These are buildings that are used to train your army. At the builder base, these buildings are builder barracks and army camps.
  • Defenses – These are buildings that protect your base against enemy troops. These include cannon, archer tower, crusher, mortar, and so on.
  • Resource building – These are buildings that produce elixir and gold for you as well as store them for use. This includes elixir collector, gold mine, and elixir storage gold storage.
  • Traps – These are hidden obstacles that hinder enemy troop movement after getting triggered. This includes spring trap, push trap, and mines.

From now on we will share the max levels of each building type on each builder hall level.

Builder Hall 2 Max Levels List

What are the max levels for Builder Hall 2 Resource buildings?

Builder Hall 2 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector11
Gold Mine11
  • At BH2 you have only one elixir collector. It will max out on level 1.
  • Again you have only one gold mine which will max out on level 1.

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What are the max levels for BH2 Army Buildings?

Builder Hall 2 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Builder Barracks11
Army Camp12
Star Laboratory21
  • You have only one builder barrack on the builder base at all builder hall levels. The only builder barrack will move to level 2 and unlock raged barbarians as well as sneaky archers.
  • You will unlock two army camps at BH2 both will stay on level 1.
  • Your star laboratory will move to level 2 thereby unlocking new upgrades for raged barbarians and sneaky archers.

Builder hall 2 max levels list for defenses

Builder Hall 2 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower11
Double Cannon11
  • The only cannon will stay on level 1.
  • The only archer tower will stay on level 1. You can switch between the long-range and short range. I prefer short range.
  • The only double cannon will be maxed on level 1 only.

Builder base 2 max upgrades for walls

  • You will have 20 wall units at BH2. These will max out on level 1 only

Builder hall 2 max levels list for Traps

Builder Hall 2 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Push Trap11
  • The only trap unlocked at BH2 is the Push trap and it will stay on level 1.

Builder hall 2 max levels list for Troops

Builder Hall 2 TroopsTH9 Troop Levels
Raged Barbarians4
Sneaky Archers4
  • Raged barbarians will max out at level 4. On level 2, they will unlock their special ability of rage and at level 4 you can have 6 units of raged barbarians per army camp.
  • Sneaky archer will also move to level 4. Again the sneak ability will unlock at level 2 and the units per army camp will increase to 6 units at level 4.

How long does it take to Max builder hall 2?

Your master builder can carry out all the upgrades in under one hour. If you play smartly then you can max out your BH2 in just 1 Hour.

Many clashers prefer rushing builder hall to max level because they want to unlock the sixth builder. If this is your goal then you can ignore resource buildings and traps. But do not ignore upgrading defenses and troop levels.

As long as you have high-level troops and good defense then you can rush to BH9 and unlock OTTO (the sixth builder).

For those who are not aware of it – You can unlock a sixth builder in a clash of clans if you complete certain missions. These missions open after you have reacher Builder hall 9 and town hall 10.

The mission includes upgrading PEKKA to max level, unlocking double cannon, multi mortar, and short-range archer tower one village base. Also, you have to unlock and max out your Mega Tesla.

If you want to rush your builder hall but also want to have good defense then you can buy a gold pass as it will give you an edge over normal upgrades.

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