How to Get Trophies in Clash of Clans Fast (2024) No Cheat, Push Quickly

You want to earn trophies in Clash of Clans Fast and easy. Do not worry as we are here to show you how you can increase your trophy count in the shortest amount of time possible.

Clash of Clans is a passive time-consuming game. You will love the active time consumption where you attack opponent bases or score stars for your clan in clan wars leagues.

However, it is the passive part where you have to sit and wait for your builder to upgrade a building so that you can utilize the excessive resources on the next upgrade.

Due to this many players always plan their games. Their attack strategies usually involve a one-hour game session where they either go on looting resources or build an army for a trophy hunt.

If your goal is to hunt maximum trophies in one hour window then you are at the right place as we are going to share tips with you on how you can earn trophies in a clash of clans fast way.

Many players also want to increase their trophy count as it completes their achievements and provides them free gems.

How do you get more trophies in clash of clans?

Before we begin you must know the basics of league division and trophy distribution in the clash of clans. There are Seven league Levels in the clash of clans namely –

  • Bronze League: 400-800 Trophies
  • Silver League: 800-1400 Trophies
  • Gold League: 1400-2000 Trophies
  • Crystal League: 2000-26000 Trophies
  • Master League: 2600-3200 Trophies
  • Champion League: 3200-4100 Trophies
  • Titan League: 4100+ Trophies

trophies in clash of clans

If your goal is to earn maximum trophies then you must remember this league division. When you go to multiplayer attacks you are matched with players that are in the same league.

Most of the time you are matched with players at the same town hall level. Sometimes you are matched with players with lower/higher town hall levels than yours.

The game shows you trophies that you can earn/lose on the attack. It is different for each base.

You will get more trophies if you attack a stronger base while you will earn a few trophies if you attack a weak base.

You can earn a maximum of three-star on a base which happens when you do 100% destruction of the opponent base.

If you earn 1 star then you will get 1/3 of the actual trophy offer. If you earn 2 stars then you get ½ of the trophy offered.

So if you get a trophy offer of 30 trophies then you will earn 10 trophies on 1 star, 15 trophies on 2 star, and 30 trophies on 3 stars.

How do you get free trophies in clash of clans?

Yes, you can get free trophies in COC. This is a tricky answer though. All you have to do is make a defending base that does not give even a single star to your attacker.

There are many great trophy base designs. We have here shown you all the best trophy base designs on our blog. You can check them out.

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Usually, people give away 50% of damage by placing their buildings way outside their defensive buildings’ reach. I would advise you against it. Also, have a troop in your clan castle so that your defense gets unbeatable.

What is the fastest way to drop trophies in the clash of clans?

Earning trophies is not the only thing that clashers focus on. Many want to drop their trophies because they want to go on lower leagues.

The reason is simple – At lower leagues, they will get weaker bases with a good loot amount. This way they can loot resources even with a weaker army like Barch or Mass Super Goblins.

What happens when you reach 5000 trophies in Clash of Clans?

The league level stops after the Titan league which is unlocked as soon as you reach 4100 trophies. However, many clashers go way beyond 5000 trophies.

If your every 5000 trophies in COC then you reach the legendary status.

How to Get trophies in Clash of Clans Without Attacking or Defending?

Can you get trophies in COC without attacking or defending? The Short answer is NO. Trophies are at stake during multiplayer battles. The trophies you lose are added to the attacker’s trophy chamber.

The trophies you win are reduced from the trophy tally of your opponent. Without multiplayer battles, you can not win/lose trophies.

How to Get Trophies in Clash of Clans Cheat

Is there a hack or cheat that you can use to rapidly increase your trophy count? Unfortunately, there is no hack or cheat. However, there are some tips that you can follow to improve your chances of winning maximum trophies.

How to Push Trophies in Clash of clans th9, th10, th11, th12, th13, th14 and th15, th16

  • Always look for the trophy offered before attacking

Just like resources, each base offers a different number of trophies. Usually, Strong bases of higher town hall levels provide more trophies; as the COC algorithm considers them challenging. Similarly Weaker bases of low town hall levels offer fewer trophies. You should attack bases that provide more trophies.

  • Focus on Getting At least 2 Stars

If you earn 2 stars then you will get half of the trophies offered. For this, you should attack from the side where the town hall is nearest. Always funnel your way inside so that your troops directly attack the town hall and get you 2 stars with 50% damage.

  • Use Training Potion and Give a dedicated hour to game

If you seriously want to progress in-game and increase your trophy count then you should give at least one hour to the game. Use training potion to rapidly train your army. This means you can carry out back-to-back attacks in the one-hour time frame.

  • Train Powerful but less time-consuming armies

One impressive thing about COC is that it provides you with so many army compositions that you will never get tired of it. Many people think that they should take all-powerful troops like e-dragon or Pekka or bowlers. They often ignore small troops like archers or goblins.

You should always include these troops in your army as they reduce your training time drastically plus they can help you score 50% destruction in the neck-to-neck battles. You will carry out more attacks in lesser time thereby increasing your chance to win more trophies.

  • Take Revenge

People neglect revenge. But these are my favorites. Why? You ask. Well, you get to scout your opponent base. You can thoroughly scan and check the base. This gives you the advantage over an army accordingly. If you are an experienced player then you can easily score three stars on any given base with your favorite army.

  • Use Super troops

Include them in your army and you will be surprised by the result you get. If you are planning an air raid then train super troops like Ice hound, Inferno baby dragon, Super Dragon in your army. Likewise, you can train super wizard or super Valkyrie, super witch, or super bowler for a ground attack.

  • Use Power potion

Power potion raises your troop level to the maximum level that your current laboratory can provide. Power potions are especially useful if you have recently upgraded to a higher town hall level and you want to score more trophies.

  • Use Hero Potion

A Hero potion +5 your current hero level. This might not look like much but trust me it can change an attack outcome.

  • Always have troops in your Clan Castle

CC troops should always be there. It does not matter if you need them for attacking or for defending your base. CC troops can help you a lot in both situations. There are many CC troops that you can have in your clan castle but my favorites are super minions, super wizards, super dragon, and e-drag.

Which Language is Best for Trophy Pushing in coc

There is a minor tactic that many COC players use while pushing their trophies. They usually change their language in the game. This places them on a different server. This usually means that they will be matched with players of that server.

Supercell has stated that this strategy no longer works but some redditors and youtubers claim otherwise. If you want to test this strategy then you can change your language Portugues or Turkce as players from these regions often have inactive bases.

You can easily score three stars against these players.

How to Lose Fewer Trophies in clash of clans

Earning more trophies should not be the only thing that you are concerned about in COC. There is a saying that the trophies saved are the trophies earned. If you lose fewer trophies in COC then your gap to titan league will stay almost the same.

To lose fewer trophies you need to have a strong trophy defending the base. I would suggest checking out our base designs gallery where we have provided base designs for each TH. Also, have a clan castle troop in your CC as it can destroy the opponent’s army within seconds.

These were our tips on how to earn trophies in clash of clans fast. You can tell us yours.

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