30+ Best Town Hall 6 Farming Base Links (2023) Copy or Download

Town hall 6 farming base designs have changed a lot during the years. Earlier, a clasher would just place their town hall outside the base indicating that they are ready to give trophies but do not want their storages to be looted.

This was changed by supercell when they introduced town halls too as storages.

A farming base can be defined as a base that is meant to protect storages as compared to giving stars or trophies. Your main motive is to give the least amount of gold or elixir or dark elixir to your opponent.

Town Hall 6 Farming Base Basics

In such base designs, you will place your storage buildings deep inside the base whereas the defensive buildings and army buildings would be on the outside. The resource buildings can also be inside the base but I usually prefer them outside along with other buildings.

At Town hall 6 you can have a total of 53 buildings. If you are planning to design a town hall 6 farming base then out of these 53 the 5 most important building for you is the 2 gold storages, 2 elixir storage, and the town hall.

Here we present you 30+ best town hall 6 farming base designs that you can easily copy into your game

Town Hall 6 Farming Base Link

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