Town Hall 8 Max Levels List (2024) Highest TH8 Troops, Spells, Heroes, Fastest Time, Defenses, Walls

Clash of Clans gets very competitive as is evident from town hall 8 max levels. Earlier you would move to the next town within a day or week but now It will take you months to max out your whole base.

At TH8 you will have to unlock 18 new buildings and raise the total to around 88 buildings. You will need to upgrade 75 buildings to max out town hall 8 base.

By this time clashers would use terms like town hall 8.5 which will denote that a base is now 50% upgraded to max levels.

What is the max level for Town Hall 8?

The max level of town hall 8 will be reached once you upgrade all the buildings, troops, heroes, and even the often neglected walls.

The only good thing about TH8 and onwards is that now you do need to unlock new army buildings. The buildings you have at TH8 would stay at the same number. All you have to do is max these out to their respective levels.

Another cool thing is that now you have a considerable size of army which will give you a good clan war weight. This means you can now expect to score stars in clan war leagues.

You don’t have to depend on resource buildings to produce gold, elixir, or dark elixir so that you can max out your base. Now you have to hunt for resources.

Your defense will also get a bit stronger against different strategies like a mass dragon and giant healer combo.

Your traps too can help you with a secure base design.

UPDATE: A New building Blacksmith is unlocked at TH8. This building was introduced in the December 2023 patch update.

You can upgrade your Blacksmith to unlock new Hero abilities.

Town hall 8 upgrade list and max levels for resource buildings

town hall 8 max levels

Town Hall 8 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector126
Gold Mine126
Elixir Storage113
Gold Storage113
Dark Elixir Drill32
Dark Elixir Storage41
  • At TH8 you will have only 6 elixir collectors which need to be upgraded to the max level of 12.
  • You will have 6 gold mines which will reach the max level of 12.
  • You will unlock the third elixir storage at TH8. Only the new storage needs to be maxed out to level 11.
  • Similarly, you will get additional gold storage which will reach the maximum level of 11.
  • You will unlock an extra dark elixir drill. The new drill needs to be maxed out to level 3.
  • Your dark elixir storage will reach level 4.

Town hall 8 max upgrades list and levels for army buildings

Town Hall 8 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp64
Spell Factory31
Clan Castle41
Dark Barracks41
Dark Spell Factory21
  • You will need to upgrade all your four barracks to level 10 unlocking the new troop PEKKA.
  • Your army camps will stay at the same level (6). This means your army size will stay 200 units.
  • The laboratory will reach the next max level (6).
  • Spell factory will stay at level 3.
  • Dark spell factory will be a new army building at TH8. It will reach level 2 thereby giving you two dark spells – poison and earthquake.
  • You will unlock your second and final dark barrack. Both dark barracks will reach level 4 thereby unlocking Valkyrie and golem for you.
  • Your clan castle will move to the next max level i.e. level 4.
  • Blacksmith is unlocked.

TH8 max levels list for defenses

Town Hall 8 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower105
Air Defense63
Wizard Tower63
Air Sweeper41
Hidden Tesla63
Bomb Tower21
  • Your cannon number will stay the same i.e. 5. However these will be upgraded to two more levels i.e. level 10 thus giving them the famous golden color.
  • You will unlock a much-needed archer tower at TH8. The five archer towers can be maxed out at level 10.
  • You will unlock one more mortar at TH8. The four mortars will reach the max level of 6.
  • A Third air defense will be added to your arsenal. The three Air defense will max out at level 6.
  • One more wizard tower will be unlocked at TH8. The three wizard towers will max out on level 6.
  • The Air sweeper will upgrade to level 4.
  • A new hidden tesla will be unlocked and the three hidden teslas can be maxed out to level 6.
  • Bomb tower is the newest building you unlock at TH8. It will touch max level 2.

Town Hall 8 max levels walls

You will unlock 50 walls at this town hall. The total number of walls would be 225. The walls would max out at level 8 thereby giving them the famous skull design.

Town hall 8 upgrade checklist for max levels traps

Town Hall 8 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Spring Trap26
Air Bomb34
Giant Bomb33
Seeking Air Mine12
Skelton Trap22
  • The six bombs will reach max level 5.
  • The six traps will be at max level 2.
  • There will be four air bombs including two new air bombs. You will max them out at level 3.
  • There will be three giant bombs that will max out at level 3.
  • You will have two seeking air mines on TH8. Both will stay at Level 1.
  • The Skeleton trap will be the new trap at TH8. These will max out at level 2.

Town hall 8 max levels for elixir troops

Town Hall 8 TroopsTH8 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker5
  • Barbarian will reach level 5. It will improve your barbarian king’s special ability.
  • Archer too will have a max level of 5.
  • Giants will touch max level 5.
  • Goblins will max at level 5.
  • Wall breakers will become more effective after touching their max level 5.
  • Balloons will max out at level 5 but they won’t be powerful enough yet.
  • Wizards became essential troops in the army after they touch level 5.
  • The healer will see an upgrade to level 3.
  • Dragons too will move to the next level i.e. level 3.
  • The new troop Pekka will see two upgrades as it will touch level 3.

Dark Elixir Troops max levels for Town hall 8

Town Hall 8 Dark TroopsTH8 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Hog Rider4
  • Minions have a maximum level of 4.
  • Hog riders too will max out at level 4.
  • Valkyrie is a new troop at TH8. It will be upgraded to level 2.
  • Golem is probably the most important dark elixir troop at TH8. It will max out on level 2.

Town Hall 8 Max levels for elixir spells

Town Hall 8 SpellsTH8 Spell Levels
Light Spell5
Healing Spell5
Rage Spell5
  • The light spell will move to level 5.
  • Healing spell will also see one upgrade to level 5.
  • Rage spell will touch level 5.

Town hall 8 levels for Dark Elixir Spells

Town Hall 8 Dark SpellsTH8 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell2
Earthquake Spell2
  • The poison spell will reach level 2.
  • Earthquake spell will also upgrade to level 2.

Town Hall 8 Max Levels for Barbarian King

Town Hall 8 HeroesTH8 Hero Levels
Barbarian King10
  • Barbarian king will reach max level 10 thereby increasing its special ability to level 2.

How long does town hall 8 take to Max?

If you using just two builders at TH8 then it is very much hopeless for you in a clash of clans. It will take 1 month 22 days and 14 hours for those poor two builders to max everything out on TH8.

If you add a builder then the three builders can do the same job in 1 month 5 days and 1 hour.

If you want to do the task below 1 month then you need four builders as they will complete the mission in under 26 days 7 hours and 12 minutes.

I will strongly advise you to have a maximum of 5 builders. Then you can max out your town hall 8 in just 21 days.

Your laboratory will take 24 days and 14 hours to max out your troops.

How Much Gold Do I need to max out TH8?

You will need to loot a staggering 81.2 million gold to upgrade everything on town hall 8. The 225 wall pieces alone would require 22.68 million gold.

How Much Elixir Do I Need to max Out TH8?

You don’t need this much elixir though as you can max out your town hall 8 with just 33.15 million elixir.

Your laboratory will take 17.5 million elixir to max out your troops.

How Much Dark elixir do I need to max out TH8?

You will need a huge amount of dark elixir 157K to be exact to max out your town hall 8. 92K dark elixir will be used by the laboratory whereas 65K dark elixir would be used by barbarian king update.

You can buy a Gold pass to speed up your upgrades. Use builder potion and research potion to reduce your time.

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