Town Hall 7 Max Levels List (2024) Fastest TH7 Time, Highest Troops, Defenses, Spells

It will take some time for you to reach town hall 7 max levels. This is because as you unlock town hall 7 the gameplay will change a lot.

The first change will be that your starter challenges will be replaced by the monthly seasonal challenges. You can complete these challenges and win allocated bonuses or you can buy the gold pass and unlock the golden bonuses as well.

What do you unlock at TH7?

You will also be able to unlock hero skin of the month. At town hall 7 you unlock your first Hero – Barbarian king. You also unlock dark elixir troops – minions and hog riders.

What is the max level stuff for TH7?

Your primary focus should be on upgrading army buildings first as it will improve your attack strategy. Then you can upgrade your defenses.

You can simultaneously upgrade your traps of town hall 7 to max levels. In the end, you will max out your resource buildings as well as troops in the laboratory.

Your walls still need to be a priority therefore you should max out all your walls too at TH7.

Let’s break down these building types into individuals. By the time you reach town hall 7, you will be able to increase your base size to 70 buildings. You have to upgrade 59 buildings among them.

Town hall 7 max upgrades list for resource buildings

Town Hall 7 Max Levels

Town Hall 7 Resource Buildings MAX Level No. of Buildings
Elixir Collector 11 6
Gold Mine 11 6
Elixir Storage 11 2
Gold Storage 11 2
Dark Elixir Drill 3 1
Dark Elixir Storage 2 1
  • The number of elixir collectors stays the same at Town hall 7. However, you have to upgrade your six elixir collectors to the max level of 11.
  • The number of gold mines will also stay the same but these need to upgrade to the max level of 11 at TH7.
  • Your two elixir storage will ask for next-level upgrade i.e. the level 11.
  • Your two gold storage will also touch the max level of 11.
  • Dark elixir drill is the new mining machine you get at TH7. Upgrade it to max level 3 as soon as possible.
  • Dark elixir storage is the new type of storage you unlock at TH7. Upgrade it to max level 2 so that you can easily unlock and upgrade your barbarian king.

Town hall 7 upgrade time and max levels for Army buildings

Town Hall 7 Army Buildings Levels No. of Buildings
Barracks 9 4
Army Camp 6 4
Spell Factory 3 1
Laboratory 5 1
Clan Castle 3 1
Dark Barracks 2 1
  • At town hall 7 you will unlock your fourth and final barrack. It will take some time to upgrade the four barracks to the max level of 9 but do it asap as It will unlock the mighty dragon.
  • You will also unlock your fourth and final army camp at Town hall 7. The three army camps will stay at the same level of 6 but you have to unlock and upgrade your fourth army camp to the max level of 6 so that your army size increases to 200 units.
  • The laboratory will upgrade to the next level 5 which is the max for this town hall.
  • Spell factory will upgrade to max level 3 thereby unlocking the rage spell.
  • Dark barrack will be the new army building you unlock at Town hall 7. You will upgrade it to level 2 unlocking minions and hog riders.
  • Barbarian King is the first hero at TH7 which will max out to level 5.
  • Your clan castle won’t upgrade and it will stay at the same level i.e. level 3.

Town hall 7 max levels list for defenses

Town Hall 7 Defenses Levels No. of Buildings
Cannon 8 5
Archer Tower 8 4
Mortar 5 3
Air Defense 5 2
Wizard Tower 4 2
Air Sweeper 3 1
Hidden Tesla 3 2
Walls 7 175
  • You will unlock two new cannons at Town hall 7. This will improve your defense a lot. You need to max out the five cannons to level 8.
  • What is the max level archer tower for th7? A new archer tower will be unlocked at TH7. Upgrade the four archer towers to level 8 max.
  • A new mortar will be added to the base. You can upgrade the three mortars to max level 5.
  • You will unlock a new air defense as well thereby increasing the total to two. Both air defenses will max out at level 5.
  • The two wizard towers will be pushed maximum level 4.
  • The Air sweeper will max out to level 3.
  • Hidden Tesla is the new type of defense unlocked at Town hall 7. You have to max it out to level 3.

Town hall 7 max levels walls

You have a total of 175 walls at TH7. You need to max out walls to level 7. You will easily loot this much amount of gold to max out your walls therefore you should upgrade them before moving to TH8.

Town Hall 7 Max Levels Traps

Town Hall 7 Traps Levels No. of Traps
Bomb 4 6
Spring Trap 2 4
Air Bomb 3 2
Giant Bomb 2 2
Seeking Air Mine 1 1
  • You will have two additional bombs at TH7. The six bombs will now max out at level 4.
  • Your four spring traps will stay at level 2.
  • Two air bombs will be at max level 3.
  • You will unlock one more giant bomb at TH7. The two giant bombs will max out at level 2.
  • Seeking air mine will be a new trap at TH7. It will stay at level 1.

Town hall 7 max levels list for elixir troops

Town Hall 7 Troops TH6 Troop Levels
Barbarian 4
Archer 4
Giant 4
Goblin 4
Wall Breaker 4
Balloon 4
Wizard 4
Healer 2
Dragon 2
  • Barbarians will have max level 4.
  • Archers will max out at level 4.
  • Giants will be upgraded to level 4.
  • Goblins will max out on level 4.
  • Wall breaker will reach max level 4.
  • Balloons will have level 4 max.
  • Wizards will also have level 4 max.
  • The healer will be on max level 2.
  • Dragon will reach max level 2.

Dark Elixir troops max levels for town hall 7

Town Hall 7 Dark Troops TH7 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Minion 2
Hog Rider 2
  • Minions will max out at level 2.
  • Hog riders will also reach level 2.

Max Levels for Spells at Town hall 7

Town Hall 7 Spells TH6 Spell Levels
Light Spell 4
Healing Spell 4
Rage Spell 4
  • The light spell will stay at level 4.
  • The healing spell will be upgraded to level 4 max.
  • Rage spell will also max out at level 4.

Town Hall 7 Max Levels for Barbarian King

Town Hall 7 Heroes TH7 Hero Levels
Barbarian King 5
  • The only hero barbarian king will max out at level 5.

How long does it take to max out Town Hall 7?

With two builders you can max out Town hall 7 in 26 days 14 hours and 49 minutes.

It will take 17 days 17 hours and 52 minutes with 3 builders.

You must have at least four builders unlocked at Town hall 7 as it will take you only 13 days 7 hours and 24 minutes.

If you have read out tips and tricks then you will surely have unlocked the fifth builder by now. Town hall 7 is a benchmark town hall where you must have five builders unlock to speed up your progress in games.

The five builders can max out your TH7 base in just 10 days 15 hours and 31 min.

Your laboratory will take 10 days 14 hours to max out all troops and spells.

How much Gold do I need to max out Town hall 7?

You will need to loot 32 million gold to max out Town hall 7. Around 12 million gold will be used to max out your 175 wall pieces.

How Much Elixir do I need to max out town hall 7?

You will face the elixir max out the crisis at town hall 7 too. Your elixir storage will always be full and you can not use the extra elixir to upgrade your walls. A total of 19.33 million elixir would be required to max out your town hall 7.

Your laboratory would consume 8 million out of it.

How Much Dark Elixir do I need to max out TH7?

Dark elixir is the new resource type you unlock at town hall 7. You will now be able to drill it on your base or loot it in multiplayer battles.

You will need 44K dark elixir to upgrade your town hall to 7 max levels. Around 36K will be used to upgrade and max out your barbarian king whereas only 8K will be required to upgrade dark elixir troops in the laboratory.

If you want to speed up your progress then you can buy a gold pass too. It cost around 7 dollars a month.

Clash ON.

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