When Does Clan War Leagues Start (2024) Best Ways to Win It?

New Clashers often get confused about when does clan war leagues start in COC. One of the biggest perks of joining the clan war league is that you get to earn league medals. You can use these medals to buy different potions and hammers from the league shop.

Now if you are new to clash world then you might get confused about how to participate in the clan war league. Do not worry as we are here to help you.

Clan war leagues are easy to participate in. For this you have to be a member of a clan and that clan must join the league when clan war leagues start.

If you are already in a clan then do ask your clan leader to join the league so that your clan can take full benefit of the war league.

Does Clan War Leagues Start Every Month?

Yes, Clash of Clans has updated their gameplay a lot. They introduced the clan war leagues in 2020. Ever Since then, Clan War Leagues start in first week of every month.

When Does Clan War Leagues Start?

UPDATE: The next Clan War League is scheduled to start on 1st March 2024 (8:00 AM UTC)

Clan War Leagues start on the First of Every Month. The clan leader can choose players from their clan and join the league on its start.

Clash of Clans gives 2 days for a clan to join the league. Your clan is placed into the league on the basis of their clan league level.

If your clan just started out in the league then it will be placed in the Bronze league.

Is Clan War Leagues different from Clan Wars?

Clan War Leagues Start
Yes. Clan wars are played between two clans that fight for their honor. A Clan war leagues start on day 1 and is played between 7 clans that fight to win the number 1 spot.

In Clan Wars, a player can attack twice on the opponent clan. In Clan war league you can only attack once.

Clan War League gives you league medals along with the usual bonus loot.  This perk makes it valuable than Clan wars.

You can play clan wars any time you want but for clan war league you have to join it when the league opens.

A clan war lasts for two days whereas a clan war leagues start and lasts for 7 days.

How Long is Clan War Leagues Preparation?

Clan war league has a different set of rules as compared to clan wars. In Clan war leagues you get 1-day preparation before the war with the first clan began.

After that, the current battle day is also counted as the preparation day for the battle with the second clan.

In this way, you play 7 battles in 7 days.

How to Win a Clan War League?

Once again – Participation is not the only thing that you should worry about in CWL. You must focus on winning the league because then you will get more league medals, more bonus loot, and your clan will get higher XP.

A Clan War can only be won through teamwork. As the saying goes – Team Work Makes dreams work.

Your clan has to play as one single unit in order to win the league. It is important that every member discuss their strategy with other members before attacking their rivals.

Your clan must have a clear strategy of which clan member will attack which base. Mostly two members attack the same base thereby wasting their attacks.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that if a base has already been claimed with 1 or two-star then do not waste your attack on it.

Always attack bases that have zero stars on them. Deploy strategies like gowipe, lavaloon to get three stars on bases below th11.

Donations are crucial in winning the clan war league. If your clan has a player with a higher level of troops and siege machine then it is his duty to donate other members with the demanded troops.

Most clans forget that defending their base is also an important part of clan war leagues. You must verify that every member has a defending troop in their war base clan castle.

Electro dragon and super minions are the most popular clan castle troops that can be donated as defending troops.

We have a detailed post on how you can score 3 stars in Clan Wars. Do read it.

Clan War Leagues Medal Distribution

You can read the detailed medal distribution here.  The more stars you earn for your clan the more medals you will get.

If you do not have any clan to join then you can join my clan.

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