What Happens If I Upgrade Lab While Upgrading Troops? (2024) Easy Advice

A Commonly asked question by clashers is that what will happen if I upgrade lab while upgrading troops in COC?

When I was a beginner in Clash of clans I had a similar question. I was doubting that upgrading the lab would stop the troop upgrade. Therefore, I did not upgrade labs while upgrading troops.

It did not cause any major issue as at lower town halls I could easily upgrade the lab in just a few hours.

Can I Upgrade Lab While Upgrading Troops?

Since lab upgrade did not consume much time therefore I did not think about this until town hall 9.

upgrade lab while upgrading troops

AT TH9 you need to upgrade your laboratory to level. The build cost would be 800K elixir. The lab would upgrade to level  7. It will take 1 day time for this.

Now I got the chance to test and verify my theory that upgrading troops will be affected by upgrading lab. The basis was simple that upgrading the lab would result in its shut down. As it will stop therefore any troop or spell upgrade that’s going on would stop too.

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At that time I had my dragons at level 5. To upgrade them to level 6 I was asked 2 million elixirs by the lab. Also, the Lab showed that it would take 1 day and 12 hours to upgrade them to the next level.

So I looted the required elixir and clicked upgrade dragon in the laboratory for 2 million elixirs.

The timer began and showed me that Dragon will upgrade to level 6 in 1 day 11 hours 59 seconds.

Now to upgrade the laboratory I was required to give the builder an 800K elixir. Since I looted a good amount of elixir therefore I already had the required elixir in my storages, loot cart, and clan castle.

I ordered y builder to bring down his hammer and upgrade the laboratory to the next level with an 800K elixir. The timer showed me time left as 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.

So my assumption was that Now I have put the laboratory on upgrade it will stop the dragon upgrade. This means that when the builder finishes with the upgrade the lab will still show the dragon upgrade timer as 1 day and 11 hours 58 minutes (it took me 1 minute to collect the elixir and put the builder on work).

So I set alarm on phone for the next day. After 23 hours and 59 minutes, I opened my COC game.

The builder was just a few seconds away from the upgrade.

It slammed the final hammer and viola my laboratory was not at level 7. New design and New color.

But What’s this?

My Dragon upgrade timer is down to 11 hours and 58 minutes. This means that Dragon was upgrading simultaneously.

In short words, it means that if there is a troop upgrade going on in the laboratory and we put the laboratory itself on upgrade too then the troop upgrade will continue unaffected.

How can we use this fact to our advantage?

Simple. Time your Upgrades.

Before you employ a builder to upgrade your laboratory make sure that there is a troop or spell upgrade going on in the laboratory that will take a longer time than the laboratory upgrade.

Say for example you have two troop upgrades in Laboratory – One will take 3 days and the other will take 2 days.

Now when you check laboratory upgrade it shows that the builder will upgrade 2 days and 12 hours to upgrade it.

Now, which troop will you upgrade?

You will upgrade the troop that takes a longer time than your library upgrade. So I will choose the troop that will take 3 days to upgrade. This way when my builder completes the laboratory upgrade the troop upgrade will still be going on.

If I had chosen the second option where troop upgrade takes 2 days then I would be wasting 12 hours since my builder would be taking 12 more hours to upgrade the laboratory.

How Can I Speed Up My Lab Upgrade

You can use research potion and builder potion to speed up your lab upgrade. A Research potion takes off 23 hours in troop/spell upgrade. While a Builder potion takes off 9 hours in lab upgrade.

What is the fastest way to upgrade troops in Clash of Clans?

You can use several magic items to fasten your troop upgrades in COC lab. You can use book of fighting to finish any troop upgrade in one click. Similarly you can use book of spell to upgrade any spell in one go.


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upgrade lab while upgrading troops