Best Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order (2023) Easy Priority Guide For Beginners

Town hall 8 upgrade order will face the same issue that was faced by previous town halls i.e. too much elixir (and dark elixir). However, one good thing about Town hall 8 is that now you need to play multiplayer battles more.

You need a huge amount of gold and elixir that cannot be achieved from monthly season rewards or other challenges. Therefore you have to follow the old school method of looting other bases.

How long does it take to upgrade to Town Hall 8 in COC?

To upgrade to town hall 8 you need to max out your town hall level 7. It will take 26 days 14 hours and 49 minutes for two builders to max out TH7.

However, if you have all the five builders unlocked then you can max out your town hall 7 and move to TH8 in just 10 days 15 hours, and 31 minutes.

What should I upgrade first at Town Hall 8?

Now back to the original question. I am assuming that you have five builders already unlocked on TH8. If not then it will take you months to max out town hall level 8.

Anyways we will follow the offense first defense later method. In this method, we will upgrade the buildings that will make our armies stronger so that we can easily wipe out the opponent base in multiplayer battles and clan war leagues.

The first building that you need to upgrade is LABORATORY.

Appoint builder 1 to upgrade your laboratory as after that you will get the benefit of the TH power potion boost. You will have the highest levels of troops and spells available for 4 days.

Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order

What are the max upgrades for town hall 8?

We have a detailed post on town hall 8 max levels so do check it out and see how powerful your base will get on town hall level 8.

Town hall 8 upgrade guide 2022

The clan castle will get an upgrade at TH8 so appoint Builder 2 to clan castle.

The third builder needs to be used to unlock the Dark spell factory. After the dark spell factory is upgraded using the same builder to upgrade the dark spell factory to level 2 and unlock earthquake spell after poison spell.

Use Builder 4 to unlock the second dark elixir drill. You need not max it out right now but unlocking it can help you get more dark elixir on your base.

The fifth builder will unlock all the new traps and walls from the shop. This will take less than a minute. So after builder 5 unlocks them use it to unlock the Bomb tower. This defensive building will make your base stronger in clan wars.

Builder 1 will be free quickly therefore use it to unlock the second dark barrack.

Town hall 8 Priority list

The four army camps do not see any upgrade at Town hall 8. Also, there is no upgrade for the spell factory.

Barracks and dark barracks are the two offensive buildings that will see an upgrade. Now you have to be careful. You need to take maximum benefit of army boost so that you can loot the maximum amount of resources in the first four days.

Therefore do not upgrade all four barracks and two dark barracks simultaneously. It will slow down your army production.

The barrack will see only one level upgrade and unlock the PEKKA but the dark barracks will see the two-level upgrade.

Therefore appoint one builder on one barracks. Now the builder that unlocked the new dark barrack has the job to max it out to level 4. This way you will still have one dark barrack to utilize minion and hog rider.

After Builder 2 maxes out the second dark barrack use it to max out the first dark barrack to level 4.

The builder 1 that was appointed to upgrade one barrack should be used to upgrade the other three barracks one by one.

As for the other three builders, you have a wide variety of choices. But I will strongly recommend upgrading your new elixir and gold storage first.

This will give you the advantage to store more gold and elixir. So appoint builder 3 on the new elixir storage and builder 4 on the new gold storage. Both builders will stay fixed on storage until it maxes out.

The big issue you will face at TH8 is what to do with extra dark elixir. You might get interested in maxing out your king but do not touch the king for the first four days.

Use that dark elixir in dark elixir troop level upgrades as well as in using a dark elixir troop army.

My favorite is the mass hog rider army. It will take a substantial amount of dark elixir and you will score three stars on most bases.

Builder 5 should be used to upgrade dark elixir storage

TH8 upgrade priority 2021 Reddit

By now your offensive buildings are maxed out and your four days boost is over. So your first job is max out Barbarian king now.

Use builder 1 to upgrade Barbarian king. Keep it fixed on the king until it maxes him out to level 10.

Use builder 2 to max out the dark elixir drill.

You have to upgrade the defensive buildings now. The first and most important defense on your base is the air defense.

Use Builder 3, builder 4, and builder 5 to upgrade air defense. Yes, you can appoint them simultaneously.

After the air defense is maxed out you need to focus on the wizard towers. You have three wizard towers on TH8. So your three builders should be busy upgrading them to max level.

Hidden tesla is the third defensive building that will make your base stronger. Again you have three hidden teslas so use your builders to max it out.

You have five archer towers on town hall level 8. Prioritize them above cannon and mortar for upgrading.

After your archer towers are maxed out, use your builders to upgrade your four mortars to the maximum level.

Also, appoint the free builder on air sweeper and then on bomb tower to max it out.

The four cannons are the last defenses that you will upgrade to maximum levels.

Town hall 8 upgrade time

The third phase of your upgrade order will focus on traps. To be honest you can upgrade traps in any order. You have bombs, giant bombs, air bombs, and spring traps.

My preference is to upgrade giant bombs first since it can protect you from mass hog rider attacks. Then I focus on spring traps as these play vital roles in GoWiPe.

After that, I upgrade air bombs as it helps against a mass dragon attack. Bombs are the last trap that I upgrade.

How long does it take to max TH8 2022?

With 5 builders you can upgrade town hall 8 in 21 days.  However, your laboratory will take around 24 days and 14 hours to max out.

Therefore prioritize research potion over builder potion.

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