Best Town Hall 7 Upgrade Order (2023) Easy TH7 Priority Guide List

Town hall 7 Upgrade guide can become a crucial part of your Clash of clans Journey. First of all, you are now not in the starter league anymore. The game will now show you monthly season challenges instead of the starter challenges.

Secondly, you will unlock your first hero – The Barbarian King at TH7. This would indicate that now you are an intermediate player in COC. 

The most important tip that I want to give you for town hall 7 is that you should unlock your fifth builder as soon as possible. I would assume that you already have four builders by now. 

You can easily unlock the third builder by collecting 500 gems from doing starter missions, achievements, and events. If you win any potion then sell it for gems as it will help you more.

You can unlock the fourth builder by buying the builder pack. For the fifth builder, you need to cross the 1250 trophy mark. On the way, you will already collect the required 1500 gems.

Now let’s take a look at our priority list for the town hall 7 upgrades. To make it easy for you we have made this guide for bases that have four builders. If you already have the fifth builder then you can speed up your progress by going to the next steps. 

What should I upgrade first at Town Hall 7?

I have shared in previous posts too that you should first focus on upgrading offenses instead of defenses.

The first building that you need to upgrade is Laboratory. You will unlock a three-day troop boost as soon as you unlock TH7. Your troop will be to the max level as afforded by your current laboratory level. This is the reason why you should upgrade your laboratory first.

TH7 Town hall 7 upgrade priority

Use the second builder to unlock the dark elixir storage. It is important because you want to store the looted dark elixir now. This will also help you to unlock the barbarian king.

Use the third builder to unlock the new army camp. The third builder should unlock and upgrade the new army camp to the max level. Therefore, appoint it again and again on the same army camp.

Use the fourth builder to upgrade your barrack to unlock the Mighty DRAGON. If you are an experienced player then you already know how much important a dragon is in the game.

The fourth builder should be used to upgrade barracks one by one.

You can also use one of your builders to clear obstacles on your base as it will give you extra gems which you need for the fifth builder.

Max town hall 7 upgrades list

town hall 7 upgrade guide

As soon as your first builder gets free from the laboratory use it to upgrade your spell factory to unlock the rage spell. It will take two days to upgrade the spell factory.

Your second builder should be used to unlock the dark elixir drill after unlocking the dark elixir storage. This will speed up your dark elixir collection.

Since the third and fourth builders are already appointed to one task therefore we will focus on the second builder.

The second builder will be used to unlock dark barracks and barbarian king according to your dark elixir collection.

It will also unlock all the new defenses, resources buildings, traps, and walls. This will hardly take ten minutes. After all your new buildings are unlocked you will use a second builder to upgrade your dark barracks to level 2 and unlock hog rider.

If you are in sync with the first builder then both your builder will get free at approx. same time.

Now appoint both first and second builders to upgrade elixir and gold storage one by one. If you need any loot then you can do practice missions or single-player missions for that.

You necessarily don’t need to go for multiplayer attacks until your dragon and rage spell is unlocked.

Your first and second builder will upgrade all storage including the dark elixir storage.

Now you will appoint the first builder to upgrade barbarian king to max level (5). Your second builder should be used to upgrade the dark elixir drill to the max level.

Up until now, the upgrade order should be followed strictly as it can speed up your game efficiently.

After all these upgrades you can say your base is maxed out to 7.5 town hall. Now we will move to the second part of town hall 7 upgrades.

Town hall 7 upgrade list and cost

In the second part, we will focus on upgrading defenses and resource buildings. Firstly we will upgrade all our defenses as these buildings protect our base from external attacks.

The first defense that you should upgrade is Air Defense. This is because your base will now face a lot of air attacks. Your base will give three stars in clan wars if your air defense is not to the max level.

Therefore we will use three builders to max out air defenses to max level in one go. You can use the fourth builder to upgrade the air sweeper.

The second defense you should focus on is wizard tower. It can attack both ground and air. Therefore whenever any builder gets free from maxing out air defense appoint it to max out wizard tower.

The third defense that can protect your base effectively from air attacks is the archer tower. Therefore we will upgrade the archer tower to the max. Again we will use all builders on all archer towers.

The fourth defense that needs your attention is the Hidden Tesla. It can also attack both ground and air.

After your hidden tesla is maxed out you should appoint your builders to ground-based defenses. The most important is mortar as it can do splash damage to ground troops.

The sixth and final defense is cannon. You should upgrade them after all your other defensive buildings are maxed out.

Traps are the final part of your defense upgrades. You can upgrade them according to your convenience.

After your offense and defense are maxed out you can focus on upgrading your resource buildings. Use your builders to upgrade gold mines and elixir collectors one by one.

You can do it in any order as it is not important.

Walls Should be upgrade in the end.

TH7 Upgrade Guide for Troops in Laboratory

Upgrade your Light Spell first. As soon as the dragon unlocks use our elixir to upgrade it to level 2 in the laboratory.

Here is an easy to remember upgrade list for town hall 7 laboratory –

  • Light Spell
  • Dragon
  • Wizard
  • Rage Spell
  • Healer
  • Minion
  • Hog Rider
  • Giant
  • Barbarian
  • Archer
  • Minion
  • Wall breaker
  • Balloon

How long does it take to fully upgrade Town Hall 7?

Town hall 7 upgrades will take considerable time as compared to previous town halls. If you have five builders then you can max out town hall 7 in 10 days. With four builders you will take as many as 14 days to max out town hall 7.

This means your town hall 7 can be upgraded to TH8 within a monthly season. This is beneficial for your future upgrades as you will get USABLE bonus gold, elixir, and dark elixir by the season end.

What are the max upgrades for town hall 7?

We have already shared the town hall 7 max levels list on our blog. You can check it out.

How do I upgrade my town hall to level 7?

You can upgrade your town hall to level 7 after you have maxed out your town hall 6 bases.

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