50+ Best Town Hall 6 War Base Designs (2023) TH6 Layouts for Clan Wars Leagues

You will wonder how to make a good town hall 6 war base that does not give three stars to the opponent. I will be honest with you that no matter how unbeatable your th6 war base might look but if a higher town hall player attacks it in clan war they are likely to overkill it to gain three stars.

A Town hall 6 war base will be prone to air attacks. If the opponent attack with a dragon army along with a hero then you are surely going to lose it.

However, you can still create a great town hall 6 war base for opponents that are at th 6 or lower town hall levels.

Best Town Hall 6 War Base Layout Basics

In Clan war, your storage does not matter at all. The opponent does not attack you to loot your resources. Their target is to wipe out your entire base and get the 3 stars for their clan.

This is the reason why you should place your storage on the outer compartments of the base. You can use them to protect your defensive buildings.

Another mistake that a player might commit is that they focus too many on-air attacks that they consider mortar and cannon useless.

Let me clear to you that you might face ground-based opponents. This is the reason why I recommend you place your mortar and cannon on the inner side.

The most important buildings are air defense and wizard tower. You can use your archer tower to protect these buildings.

The buildings that can attack with air and ground should be prioritized on the inside. Please note that you should always fill your clan castle with powerful troops like dragons or wizards.

After considering all these points we built some of the best th6 war base designs. Here we present you 50+ best town hall 6 war base layouts that you can easily copy via a link or download –

Town hall 6 base design for clan war leagues

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