Best Town Hall 6 Upgrade Order (2023) Priority Guide for TH6

To be honest, the Town hall 6 upgrade strategy is probably the most boring among all other town halls. This is because you neither get any exciting troop at town hall 6 nor do you get any popular building.

The only cool thing about town hall 6 is that your base layout increases in size and you get a design that covers half of your overall base.

What should I upgrade at town hall 6?

As Usually, I prefer offense over defense. Therefore elixir upgrades will be first before gold upgrades.

The very first building that I would strongly advise you to upgrade is Laboratory.

As soon as you reach town hall level 6 you will get a 3-day boost of army and storage. Your army will be boosted to the max level corresponding to the laboratory level.

You can utilize it effectively if you upgrade your laboratory ASAP (as soon as possible).

Town hall 6 upgrade priority

Always prioritize offense over defense. If your attack is powerful then you can loot more resources and max out your storage quickly.

This means you should upgrade your Army Camp as soon as you reach town hall 6. If you are following our clash of clans tips and tricks then you will already be storing enough elixir to put two army camps on upgrade simultaneously.

I am assuming that you are having at least four builders by now. One builder is in the laboratory and two builders are on army camps. You should use your fourth builder to unlock traps, walls, and resource buildings as it will take less than 2 minutes.

After this use your fourth builder to upgrade your clan castle. If you are in a clan then you will not receive donations as per clan level. Your donations will match your laboratory level. This will change at town hall 8.

Your laboratory will upgrade to level 4 in four hours costing you 100K elixir. As soon as it upgrades use that builder to upgrade the spell factory.

town hall 6 upgrade

Your spell factory will upgrade to level 2 in one day and it will cost you 300K elixir. At level two spell factory you will unlock the necessary ‘healing’ spell. Your spell storage capacity will also increase to 4.

You will upgrade your clan castle to level three in 12 hours. It will cost you 800K gold. Your clan castle capacity will increase to 20. This means you can ask for the MIGHTY DRAGON in your clan castle from your clanmates.

Use that builder to unlock new buildings one by one. First, go for mortar than air defense and in the end for wizard tower.

At town hall 6 you have 3 army camps that can be upgraded to level 6. This will increase troop capacity to 50 units per camp and 150 units in the total army.

Whenever your army camp is upgraded use that troop to upgrade the third army camp. When your second army camp is upgraded use that builder to upgrade your barracks to level 8.

You will unlock Healer at barrack level 8. If you are part of an active clan then a healer won’t change your attack strategies much. However, if you are playing solo then a healer can be the most important troop for you.

DO not upgrade barracks simultaneously. Use the same builder to upgrade one barrack at a time.

After the elixir upgrades are complete you can use your builders to upgrade your gold storage and elixir storage.

After this, you will be left with defensive buildings. Upgrade archer tower first then go for wizard tower. Prefer air defense to upgrade first before the mortars. Upgrade cannons after upgrading mortars.

Your traps will be the last defensive buildings that you need to upgrade. After you are done with defensive buildings you will move on to resource buildings. Luckily you don’t have many resources buildings to upgrades like town hall 5.

You need to upgrade one gold mine and one elixir collector to the max.

What are all the max levels for town hall 6?

Here are all the max levels of all the buildings at town hall 6 –

Building NameNumber of BuildingsMax Level
Elixir Colelctor610
Gold Mine610
Elixir Storage210
Gold Storage210
Builder Hut4-5
Army Camp36
Spell Factory12
Clan Castle13
Archer Tower37
Wizard Tower23
Air Defense14
Air Sweeper12
Air Bomb22
Spring Trap41
Giant Bomb12

How long does it take to upgrade the town hall to 6 levels?

We did a detailed post on how much time it will take to max out one town hall. We found that to max out town hall 5 it will take around 3 days and 2 hours. Therefore you will take around 3 days to upgrade the town hall to 6 levels.

Town Hall 6 Upgrade Time

We also analyzed town hall 6 max out time and found that with five builders you can easily max out your sixth level town hall in 5 days.

Town hall level 6 max upgrade

I do not focus on wall upgrades at a higher level but they are really important up to town hall 11. Therefore please include wall upgrades in your town hall 6 max upgrade strategy.

Town hall 6 upgrade list

Here is an easy to remember upgrade list for th 6 –

  • Laboratory
  • Spell Factory
  • Army Camp 1 and 2
  • Traps, walls, New Elixir Collector, New Gold Mine
  • Clan Castle
  • Army Camp 3
  • New Mortar
  • New Air Defense
  • Army Camp 3
  • New Wizard Tower
  • Gold Storage (one by one)
  • Elixir Storage (one by one)
  • Barrack (Use Same Builder and Upgrade one by one)
  • Archer Tower (one by one)
  • Wizard tower (one by one)
  • Air Defense (one by one)
  • Mortar (one By one)
  • Traps (Giant Bomb)
  • Cannon
  • Gold Mine
  • Elixir Collector

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