20+ Best Town Hall 6 Funny Base Designs (2023) Troll TH6 with Links

You will often see town hall 6 funny base designs when you go to attack in multiplayer battles. This is not new. Many players love to troll other clashers by setting up either engineered bases or base designs that resemble pop culture icons.

When you go to attack other players in multiplayer battles you will often come across such bases. You might be wondering how to get such a base design of your own.

Town hall 6 Funny Base TH 6

If you have a pop culture reference In your mind that you want to use for your base design then we got you covered.

The most important piece in a funny base design is the walls. At each town hall, you get additional 25 wall pieces. Therefore you can design a different set of art pieces at different town hall levels.

At town hall 6 you have 125 walls which can be upgraded to a max level of six.

The sixth level wall is pink in color. Now you must understand that you can arrange these wall pieces in different styles to resemble your pop culture icon.

The color of the wall pieces too can help you. For example, you can have the whole funny base designed with pink walls or you can have different colored walls to set small motifs within the whole design.

You can use the level 1 wooden walls or the grey color walls from level 2 to 4. The level 5 yellow walls are even better suited for creating an iconic design.

Since you have 125 walls on town hall 6 this means that you are limited to only a few kinds of designs. At Town hall 6 you might not make a funny skull base but it can be easily created at town hall 9.

The most popular town hall 6 funny base design that you can create with the pink balls is the batman logo.

If you are a Batman fan then you will love this design. You can also create a dog base.

Some people love to use the walls to send a message. If your quote or message can be created using 125 walls then we highly recommend doing it.

Please remember that a troll base is prone to 100% damage. Your opponent will over-kill your base by using just a minimal amount of troops.

If you don’t have any problem with that then you can go ahead and try these awesome town hall 6 funny base designs.

Town Hall 6 Troll Base Designs

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Should I Create a Town Hall 6 Funny Base

If your storages are maxed out and you are not going to upgrade to next town hall then you can have a little fun. Your will get 20% of the loot you gave back in the loot cart.