45+ Best Town Hall 6 Defense Base Links (2023) TH6 Trophy/Hybrid Copy & Download

If you look up Town hall 6 defense base designs you will find out that many layout designs are not unbeatable or unstoppable. Several anti-everything designs give up 3 stars easily due to poor use of air sweeper as well as poor placement of air defense.

By Town hall 6 you will realize that hybrid bases are more popular than trophy bases or even farming bases. A Defense base or trophy base design focuses more on not giving one star. The town hall is placed in the innermost sector in such designs.

Best TH 6 Defense Base (Trophy, Hybrid)

You can even give up your storage and resource buildings just to defend your base from getting 50% destruction. However, a good air attack can destroy even the unbreakable defense base at town hall level 6.

When designing the best town hall 6 defense bases you must be clear in your head on where to place your wizard towers as well as mortars and air defense.

You do not want these defensive buildings in one compartment as a powerful light spell combo can easily take them out.

At Town hall 6 you have 53 buildings and 125 wall sets. Here Is a breakdown

Building Type Building Name Number of Buildings Level
Resource Buildings Elixir Collector 6 10
Gold Mine 6 10
Elixir Storage 2 10
Gold Storage 2 10
Builder Hut 3-5 N/A
Army Buildings Barracks 3 8
Army Camp 3 6
Clan Castle 1 3
Laboratory 1 4
Defensive Buildings Cannons 3 7
Archer Towers 3 7
Mortar 2 4
Air Defense 2 4
Wizard Towers 2 3
Air Sweeper 1 2
Walls 125 6
Traps Bombs 4 3
Spring Trap 4 1
Air Bomb 2 2
Giant Bomb 1 2

You get an additional mortar and wizard tower. You also unlock an air sweeper which can help a lot in mass balloon attacks.

Here are stats of defensive buildings that are going to protect your base from everything –

Defensive Building DPS* HitPoints Range Target
Cannon 40 730 9 tiles Ground
Archer Tower 42 630 10 tiles Air & Ground
Mortar 7 550 4-11 tiles Ground
Air Defense 160 950 10 tiles Air
Wizard Tower 16 680 7 tiles Air & Ground
Air sweeper 2 Tiles Push 800 1-15 Tiles Air
DPS = Damage Per Second

Based on these stats we have designed these 25+ best town hall 6 defense bases that you can easily copy –

Town hall 6 Defense Base Link

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