Ultimate Town Hall 4 Upgrade Order (2024) Easy Priority Guide

When you set your town hall 4 upgrade order you will realize that you have more resources in gold and elixir than you need. There was a time when even upgrading Town hall 4 was considered a challenging task.

But Clash of Clans has come a long way. Now you can max out TH4 in just under two days. All this is because of the rewards and the 4x star bonus that you get as soon as you reach level 4 of the town hall.

Town Hall 4 Upgrade Guide

If you play wisely then you will do just three or four attacks and loot enough to max out your town hall 4. Moreover, you will also unlock the builder hall at this level. This means that you can do builder base missions to which will give you bags of gold and elixir.

Even though you have all the resources to max out your town hall in just 2 days still I would advise you to not move to the next town hall until your troops boost and your 4x star loot bonus is active. This boost of troops can help you a lot in upgrading your builder hall 2 and 3 as well.

At Town hall 4 you will unlock the following Buildings

  • Gold Mine – +1
  • Elixir Collector – +1
  • Barracks – +1
  • Archer Tower – +1
  • Air Defense – +1
  • Spring Traps – +2
  • Walls – +25

When you check the unlocked buildings you will find air defense as the most exciting addition to your defense.

While you may not get many air attacks from the same town hall but if you do then the air defense can help you in stopping your opponents.

Town hall 4 upgrade guide

You can unlock spring traps and walls instantly as they do not require much time. Apart from this, you can pretty much ignore other unlocked buildings.

Town Hall 4 Upgrade Priority

The first and foremost building that you should upgrade is your laboratory.

We always encourage an attacking mindset and for that, you need the highest level of troops available at your town hall. An upgraded laboratory will unlock new troop levels.

There is also a power potion boost on your troops so you might want to use it effectively. Therefore, upgrading the laboratory right away is the best idea.

You can use one builder to unlock air defense in the meantime.

Town Hall 4 Upgrade and Levelling Guide


Use one builder to upgrade your clan castle as its unit capacity will increase by +5. You will get more troops to protect your base in your absence.

If you have five builders unlocked then use the remaining two builders to upgrade your army camp. I will assume that you have a 4x star bonus already available so loot the required amount of elixir. Use the elixir to upgrade your army camps.

If you have extra gold available then use it to upgrade the newly unlocked walls to max level.

As soon as your laboratory is upgraded you will move the free builder to one barrack. You need to upgrade your barracks and unlock the mighty balloons.

Town Hall 4 Upgrade to Max Out

Do not upgrade both barracks side by side. It will halt your army production. Upgrade one barrack at a time. Keep one of your builders busy on barracks only. When it upgrades both barracks then use the builder to unlock the third barrack and upgrade it to max level.

In the old days of COC, we would upgrade gold storage and elixir storage first so that we can store more loot. However, with so much bonus available we can hold our builders to upgrade the storages later on.

You can appoint your builders to upgrade gold storage and elixir storage one by one.

After your storage is upgraded then appoint your builders to defensive buildings – Upgrade mortar first then both cannon and then archer towers. After this upgrade the Air defense to level 2.

Now you can unlock the gold mines and elixir collector. You can upgrade all the mines and collectors to the max level. In the meantime use your gold to upgrade all your walls to max level.

If you follow this guide properly then your base will max out in 36 hours. However, do not rush to the next town hall until all your resources are full as well as your clan castle treasury is full.

Upgrade order in Laboratory

Giants would be the first troop you need to upgrade. After this upgrade balloons. In the end, you can upgrade Wall breakers.

Now you might realize that having 5 builders can make your job easy. If you haven’t unlocked more builders then consider doing so as upgrades will become lengthy at higher town halls.

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