Best Town Hall 3 Upgrade Order (2024) Levelling Guide to Max Out TH3

Town Hall 3 Upgrade order is not as confusing as those of higher-level town halls. But still, if you do it in the correct order then you will save a lot of your time and resources.

Townhall 3 in a way introduces you to clan world as you unlock clan castle at this TH level. You can rebuild the clan castle in one go at this town hall. Rebuild the clan castle right away.

Town Hall 3 Upgrades

Another important thing that you should do right away is to build a second army camp. It will not take much time. You will unlock two bomb traps too at this town hall. Place them on your base immediately.

The first major building that you get at Town hall 3 is Mortar. This defense building unlocks at 8000 gold and takes 3 hours to upgrade.

Now if you have bought a builder pack that doesn’t cost much then you will have at least 3 builders by now.

Use 1 Builder to unlock the mortar.

Another important building that you unlock at this level is the laboratory. A Laboratory will upgrade your troop levels. This way you can shed the excess elixir that you might have stored by now.

town hall 3 upgrade

Use the second builder to unlock the laboratory.

If you have a third builder then use it to upgrade elixir storage. Why? This is because after your laboratory is upgraded you will require 25K elixir to upgrade Barbarian. For Archer, you will need a 45K elixir and for a goblin, you will need a 40K elixir. Your current elixir storage cannot hold this much elixir.

You cannot upgrade the Giant and the new troop wall breaker at this town hall. The quickly you upgrade barbarians the better you can loot resources in multiplayer battles.

You need to upgrade your elixir storage capacity to 100K as early as possible. Don’t forget to keep your laboratory running in the meantime.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 3 Upgrade Leveling Guide

Your upgrade order in the laboratory also matters a lot. Upgrade barbarian first. Then upgrade archer. You need to upgrade the goblins in the end.

You will use two builders to upgrade two elixir storages. Use another builder to upgrade the army camp.

Both army camps can be upgraded to level 3 at TH 3. This means that your total army capacity will reach 70.

Now you need to upgrade your gold storage. Upgrading your storage will also complete several missions that can give you additional gems.

If you do not use these gems then you will be near 1000 gems. This means you will be able to unlock the fourth builder before town hall 4.

After upgrading Gold storage you can easily loot more resources. Your builder will be able to utilize the gold in upgrading buildings that required more gold than storage capacity.

You can upgrade your defensive buildings in any order as you like. However, I prefer to upgrade the archer tower first. This is because it requires lesser time. Also, an archer tower can target air troops so if by chance you are attacked by air troops from clan castle then your archer tower will be capable to defend you.

Upgrade canon after the archer tower. As you will be attack by town hall 3 or town hall 2 army so you don’t need to worry much about the defense. Now you will have only barracks, gem mines, and elixir collectors left to be upgraded.

Town Hall 3 Upgrade Wiki

Upgrade one barrack and two resource buildings at a time. Do not upgrade both barracks at the same time as you will not be able to create due to this.

Here is a simple town hall 3 upgrade order that you can easily remember

  1. Clan Castle
  2. Army camp 2
  3. Mortar
  4. Laboratory
  5. Both Elixir Storages
  6. Both Army Camps
  7. Both Gold Storages
  8. Archer Tower
  9. Cannon
  10. Barracks
  11. Gold Mines
  12. Elixir Collectors
  13. WALLS

You might wonder that why we upgraded barracks at the end whereas as town hall 2 we upgraded barracks first.

This is because the fifth troop unlocked by barracks is a wall breaker. It is very much useless troop at town hall 3. You can use the barracks to create an army and avoid a disruption in your loot flow.

Also, we upgrade mines and collectors in the end because these buildings have little to no impact at TH3. You will loot way more gold and elixir than these buildings can produce.

Your upgrade order can be different than this but this order takes the shortest amount of time and even minimum resources to max out Town hall 3. By following this order you can max out TH3 in around 14 hours.

UPDATE: If you have two builders then it will take 1 day 8 hour and 3 mins to max out TH3 as of 2024 data.

Do not rush to Town hall 4. Upgrade your walls in the end. Then upgrade to the next town hall.

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Maxed Out Town Hall 3 Upgrade