Town Hall 3 Max Levels List (2023) TH3 Highest Defenses, Fastest Time, Troops & Resources

When you upgrade to TH3 you often wonder about Town hall 3 Max levels. After all, moving to the next town hall is always exciting. Not only it unlocks new features but also enables upgrades for already existing buildings.

At Town hall 3 you will have around 10 buildings which will now make your base bigger.

What are the max upgrades for town hall 3?

If you are searching for this question then do not look any further as we got answers to all your queries. A Town hall 3 building unlocks right after you upgrade your town hall 2.

Now here lets a take a look at the Town hall 3 max levels list for each building type.

TH 3 Max base list

You have to upgrade your army buildings, your defenses, and your resource buildings before moving on to town hall 4. It won’t take much of your time.

Since Town hall 3 also unlock clan castle, therefore, looting resources will get much easier for you. It will improve your attack strategies a lot. I would strongly recommend you to join a clan so that you score 3 stars on opponents’ bases by using high-quality clan castle troops.

Town Hall 3 max upgrades list for Resource buildings

Town Hall 3 Resource Buildings MAX Level No. of Buildings
Elixir Collector 6 3
Gold Mine 6 3
Elixir Storage 6 2
Gold Storage 6 2

As you can see from the table

  • At TH3 you will get one more elixir collector. You can upgrade all your three elixir collectors to a maximum level of 6.
  • Similarly, you will unlock an additional gold mine. The three gold mines can be maxed out to level 6 just like elixir collectors.
  • At town hall 3 your storage space will also increase. You will unlock additional elixir storage. The two elixir storages can be maxed out to level 6 for town hall 3.
  • You will need extra gold storage to upgrade your costly walls now. The two gold storages at TH3 can be upgraded to a max level of 6.

Town Hall 3 max levels

Clash of Clans Max Levels Chart for Army buildings of TH3

Town Hall 3 Army Buildings Levels No. of Buildings
Barracks 5 2
Army Camp 3 2
Laboratory 1 1
Clan Castle 1 1
  • The most attractive thing about TH3 is that you get an additional army camp. The two army camps can be upgraded to level 3 thereby increasing your troop capacity.
  • The two barracks of Town hall 3 can go as high as level 5. You unlock the wall breaker at TH3.
  • You will also unlock the laboratory at Town hall 3 which has a max level of 1.
  • You also unlock level 1 clan castle at TH3.

TH3 max defense levels table

Town Hall 3 Defenses Levels No. of Buildings
Cannon 4 2
Archer Tower 3 1
Mortar 1 1
Walls 3 50
  • The two cannons go to level 4 max.
  • The only archer tower is now available for an upgrade to max level 3.
  • You unlock a mortar of level 1.
  • The 50 walls can now be upgraded to max level 3.

town hall 3 max levels for traps

Town Hall 3 Traps Levels No. of Traps
Bomb 1 2
  • The two bombs that you unlock at TH3 can also be upgraded to level 2.

Town hall 3 max levels of elixir troops and upgrade cost

Town Hall 3 Troops TH3 Troop Levels
Barbarian 2
Archer 2
Giant 1
Goblin 2
Wall Breaker 1
  • Barbarians can be upgraded to level 2
  • Archers will also go to level 2
  • Giants cannot be upgraded at TH3 so they will stay at a max level of 1.
  • Goblins can be maxed out to Level 2.
  • Wall breakers are not available for upgrade at TH3.

How long does it take to upgrade Town hall 3 max levels?

You can upgrade TH3 to max levels in 13 hours by using just 1 builder. This time reduce to 6 hours for two builders and just 3 hours for 3 builders.

Your laboratory will need 10 hours to max out your troops. Do check our post sitemap.

How Much gold do I need for Town hall 3 max levels?

You will need around 409K gold to max out your town hall 3. Around 277K gold will be used to upgrade walls to max level and the rest will be used to upgrade defenses.

How Much elixir do I need For town hall 3 max levels?

You are required to loot around 220K elixir to max out your TH3. Around 95K elixir will be used for troop upgrades in the laboratory. The rest will be used to upgrade army buildings.

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