4 Best Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies and Army Composition (2024)

Town hall 3 attack strategies will follow the same concept as town hall 2. We will use cost-effective armies so that our loot amount is higher than the used elixir.

Our main goal is not just to push trophies but also to loot the maximum amount of resources while using the least of our resources.

If you have read our post of best pro tips for clash of clans then you already know that it is wise to complete the single player mission in coc rather than attacking in multiplayer battles.

However, we will share here the best Town Hall 3 attack strategies and army composition regardless of your attack preferences.

Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies Tips

At town hall 3 we unlock Mortar which is a long-range splash damage defense. A Mortar attacks any ground troop between 4 to 11 tile ranges.

Splash Damage means that when the bomb launched by mortar lands on the ground it kills/damages are nearby troops in 1 tile range.

Mortar has a Damage per second of 4 and hit points 400. Due to its splash damage ability, it is not wise to deploy the army as one single group.

If your opponent base has a well-protected mortar then it can easily take out any army combination of Town hall 3 attacks.

This is the reason why not only does your army composition matter but from now on your troop deployment method too will impact the outcome of the attack.

One ground rule that you can start following from town hall 3 is that never deploy more than 5 troops in one group.

On higher town hall levels you will also encounter giant bombs and other traps so keeping the deployment method in check can help you in long run.

Town Hall 3 Troops stats

Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies

At TH 3 we have two army camps at level 3 thereby increasing our total army to 70 troops.

This is a huge number for TH 3 as by proper deployment we can overkill any given base.

I would advise you to not use all your troops in the attack. If you can perfectly score 3 by using just half of the troops then use half only. There is no benefit in deploying the whole army.

Another cool thing about TH 3 is that now the Quick Train tab is open for you. This means you can save your army compositions and click on the train so that your whole army goes for training in one go.

You can also use the “Previous army” quick train option to train the army of the last attack.

Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies Army 1 All Barbarians

(12 Minutes Training Time, Total Cost 2100 Elixir)

Our successful army of All Barbarians will thrive on Town Hall 3 too. It is still very cost-effective and powerful. While Mortar can take out multiple barbarians in one go but still if you deployed them in several groups then barbarians can over-whelm mortar and easily destroy the whole base.

At town hall 3 you will still find many bases that don’t have properly used walls. Barbarians are the perfect army for such open bases. However, i have seen many people with even great base layout at town hall 2.

Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies Army 2 BARCH

(40 Barbarians 35 Archers – Training Time 12 Minutes 40 Seconds, Total cost 3000 Elixir)

BARCH is not a new army for you. We have already told you how good the BARCH attack could be at lower town halls.

At Town Hall 3 to you can use BARCH. This army composition is especially useful when the opponent has well-protected mortar behind walls. Barbarians can be used to track and lock mortar while archers can be used to destroy it.

Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies Army 3 GiBarb

(3-4 Giants, 0-2 wall breakers, 51 Barbarians Training Time 12 min 30 seconds, Training Cost 3180 Elixir)

Gibb can be a really solid army for TH 3. Even though your giants are just at level 1 but still they are powerful enough to handle the damage of mortar, cannons, and archer tower at TH3.

Wall breakers are optional. If you want to reduce your army cost then don’t use them at all.

Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies Army 4 GiArch

(3-4 Giants,  0-2 wallbreaker, 51 Archers Training time 14 min 12 sec Training cost 4710)

GiArch is a modification of GiBarb. Here we will be using archers instead of barbarians. The Purpose of Archers is to destroy buildings behind the walls.

You can also use wall breakers to pave way for giants. Although you have to unlock them first, therefore, most of your attacks might be without them.

If you have joined a clan by now then it would be a great idea to perfect your deployment technique and these army compositions by attacking your clanmates in a friendly challenge.

As we progress to the next town hall our attack strategies will become complicated. Therefore, make sure you have perfected your skill at this Town hall itself.

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