Town Hall 2 Max Levels List (2023) Highest TH2 Defenses, Troops, Fastest Time

Town Hall 2 Max Levels list is not something to worry about as you will easily upgrade TH2 in minutes.

The starter challenges will give you enough bonus to upgrade TH2 to the max without even going to a multiplayer battle attack.

However, if you are wondering what are the maximum levels of each building at town hall 2 then do we got you covered.

Max Levels in TH2 COC

We have divided our buildings into 4 parts –

  • Army Buildings
  • Defensive Buildings
  • Resource Buildings
  • Traps

Now let a take a look at the maximum level of each building in town hall 2 upgrades.

COC Resource Buildings in Town Hall 2 Max Levels List

Town Hall 2 Max Levels

Here is a table for resource buildings

Town Hall 2 Resource Buildings MAX Level No. of Buildings
Elixir Collector 4 2
Gold Mine 4 2
Elixir Storage 3 1
Gold Storage 3 1
  • You Get one new elixir collector. Both Elixir Collectors can be upgraded to a maximum level of 4.
  • You also unlock a new gold mine. Both the gold mines have the maximum level of 4 just like Elixir Collector.
  • Your Only Elixir Storage can reach level 3 at Town hall 2.
  • The single elixir storage will also get maxed out at Level 3 at TH2.

Max Army Building Levels List for TH2 COC

Town Hall 2 Army Buildings Levels No. of Buildings
Barracks 4 2
Army Camp 2 1

You can check out this table to understand it quickly.

As you can easily see that What is the max level barracks for th2? Here is what the table defines.

  • You unlock one extra barrack at town hall2. Both barracks can be upgraded to level 4. You will unlock Goblins at TH2.
  • You have only one army camp at Town hall 2 which maxes out at level 2.

Max Defenses Levels at Town Hall 2 in Clash of Clans

Town Hall 2 Defenses Levels No. of Buildings
Cannon 3 2
Archer Tower 2 1
Walls 2 25
  • You unlock the archer tower at town hall 2. It can be upgraded to a maximum of level 2.
  • The two cannons from TH1 can be upgraded to level 3 at Town hall 2.
  • You will also get 25 wall pieces at town hall 2. These wall pieces can be upgraded to the second level.

Max Levels for Elixir Troops at Town hall 2 in Clash of Clans

Town Hall 2 Troops TH2 Troop Levels
Barbarian 1
Archer 1
Giant 1
Goblin 1
  • Barbarians will stay at level 1.
  • Archer will also hold on to level 1.
  • Giants are powerful enough for town hall 2 at level 1.
  • Goblins are a new troop and they also have max level 1 at town hall 2.

How long does it take to max out Town Hall 2?

If you follow our upgrade guides strictly then you can max out your TH2 base in under 24 minutes with just 2 builders.

In other words, you can max out and upgrade from town hall 2 to town hall 3 in 24 minutes with just two builders.

Check our Sitemap to get easy tips.

How Much gold do you need to upgrade Town hall 2?

You will require around 45400 Gold coins to upgrade and max out your town hall 2. Of these 45400 gold coins, around 17900 will be spent on upgrading Cannon and archer tower. You will also require some gold to upgrade your elixir storage.

The remaining 27500 gold will be required to unlock and upgrade your 25 wall pieces from level 1 to level 2 at Town Hall 2.

How Much Elixir do you need to max out Town hall 2?

You will need a total of 22000 elixirs to max out your town hall 2. Please keep in mind that we are not including the cost to remove obstacles like trees, shrubs, stones, and other rare items from the base.

The 22000 elixirs are required to upgrade the army camp and barracks. You will also need it to upgrade your gold storage. At town hall 2 you do not have a laboratory therefore you do not need an elixir to upgrade your troop levels.

Since you will need an elixir to train your army, therefore, you have to count it as an extra elixir. We have not included the elixir to train your army at town hall 2.

We do not recommend using gems to instantly finish your upgrades at town hall 2. If you do so then you will need around 2400 gems to max out your town hall 2 base.

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Town Hall 2 Max Levels