4 Best COC Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies & Army Composition (2024)

Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies will sound like a weird word to pro clashers but for newbies, even Town Hall 2 can become too COSTLY to handle.

Why You Ask?

I have seen new players often using all their elixir in creating one army and then looting in less than expenditure. If you are doing the same mistake then this post is a must-read for you.

Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies Tips

When you install and start COC you are greeted by a village helper who upgrades you to town hall 2 within 10 minutes.  At first, it becomes a little overwhelming as you might not understand what exactly are you doing.

Should you play single-player missions or should you go for a multi-player attack? Is your army cost-effective that can bring maximum loot while using minimum resources?

You do not need to worry now as we are here to help you in claiming your 3-star winning streak while using minimum resources.

Why I am focusing on the word Minimum resources?

UPDATE: According to new COC update, it doesn’t cost anything to train new army.

Because on smaller Townhall levels, you will find that elixir is more important than gold. You will need an elixir to train the army and to upgrade your troop levels. You will need an elixir to unlock new troops in barracks. You will need an elixir to upgrade your army camp.

If you do not manage your elixir usage you might end up in elixir draught which will waste your time/gems.

Before we jump directly on the army composition let me clear you that at smaller town halls you can do a RUSH ATTACK with an army of just one kind of troop. However, as you upgrade you will learn that you need specific troops for specific tasks.

At Higher Town halls, Hybrid armies (an army of two or more different types of troops) are more successful than single troop armies.

You can excel at the game early on If you start doing hybrid attacks as early as possible.

Troops for Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies

Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies

For Town Hall 2 attack strategies you have following Troops available

   Barbarians    1 15 10 Seconds
   Archers    1 30 12 Seconds
   Giants    1 150 1 Minute
   Goblins    1 25 14 Seconds

Now you can make any army composition with these troops. However, here are the 4 most cost-effective armies that you must use in your town hall 2 attack strategies –

Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies Army 4 All Archers

(Training Time 6 Minutes, Training Cost 900 Elixir)

Archers are probably the most loved troops in the game. Even if you move up in-game you will realize how effective archers can be.

Among your Townhall 2 attack strategies, an all-archer army can be really good. You will mostly face a base that has 2 canons and 1 archer tower. You can easily take them down using an all-archer army.

Archer has low hit points but they can quickly destroy defense buildings hiding behind walls.

You can strike 10 attacks in 1 hour using this army. If you use training potion then you can go on attack 40 TIMES with All Archers.

Since this army requires 900 elixirs to train therefore always attack bases that have at least 1000+ resources (gold+elixir) on them.

Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies Army 3 All Goblins

(Training Time 7 minutes, Training Cost 750 Elixir)

Personally, Goblins are my favorite.

They easily pull out my favorite task – Resource Heist. I have looted millions of elixir, gold, and dark elixir by just using an all goblin army (even on TH14).

At Town Hall 2 an all goblin army might not be as effective because the opponent canon and archer tower can easily take them out.

However, if your goal is solely to loot resources then goblin is your best bet. Goblin has the lowest hit points among other available troops at town hall 2.

It is their resource looting capacity that can help you push your base to the max in the lowest amount of time.

A full capacity goblin army of 30 can be trained in 7 minutes. You can do around 9-10 attacks in 1 hour. If you use training potion then you can easily strike 36+ attacks in an hour.

Do not attack bases that have resources less than 1000.

Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies Army 2 BARCH

(20 Barbarians, 10 Archers) (Training Time 5 minute 20 second, Training cost 600 Elixir)

Many clashers proudly claim in supercell forums that how they still use Barch at higher town halls. BARCH is short for Barbarians + ARCHers.

It will be the first hybrid army that you will use in COC. There are several reasons why this is a perfect army combination. First of all, it saves you time as you can see Barch take lesser time than all archer or all goblin army.

Secondly, it also saves you resources. You can see that it cost only 600 elixir which is 300 less than an all-archer army and 150 less than all goblin army.

Moreover, BARCH is the perfect army for trophy push. You will hardly fail in getting 3 stars while using BARCH.

The Barbarians serve as a meat shield that provides cover to the vulnerable but powerful archers. The Archers easily destroy canon and archer tower hiding behind a wall.

Deploy Barbarians in a batch of 3-4 in front of defensive buildings. Deploy 2 archers behind each batch so that they can destroy the defensive buildings. Loot the base after destruction.

You can do 11-12 attacks in 1 hour using BARCH. While using Training potion this attack rate can go as high as 44 attacks in an hour.

Barch gives you the flexibility to attack bases with lower loot since you can still score 3 stars and get a good bonus.

Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies Army 1 ALL BARBARIANS

(Training Time 5 minutes, Training cost 450 elixirs)

The only reason I am placing all barbarian army above Barch is that at town hall 2 it can be the most cost-effective and time-friendly army.

An All Barbarian army is still powerful to give you 3 stars. Interestingly you will find that you can score 3 stars while using only 20 or so barbarians.

The attack per hour rate in this army can go as high as 15 attacks without a potion and shockingly 60 attacks with the potion. This is best army to increase your XP.

These were the 4 best armies that you can add in your Town Hall 2 attack strategies.

But chief, I have Giants unlocked too and you didn’t use them at all.

Relax Poncho.

You will get to use them when the time comes. For Now, let the big fella sleep in the barracks.

PS – Jokes apart. Giants can be incredibly slow, too costly, and irritating at town hall 2. You do not need to mix them in your army at all at Townhall 2 attack strategies.

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