Town Hall 14 Max Levels List (2024) Highest Troops, Heroes, Pet, Siege Machine, Fastest Time

Town hall 14 max levels were introduced by the Clash of Clans team in their official April 2021 Summer Update. Supercell released full patch notes of TH14 and promised that every alternate year a new town hall will be introduced in the clash of clans universe.

TH14 has now officially become the highest-level town hall in the COC game. Town hall level 14 also introduced new buildings and as usual new levels of already existing buildings.

Is there a TH14 in COC?

Many Clashers are still confused if there is a town hall 14 in COC. Yes, there is town hall level 14 now available in coc and very soon there will be Town hall level 15.

Town hall 14 introduced a new building called the Pet house. It seems to be inspired by other popular games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Apart from this now Builder huts can also be upgraded as a defense buildings. Let’s take a look at the maximum levels of town hall 14 buildings.

Town Hall 14 Max Levels

Clash of clans max levels chart for TH14 Resource Buildings

Town Hall 14 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector157
Gold Mine157
Elixir Storage154
Gold Storage154
Dark Elixir Drill93
Dark Elixir Storage91
  • Your seven elixir collectors see no upgrade beyond level 15.
  • The seven gold mines also have no new upgrades after LVL 14.
  • The four gold storages can now be moved up to level 15.
  • Your four elixir storage will also level up to LVL 15.
  • Your three dark elixir drills are already on the peak level of 9.
  • Your dark elixir storage will move up one level and max out at LVL 9.

UPDATE: You can upgrade your Blacksmith to level 7 at TH14 but no special equipment will be unlocked.

However, you can upgrade previously unlocked hero equipments to their max levels.

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Town hall 14 clash of clans max levels army buildings

Town Hall 14 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp114
Spell Factory61
Clan Castle101
Dark Barracks91
Dark Spell Factory51
Siege Machine61
Pet House41
  • No new troop is introduced at TH14 so your four army barrack will stay on level 15.
  • Sadly there is no new dark elixir troop at town hall 14. Therefore your dark barrack will stay at level 9.
  • Your laboratory will touch its maximum level of 12.
  • No upgrade for spell factory.
  • Dark spell factory also stays at the same level.
  • Your army camps will also see no new upgrade. So your army size will stay at 300 units at TH14.
  • Your clan castle touches its highest level of lvl 10 and now it can carry three spells.
  • Your workshop moves up a level to level 6 and a new siege machine – Flame Finger is unlocked.
  • A New building Pet house is unlocked and it will reach a peak level of LVL 4 thus unlocking four pets for four heroes.

Town hall 14 upgrade time and max levels for defenses

Town Hall 13 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower208
Air Defense124
Wizard Tower144
Air Sweeper72
Hidden Tesla134
Bomb Tower92
Inferno Tower83
Eagle Artillery51
Town hall Inferno Tower71
  • Your seven cannon needs to be upgraded to max level 20.
  • Your eight archer towers will also ask for a level 20 max upgrade.
  • The four mortars will move up to the highest level of 14.
  • Your four air defenses will level up to LVL 12.
  • The five wizard towers will now reach level 14.
  • No upgrade for two air sweepers.
  • The five hidden teslas will move up to level 13.
  • Your two bomb towers max out on level 9.
  • The four X-bow of TH14 reaches max level 9.
  • Your three inferno towers peak at level 8.
  • Eagle artillery will move up to level 5.
  • The two scattershot also reaches level 3 max.
  • Your Town hall 14 Giga inferno will peak at level 5.
  • The five builder hut will reach max level 4. You don’t need to upgrade the hut of the master builder.

Town Hall 14 Max Levels of walls

So what are the highest levels of walls in a clash of clans? It is level 15. You will have to loot a fortune to max out all your 325 walls. Yes, You unlock 25 additional walls at town hall level 14.

Town hall 14 upgrade cost and max levels of traps

Town Hall 14 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Spring Trap59
Air Bomb98
Giant Bomb87
Seeking Air Mine48
Skelton Trap44
Tornado Trap31
  • You have eight bombs at TH14 which will max out at level 10.
  • Your spring traps need no upgrade.
  • A new air bomb is unlocked at Town hall 14. The seven air bombs move to level 9.
  • Along with the new giant bomb you need to upgrade your 7 giant bombs to max level 8.
  • Your eight seeking air mine unlocks at TH14. You need to upgrade only this new air mine to level 4.
  • Your fourth skeleton trap unlocks at Town hall 14. Only this will upgrade to max level 4.
  • Nothing for Tornado Trap.

town hall 14 max levels troops and release date

Town Hall 14 TroopsTH14 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker10
Baby Dragon8
Electro Dragon5
Dragon rider3
  • Barbarians will move to level 10.
  • Archers will also reach level 10.
  • Giants sees no upgrade
  • No upgrade for goblins.
  • Wall breaker Maxes out on level 10.
  • Nothing for balloons.
  • Wizards are already maxed out.
  • The healer now peaks at level 7.
  • Dragon is already on max level 9.
  • Pekka has no upgrade.
  • Baby dragon now maxes out on level 8.
  • Miner sees no upgrade beyond level 8.
  • Electro is already on peak level 5.
  • Yeti stays on level 4.
  • Dragon riders have a peak point of level 3.

th14 max levels of dark elixir Troops

Town Hall 14 Dark TroopsTH14 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Hog Rider10
Lava Hound6
Ice Golem5
  • Minions now peak at level 10.
  • Hog rider stays on level 10.
  • Valkyrie now peaks at level 9.
  • Golem already has a max level of 11.
  • Witch sees no upgrade after level 5.
  • Lava hound stays at level 6.
  • Ice golem finally maxes out on level 6.
  • Head hunter stays on level 3.

town hall 14 release date with elixir spell max levels

Town Hall 14 SpellsTH14 Spell Levels
Light Spell9
Healing Spell8
Rage Spell6
Jump Spell4
Freeze Spell7
Clone Spell7
Invisibility Spell4
  • Light spell stays the same level.
  • Heal Spell sees no upgrade.
  • Rage spell is already maxed out.
  • The jump spell is peaked at level 4.
  • Freeze spell has level 7 as max.
  • Clone spell now moves up to level 7.
  • The invisibility spell is maxed at level 4.

clash of clans town hall 14 download and dark elixir spells max levels

Town Hall 14 Dark SpellsTH14 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell8
Earthquake Spell5
Haste Spell5
Skelton Spell7
Bat Spell5
  • Poison now maxes out on level 8.
  • The earthquake spell stays on level 5.
  • Haste spell is also on level 5.
  • Skelton spell sees no upgrade beyond level 7.
  • Bat spell is on its peak level 5.

Town Hall 14 Siege Machine Max Levels

Town Hall 14 WorkshopTH14 Siege Machine Levels
Wall Wrecker4
Battle Blimp4
Stone Slammer4
Siege Barracks4
Log Launcher4
Flame Fliner4
  • Wall Wrecker is now peaked at level 4.
  • Battle Blimp also maxes out on level 4.
  • Stone slammer has the highest level 4.
  • Siege barracks have a maximum level of 4.
  • Log Launcher has a peak level of 4.
  • Flame Flinger touches the peak level 4.

Town Hall 14 Max Levels of Pets and Upgrade Time

Town Hall 14 Pet HouseTH14 Pet Levels
Electro Owl10
Mighty Yak10
  • LASSI maxes out on Level 10. Pair it with Royal Champion.
  • Electro Owl also touches the highest level 10. Pair it with the grand warden.
  • Mighty Yak has the Highest level of 10. Pair it with Barbarian King.
  • Unicorn maxes out on level 10. Pair it with Archer queen.

Town Hall 14 Max Levels Heroes – What is the max level for king and queen in TH14?

Town Hall 14 HeroesTH14 Hero and Ability Levels
Barbarian King80
Archer Queen80
Grand Warden55
Royal Champion30

You have four heroes on TH14 – Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and Royal Champion. Here is the maximum level of these clash of clans heroes.

Barbarian King Max Level at TH14

The royal Barbarian King will max out on Level 80 which is its highest level. His iron fist ability is now at peak level 16. He will summon 36 barbarians.

Archer Queen Max Level at TH14

The Beautiful Archer Queen maxes out on level 80 which is her highest level in the COC game. Her royal cloak ability is now at peak level 16. She will summon 20 archers.

Grand Warden Highest Level at Town hall 14

The Grand warden has the highest level 55 in Clash of clans. His life aura will move to the highest level of 40. This will give a 90% HP increase to nearby units. He will increase a max HP of 575. His eternal tome will reach level 11. This means he can now protect nearby friendly units for 8.5 seconds from enemies.

Royal Champion Maximum Level at Town Hall 14

The Royal champion maxes out at level 30. Her seeking shield ability reaches level 6 which results in 2060 damage to enemy units and 3200 health recovery.

How long does TH14 take to Max?

Upgrading Town hall 14 to max level is no joke. Two builders will take around 2 years 1 month and 8 days for this. Three builders will take 1 year four months and 27 days.

Four builders will take 1 year and 19 days. Five builders will take 10 months, 7 days, and 6 hours. With six builders you can max out town hall 14 in the fastest time of 8 months, 16 days, and 1 hour.

How much gold is TH14?

Town hall 14 will require 1.31 billion gold to max out all buildings.

How Much elixir is required for town hall 14?

Around 465 million elixir needs to be looted for town hall 14. Your laboratory will take 239 million elixirs.

How much Dark Elixir is required for Town hall level 14?

Around 14.59 million dark elixir needs to be looted for TH14. 2.19 million will be used by the laboratory, 4.71 million will be used by heroes and 7.68 million will be used by Pets.

Additionally, you need to loot 2.58 billion of resources (gold/elixir) to max out all 325 walls to level 15.

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